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Blazers for Women

The iconic blazer stands out as a top wear, distinguished by its shorter length compared to a typical jacket or coat. While it bears a resemblance to a formal coat, its casual cuts infuse it with a relaxed vibe, making it a versatile wardrobe essential.

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A blazer for women is highly versatile as it pairs effortlessly with jeans, trousers and even certain types of skirts. Evolving beyond formal wear, blazers now seamlessly adapt to diverse occasions. From a bachelorette to an office meeting, a blazer can be styled in a million ways.

If you are seeking ways to elevate your winter wardrobe, consider these 4 blazer styles.

Modern Blazers

Modern blazers are slightly more feminine than conventional blazers. There is only a button on the front although they could be double-breasted or single-breasted blazers. They are usually shorter than conventional blazers in length. 

Round Neck Blazers

Round neck blazers are classic garments and are super feminine. They seamlessly transition from formal office wear to chic party wear. These garments from iconic brands look best when paired with matching and tailored pants. It exudes a wholesome vibe and gives you visual unity.

Double-Breasted Blazers

Double-breasted blazers have multiple features that create visual interest. The overlapping front flaps and symmetrical rows of buttons lend a sense of structured aesthetic. This garment makes a strong iconic fashion statement as they can be paired with pleated skirts, trousers and even jeans.

7 Styling Tips for Blazer Lovers

  • Wear a blazer with iconic dresses from your collection. For a party with girlfriends at the club, pair a shirt dress with an oversized blazer and high heels.
  • Drape it over your shoulders. A high-waisted pair of flared trousers and a turtleneck will look best with a blazer thrown over the shoulders.
  • Jeans go well with tweed round-neck blazers. Straight-fit Gant jeans and a blazer will give you the perfect sharp look.
  • For a date night, pair your blazer with a lace bralette top. You can pair it with a deep v-neck top but let the lace details peek through. Fitted straight jeans from True Religion will complete the look effortlessly.
  • Try wearing pants and blazers of different patterns and textures. It could be a difficult look to pull off but do give it a try. A blazer can be worn with women's boots.
  • The evergreen monochrome look is always a must-try. However, match the color of your shirt with the blazer and the trousers. You can support the look with a belt and a matching clutch for some zing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What kind of clothes can be worn under a blazer?

Blazers are ideally used to be worn over three layers. Therefore, in winter you can wear a Gant sweater or a formal Gant shirt under the blazer. However, a light cotton shirt can be paired with a linen blazer in winter.

  1. Can blazers be worn formally?

Yes. Blazers can be worn for formal dinner parties with friends and family. However, a blazer is not meant for black-tie events, office meetings and other formal gatherings.

  1. What is the main purpose of a blazer?

Blazers are practical options as compared to coats and suits. These can be worn for quick business meetings and on light office days. These will keep you warm in winter and are way more formal than a jacket.

  1. What is the best fabric for a blazer?

Woolen blazers are ideal for the winter season. However, tweed also looks chic. Linen and cotton fabrics are ideal for the summer season.


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