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Blazer For Men

Blazers were originally British naval uniforms that have evolved into an iconic fashion choice for youngsters who want an alternative to suits and coats on certain occasions.

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It can be paired with a pair of trousers and a formal shirt. For a more polished appearance, select blazers from premium brand clothing for men, having a blazer in your wardrobe is a must. 

Blazers were originally British naval uniforms that have evolved into an iconic fashion choice for youngsters who want an alternative to suits and coats on certain occasions.

However, there are multiple factors that must be understood when wearing a blazer so that your look is iconic.

10 Main Features of A Flattering Blazer Are:

  • Blazers have different types of lapels, namely, peak, shawl, and notch. 
  • You can select a blazer with a single button for an edgy look that is versatile.
  • Rules for buttons: When wearing a 3-button blazer, sometimes button the first button, always button the middle one and never button the third or the last one.
  • The two-button style in blazers and even two rows of buttons adds some drama to your outfit.
  • Pockets add functionality, therefore, flap and patch pockets serve the purpose.
  • A well-tailored blazer should be well-fitted from the shoulders and have a flattering silhouette.
  • Select the right material for yourself depending on the occasion and the weather.
  • Blazers are made of wool, cotton, linen, velvet, and so on. Make sure that you select the fabric with a purpose in mind.
  • Add a pocket square to transform your look into a formal one.
  • Confidence and the right posture are a must because slouching will negate the smartness of your outfit.
  • You can tone down the formal vibe by airing your blazers with denim Gant jeans or cotton pants. 

Here are a few features of blazers that must be considered while buying one from Iconic India,

Chic Single-Breasted Blazer 

These traditional blazers typically come with a single button but some have double ones as well. Premium brands like Lindbergh have introduced Single-breasted blazers which are stylish and comfortable. The premium apparel brand has introduced new colours to its collection that will allow the wearer to stand out and experiment with his looks.

Timeless Plain Blazers

Plain blazers have a timeless charm. Premium clothing brand Lindbergh has introduced plain collar blazers with a notched lapel to make the wearer appear thoughtfully dressed. The garment can be paired with any colour premium shirts for men as the shades of the green colour are toned down.

Experiment With Colours

The burgundy colour is gaining ground. For some change and to lend a new dimension to your wardrobe, Lindberg has introduced burgundy-coloured blazers to their collection for men who wish to experiment with their looks. Since the colour has brown undertones, you can accessorise your look with a brown belt and matching brown shoes.

Stylish Slits 

Premium brand, Lindberg, has slitted blazers that are famous for being comfortable. The wearer maintains a polished look. While the single slits are classic, the double slits are more contemporary and useful as they prevent wrinkling of the fabric. Double slits also allow the wearer to sit more comfortably as the fitting is such.

Pay Attention To The Lapels

A blazer with a peaked lapel is considered to be more formal than a shawl lapel which is considered to be more social. A Lapel blazer with a peaked lapel is the safest formal wear as it can be worn for multiple occasions ranging from a wedding to board meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What fabric is ideal for a blazer?

The fabric should strike a balance, avoiding excessive stiffness that restricts movement while still maintaining a formal appearance.

  1. What are three key styling tips for blazer enthusiasts?
  • Ensure ease of movement.
  • Choose a style that aligns with your personality.
  • Verify the arm length for a polished look, especially if you want to showcase an expensive wristwatch.
  1. What defines a quality blazer?

A quality blazer strikes a balance, avoiding excessive puffiness or tightness. It should sit snugly on your shoulders without sagging and feature a stiff material that molds to your body shape. 




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