Collection: Women's Topwear

Top wear For Women

All those girls who wish to amp up their wardrobe with the best topwear, try the following collection from iconic brands and the best premium apparel brands. From chic iconic dresses to the coolest and the comfiest premium sweatshirts, we have it all covered. The most comfortable fabrics and the most beautiful fits that make an outfit stand out. From casual cool to boardroom smart, the iconic collection boasts versatility that complements your dynamic lifestyle.

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Experience the premium quality fabrics and the laid-back style of premium brand fashion to make your own personal style statement with Iconic India

Latest Trends: Topwear For Women

Dazzle in Iconic Dresses

From flirty florals to silky silhouettes, iconic dresses can make you stand apart from the crowd and give you a unique look. Trendy cuts as well as the soft and shiny fabric of these iconic dresses will compliment your look and will be a useful addition to your clothes.

Western dresses for women look smart when paired with overcoats, Gant varsity jackets, or trench coats and boots in winter. However, a dress in the summer season will make you look cute if you pair it with white sneakers for women.

Sensational Shirts 

From a tailored shirt ideal for work wear to the uber trendy shirts for a casual Sunday brunch, Iconic India online has everything to fulfill your needs. The button-up premium shirts with interesting textures and flattering cuts will add to your overall appearance and serve multiple purposes.

Button-up shirts are versatile as they can be worn under premium leather jackets, coats and even blazers. For a formal office appearance, you can wear Gant shirts with skirts and even trousers.

Snug and Stylish Sweaters

Sweaters from a premium apparel brand will be comfortable, feel soft against the skin and keep you warm while being lightweight. You can layer your sweater with a True Religion jacket and enhance your look accordingly. Scarves go very well with winter wear so make sure you drape one.

From turtle necks to front-open premium sweaters, every sweater is supposed to be styled in a manner that does not look bulky. 

Funky and Comfy Sweatshirts

Premium Sweatshirts are the ultimate comfort wear when it comes to investing in something that is a must after a long day at work. Graphic designs on sweatshirts and charming sequins work to give the drab winter wear a funky and peppy look.

From hoodies to crewneck sweatshirts, this topwear can be paired with sweatpants, yoga pants, True Religion jeans women, and even trousers.

Trendy and Uber Cool Jackets

From trench coats to half-sleeve windcheaters, a premium brand jacket is a must-have in a woman's closet. It is ideal for keeping your torso warm and comfortable layering. A jacket with fleece or a quilted jacket is also a good option for those who feel extra cold but want to feel extra stylish.

These garments are not for utility purposes only. They can be paired with scarves and jeans or even jeggings for a complete winter look.

Jazzy Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are garments that will define your figure, accentuate your curves and definitely complement your toned body. It provides added coverage and will keep you extra warm in winter. These versatile outfits can be paired with premium sweaters, premium jackets and everything else.

From jumpsuits with a shiny appearance to denim ones, each jumpsuit serves its own purpose and can be styled in a unique manner.

Tantalizing T-shirts

From super casual and comfortable crew neck t-shirts with interesting graphics, iconic brands have it all. You can pair them with blazers for a formal outlook, with jackets for a casual look and even wear them as it is to look effortlessly smart and well put together.

T-shirts like Gant collar tshirt, can be paired with athleisure bottoms to make them look a bit more formal and wearable at places other than gyms. 

Iconic and Fashionable Tops 

From three-quarter sleeves to full sleeves, there must be a good collection of tops in every girl’s closet that can be paired with skirts and trousers for a complete look. Make sure that you have the right fit and the right fabric.

6 Best Tips Before Selecting Any Topwear For Women

Here are tips for all those who are looking to add new topwear to their wardrobes:

  1. Try before you buy: Make sure you buy the right size for yourself, so the top or the shirt does not look awkward.
  2. Dress according to your age: If you are young, experiment with tops that have funky labels and experiment with graphics.
  3. Dress according to the occasion: Overdressing and underdressing both are blunders, therefore, put a good amount of thought into it.
  4. Select the right colour: Select a colour that compliments your skin tone the most. It is very important to enjoy the outfit.
  5. Wear confidence on your sleeve: Confidence is the best accessory so don’t forget to feel confident and comfortable. Be your best self and you will be 
  6. Dress according to the season: Wearing anything that does not go with the weather will look awkward and eventually make you feel uncomfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What kinds of tops are ideal for office wear?

Comfortable and formal tops are ideal for office wear. A Gant polo tshirt with a blazer or a coat is appropriate formal wear. Otherwise, a white crisp shirt is the most classic and the safest office wear.

2.                   How should a top fit a woman?

A top should neither be too tight nor too loose. The top must hug the upper body from the right place and must be comfortable around the shoulders for it will allow easy movement of arms.


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