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Dresses For Women

From maxi dress for women to minis, dresses are a girl’s best friend. While floor-length gowns make a style statement, knee-length dresses are ideal for chill days when you want to relax but exude a playful vibe. Amp up your look by selecting dresses from a top premium brand that encompass style and comfort and make you look outstanding. Whether your dresses are printed or not, these garments can be styled in multiple ways on their own as well as by adding more accessories to yourself.

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Here are 7 iconic styles of dresses that you must add to your wardrobe to make the most iconic fashion statements:

  1. Evergreen Midi Dresses

A midi dress is longer than a mini dress but shorter than a maxi. Whether these are knee-length or fall above the knee, these dresses are ideal for girls who like to achieve the iconic cute look. These can be worn at formal events as well as casual outings as long as the fabric is selected according to the occasion.

  1. Off-Shoulder Smartness: 

For all those girls who want to experiment with their style and enjoy a good date night, off-shoulder dresses are a must-have. Pair a savvy knee-length black dress with a chunky accessory whether a bracelet or a DKNY shoulder bag for some drama.

  1. Floral and Textured A-Line Dresses: 

To celebrate the advent of spring or to dissipate the dull and drab spirit of winter, there could be nothing better than a floral dress. Whether it is a black dress with bold from any of the iconic brands or a bright flower or a cream dress with tiny morning glories, floral dresses are a must. The Gant brand has some of the best options for girls who want to add some must-have elements to their wardrobes.

  1. Woolen Wonder: 

For some pleasant change from jeans and jeggings in winter, try woollen dresses from premium brands. You can wear woollen socks underneath and pair the dress with knee-high boots for warmth. This will allow you to experiment with looks and make you come up with your own iconic fashion statement.

To keep you warm in winter, you can even opt for a premium sweatshirt dress and pair it with chunky boots and warm stockings.

  1. Iconic Mini Dresses:

Mini dresses have been in trend for ages. These iconic dresses are super versatile as they can be paired with high wedges to enhance the leg-lengthening effect and even with flat knee-high boots for a more sporty look that will keep you warm as well as comfortable.

Tips For Styling Outfits

  • For a unique look, select dresses with cuts at angles to accentuate your curves from a premium apparel brand
  • Accessories are a must for an iconic brand. Therefore, carry a nice clutch or wear some jewellery to go with the dress.
  • For winter, pair your western dresses with boots and scarves. You can wear a nice headgear for some drama and some added warmth. 
  • You can have fun with knee-length dresses as these can be styled with bellies and sandals. These can be worn at formal office events and even for dinner dates.
  • Wear figure-flattering dresses from a premium clothing brand so that you look chic. If you wish to show off your curves, go for figure-hugging dresses for an iconic look.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are some of the office-wear formal dresses?

Sheath dresses, pencil dresses, maxi dresses, and shirt dresses are considered to be some of the formal styles of dresses. These can be paired with coats and heels so that the wearer looks smart and feels comfortable all day long.

  1. What kind of dresses can be worn for formal social events?

Dress shapes ideal for formal social events like an evening gala or a wedding are cocktail dresses made of fabric that have a shine, mermaid silhouette dresses. These dresses usually fall below the knee and have to be accessorised for a complete look.

  1. What are the 4 main types of professional dresses?

The four main types of professional dresses are business professional dresses, business casual dresses, smart casual dresses for days that are light working days at the office and simple casual dresses.


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