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Jeans For Women

Jeans are everyone’s favourite garment. A pair of jeans is comfortable, versatile and an ideal garment that bridges the gap between formal wear and comfortable wear. From the super edgy and trendy boyfriend jeans to the most chic bootcut jeans, this garment effortlessly blends fashion and function. Iconic and exclusive cuts on jeans, interesting patterns and contemporary trends of jeans cater to everyone’s needs whether you are young or old, or even tall or short. Denim has a timeless appeal and the perfect fit will elevate your style quotient in an instant.

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Here are 8 styles of iconic jeans that must be included in your wardrobe to amp up your sense of styling.

  1. Bootcut Jeans: 

Bootcut jeans are back with a bang from the 70s. These jeans look super cool when paired with bulky sneakers for a sporty look or even when paired with high heels for a chic look. Select a pair from a premium clothing brand with details like slits for some extra visual interest.

  1. Straight Jeans: 

The classic style of jeans will always be everyone’s favourite. These can be paired ankle-length boots and even your comfy sliders. Pair the jeans with your favourite premium leather jacket to achieve a 90s vibe and have fun with accessories.

  1. Distressed Jeans: 

For an “I couldn’t care less.” look, select a pair of distressed jeans from any of the iconic premium apparel brands. You can wear these jeans with your favourite premium hoodies or a premium sweatshirt to exude comfort vibes. A pair of chunky sneakers or casual slides will look the best with these jeans.

  1. Flared Jeans: 

All those girls who are not fond of extravagant flares and drama but want a little something at the bottom of their legs, opt for a pair of flared jeans from a premium clothing brand.

  1. Slim-Fit Jeans: 

The iconic slim-fit denims will accentuate the shape as well as the shape of your legs. Slim-fit jeans have a fitted look and are tighter than straight jeans.

  1. Super Skinny Jeans:

Super skinny jeans from premium brands are stretchable which makes them comfortable. These jeans look best when paired with iconic boots and a Gant sweater or a premium leather jacket so that there is coherence in the textures of your outfit. However, if you wish to wear these fitted jeans in summer, pair them with your favourite pair of favourite peplum tops to make an iconic fashion statement. 

  1. Regular Fit Jeans:

Regular-fit jeans are neither tight nor loose. It is basically looser than a straight-fit jean but tighter than mom jeans. These jeans have a uniform shape from the waist to the leg opening. These are super versatile as these premium jeans can be paired with premium hoodies like a Gant hoodie and premium sweatshirts like a Gant sweatshirt.

Factors That Must Be Considered While Selecting Jeans For Yourself:

  • Try them before buying them. If your jeans do not fit you well, do not buy it because an ill-fitted pair of jeans will spoil your appearance and might make you look shabby.
  • Select the right fabric according to your weather conditions. Comfort is more important than anything, so make sure that the garment is wearable.
  • Make sure you have the right tops, jackets, and shoes to wear with your jeans. For instance, select hoodies to wear with loose jeans for a boxy look and a nice blazer or a jacket to pair with straight jeans for a more formal event.
  • Colour plays an important role when it comes to selecting the right pair of jeans. If you wish to wear stone-washed jeans, select the upperwear that is of the same colour for a unified distressed look.
  • Do not wear jeans to a formal event. Jeans cannot be worn to boardroom meetings or black-tie events that call for dresses or suits. The formality of an event must be maintained at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the ideal length of jeans for women?

A pair of jeans should not go beyond the ankle. However, the length depends on the fitting of the jeans. For instance, skinny jeans must fall just above the ankle, bootcut jeans can go a little beyond the ankle if you are planning to wear the jeans with heels and straight fit must not go beyond the ankle. 

  1. How must jeans ideally fit a woman?

You should easily sit, stand, move and lie down when you are wearing jeans. They should not be so loose that you are in absolute need to wear a belt nor should they be so tight that you are not able to even breathe easily.

  1. Which jean is meant for which body shape?

Bootcut jeans and mid-waist jeans suit apple-shaped bodies; low-waist jeans and boyfriend jeans are ideal for best suited for pear-shaped bodies; and mid-waist jeans and straight-fit jeans are ideal for hourglass figures.

  1. How must a pair of jeans be selected?

While shopping for a pair of jeans, select a heavy fabric. Check if the stitching of the jeans is proper to ensure durability, and try it on to check its stretchability for comfort. Also, look for intricate designs on jeans so that you know what you are investing in.


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