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Shirt For Men

From a crisp, well-tailored shirt to a Hawain-themed floral shirt, these garments are a staple in every man’s wardrobe. They serve different purposes and make a statement that reflects your personal taste. The premium clothing brand, Gant and even True Religion are gaining ground as men are paying more attention to their attires so that they look smart and dapper.

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 Here is a list of 13 basic types of shirts that are a must to be included in your wardrobes.

Floral Shirts

Lindbergh has introduced floral premium shirts for men in their collection. These printed shirts come with a collar and exude a Hawain vibe. You can wear them to fancy sundowners with friends and enjoy yourselves. Gant brand is known for designing some of the best floral shirts with fancy collars.

Check Shirts

Gant has always had the best premium shirts for men. The most famous and the most subtle Gant men’s shirts have checks that are cool yet formal enough to be paired with a coat and a nice pair of trousers. If your check print is light in colour, then you can pair the garment with dark-coloured ties. However, if the colours used are dark and contrasting, then it is best to wear them in a semi-casual or informal setting.

White Shirts

A plain white shirt is a must-have to make a fashion statement. Premium Shirts for men by premium clothing brand Matinique have introduced premium shirts that are solid in colour. Pair it with a nice tie and wear a nice suit to look dapper. These dress shirts are versatile because of their colour and go well with suits as well as blazers.

Formal Dress Shirts

Gant, a top premium brand, has some of the best formal wear. The solid-coloured shirts look best when paired with ties or when worn alone. You can wear these shirts with jeans as well as trousers because you will look equally dapper in them. Ideally, white, blue and pink are a few must-have formal dress shirts as they are safe and you can’t really go wrong with their styling.

Semi-Formal Shirts

Semi-formal shirts are a must. You must invest in cotton shirts which are particularly helpful in the summer. On the other hand, invest in a few flannel shirts from any iconic clothing brand that will keep you warm in autumn and can be paired with sweaters during winter to keep you insulated.

Quaint Striped Shirts

Unlike the common opinion, striped shirts can be as versatile as plain ones. Striped shirts can be worn under coats and blazers with ties and offer some drama to your seemingly plain outfit and create some visual interest as well. You can purchase horizontal as well as vertical striped shirts from any premium apparel brand to add a dramatic flair to your closet.

Old School Button Down Shirt

Gant shirts for men have stylish prints and details on the premium shirts featured in their collection which look super cool when paired with round-neck undershirts. You do not have to button up your shirt but can leave it open and wear it with a pair of shorts and sneakers for a relaxed outlook.

Band Collar Shirts

For those who prefer wearing a simple shirt without a collar for some unconventionality, cotton shirts are ideal for you. Although they are casual garments, these shirts can be worn with blazers and cotton trousers or jeans. The band collars are very unique and are a pleasant change from the traditional shirts.

Denim Shirts

Denim on denim look is making a comeback and for all the right reasons. The blue monochrome look is interesting and gives a very rugged appearance to the wearer. From a stonewashed denim shirt to a dark denim shirt, you can dress up or dress down as they are versatile when it comes to styling. Iconic brand like True Religion will have the best denim shirts available.

Oxford Shirts

These formal shirts get their name from Scotland. They have a rough weave, therefore, they cannot be called a dress shirt but their appearance is formal. They are heavily structured so they lack that soft feel and chic appearance. You can wear these shirts for work and with suits as well as it is naturally resistant to wrinkles.

Cuban Collar Shirt

A cuban collar shirt is a garment that features shorter sleeves, straighter hems, and an open collar. These are casual shirts that flatter all body types and are ideal for beachside summer vacations or for a lazy game of golf. You can pair them with loose linen pants or cotton shorts to complete your look.

Cuban Shirts

A different take on Cuban shirts with shorter sleeves is the Guayabera shirt. These shirts carry details like a pleated front with four pockets that make an iconic fashion statement. These premium shirts for men are sometimes intricately embroidered and are a part of their formal wear.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. What is the easiest way to style a dress shirt?

For premium mens’ clothing, start with selecting the right colour for your skin tone, and remember that the lesser the texture, the more formal it will be. Select the right tie, tuck it in properly and wear it with your coats and blazers.

2. How should a shirt fit on a man?

The sleeve of the shirt must end ½” below the wrist; the shirt should be well fitted at the forearm but must be 1”-1 ½” loose and the shoulders should not droop but sit on the shoulder properly.

3. How can a man look well-groomed?

Make sure that you dress according to the occasion and you are well groomed i.e. your nails are paired and your facial hair is neat and well put together. Match the colour of your tie with your socks and create a balance with the colour of your shirt.






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