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T-shirt For Men

T-shirts are synonymous with comfort and are a staple clothing garment in every guy’s closet. Owing to their adaptability and comfort, these garments are a favorite of people from all walks of life. Every premium apparel brand has a line of clothing that focuses on t-shirts and works on enhancing the comfort of the wearer.

 From trendy hoodies with graphic designs to sleeveless polo t-shirts, here is a complete guide to 15 types of t-shirts from the best premium brand clothing for men to add to your collection right now.

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 Polo T-Shirts

Almost every men’s premium t-shirts brand has the iconic polo t-shirts in their collection. These t-shirts are smart, easy to carry and can be paired with trousers, jeans and even shorts. True Religion polo t-shirt, Gant polo t-shirt, and Antony Morato polo t-shirt are particularly known for comfort and for making the wearer look effortlessly cool.

Half-Sleeves T-Shirts

Half-sleeved t-shirts suit every body type and, therefore, are found in almost every closet. For all those who are working on their biceps and wish to showcase them, select collar t-shirts that are available in solid colours.

V-Neck T-Shirts

V-neck t-shirts are a nice change from conventional round-neck shirts. Such iconic clothing offers a balance between casual and semi-formal wear and also enhances the appearance of the upper body. The flattering cut sets them apart from many traditional styles of t-shirts and are easy to pull down and even take off.


Hoodies are trans-seasonal wear and are famous for their snug feel. Brands have introduced premium hoodies as a separate collection as they have tapped the demand of youngsters who prioritise comfort over appearance. Nevertheless, Gant and True Religion are best for premium mens clothing as they have versatile designs.

Printed T-Shirts

Premium Mens’ t-shirts with printed logos, eye-catching quotes, slogans, images and graphics are really in. From simple quotes on mental health to prints of the most famous bands, a printed Gant tshirt can be worn by people to make a statement or reflect their personal interests through their clothing. Just Cavalli has some of the coolest printed tees for college-going boys.

Solid T-Shirts

These simple men’s premium t-shirts are essential monochromatic garments that offer a timeless and clean look. A Gant collar t-shirt can be layered and accessorised to suit the style of the wearer according to their diverse styles. These are casual in nature but can be worn in formal settings if styled correctly.

Round Neck T-Shirts

Round necks, also referred to as Crew Necks are wardrobe staples. They are a safe fashion choice that makes them ideal for everyday wear. However, if styled smartly, you can dress up or even dress down by wearing these garments. Investing in a True Religion tshirt is a smart way to effortlessly amalgamate style and comfort.

Sleeveless T-Shirts

Sleeveless t-shirts are ideal for a beach vacation. These premium men’s t-shirts allow maximum movement as they have a loose fitting and offer a careless vibe which makes it ideal for lounging. Also termed as muscle t-shirts, these t-shirts are particularly useful for those who want to show off their toned biceps.

Pocket T-Shirts

To have some fun and add a quirky detail to a seemingly boring garment, pocket t-shirts feature a small pocket on the left side of the chest. They are ideally worn in a relaxed atmosphere and cannot be worn with formal jackets, blazers and coats.

Full-Sleeves T-Shirts

For those who prefer wearing sweaters over t-shirts in winters, invest in premium full-sleeves t-shirts that are stretchable and neutral in colour. A full-sleeve t-shirt will allow easy movement and a non-bulky way of layering up in winters so that you remain warm and comfortable.

Slim-fit Tshirts

For all the gym freaks out there, Iconic India has some of the best skin-hugging slim fit t-shirts. These t-shirts are comfortable, and the fabric is soft as well as stretchable which will allow ease of movement. Pair these T-shirts with jeans or trousers and you are good to go.

Baseball Tee

Also called Raglan t-shirts, these t-shirts have sleeves that extend all the way to the collar or the neckline of the t-shirt instead of stopping at the shoulders. Most of the time, the sleeves of these t-shirts are of a different colour than the rest of the body. They have a wide underarm area due to which you can wear more layers under the t-shirt. T-shirts by a premium clothing brand would be sporty and have a fun appeal.

Muscle T-Shirts

Muscle t-shirts are those t-shirts that have bigger and wider armholes. They might or might not have sleeves as at certain times they are completely sleeveless. These t-shirts are usually worn by people who want to show off their biceps and their well-built physiques. You can wear them on the beach or when you go on a summer vacation.

Oversized Tees

For those who like a loose and roomy fit, oversized tees are the best option for you. These garments are great for lounging as they are longer in length and wider in size. They exude an urban laid-back vibe which is supposed to be worn when you come back from work after a long, hectic day.

Henley Tees

For the sake of practicality and to follow your sporting pursuits, these t-shirts are preferred over others because of the lack of a collar. They come with a short row of buttons, have a sleek design, and are supremely functional. It is not necessary for you to tuck them in as they have a more laid-back look.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can t-shirts be worn with athleisure pants?

Yes. Premium brand fashion statements can be made with T-shirts as a part of athleisure wear as they are comfortable, and allow you to relax because of their stretchable fabric.

2. What types of t-shirts are trending right now?

Iconic brands have t-shirts with graphics that are trending right now. You can wear any color and even plain ones if you do not want any interesting graphics on it.




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