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Shirts for Women

Whether you're conquering the professional realm or kicking back in casual comfort, a shirt is your trusty sidekick. From the timeless elegance of a crisp white button-down to the laid-back charm of a loose flannel checkered shirt, this garment is a true style shapeshifter.

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Nail the art of versatility and make a supremely stylish and iconic statement by mastering the fine details. Look for classic patterns, embrace unique textures, and opt for smart designs—these are the qualities that transform an ordinary shirt into the cornerstone of your iconic fashion journey.

Here are the must-have shirt designs for all the girls out there who want a more complete outlook at work and casually.

  1. Evergreen Button Down Shirts: 

A button-down shirt from an iconic brand is a classic formal wear. It can be paired with trousers and worn to the office with jeans for a quick meeting at a cafe with a colleague. Make sure you buy the right size so that the buttons do not stretch.

A formal button-down shirt looks best with a pencil skirt or fitted, mid-waist pants for trousers. An informal button-down shirt can be paired with a pair of premium jeans but generally, avoid pairing it with high-waist trousers for better comfort.

  1. Iconic Chequered -Shirts:

Chequered shirts have been in fashion for ages, however, multiple variations come and go. Checks that have the same colour as the base look smart and minimalist. On the other hand, stripes of multiple colours on a dark base look more peppy and interesting.

Chequered flannel shirts are warm and comfortable. Buy a loose woollen chequered shirt for yourself and pair it with sweatpants from a top fashion brand like the Gant brand for maximum comfort.

  1. Timeless Elegance with Striped Shirts: 

Striped shirts have been a classic formal wear for a long time. These premium shirts with stripes can make a person look taller and make the torso appear toned. If you wish to wear these shirts formally, opt for a shirt with thin stripes. However, if you want a bold look, wear shirts that have stripes that contrast with the base of the shirt.

For those with a petite frame, select horizontal stripes as it will give your upper body a broader dimension. However, for some visual interest, do not shy away from trying multiple coloured zig-zag stripes.

  1. Quirky Half-Sleeved Shirts: 

Half-sleeved shirts and quarter-sleeved shirts are liked by many people. Whether they are plain or printed, the shirt sleeves break the monotony of a normal shirt and add some style to your appearance. Gant shirts for women are made with premium fabrics and close attention to detail.

Quarter sleeves are a smart option for those who want to wear a watch or accessorise with bangles or bracelets. You can complete your look in multiple ways by wearing these shirts.

  1. Solid Coloured Formal Shirts: 

If there is anything more important than a white button-down shirt, it is a solid-coloured formal shirt for women. Such an item of clothing can add some colour to your grey, blue or black uniform and allow you to experiment with looks.

Formal shirts must be well-fitted and tailored according to one’s body type. Therefore, make sure that you buy a formal shirt from premium clothing brands as your outfit is going to speak tons about your personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are shirts only considered formal wear?

Shirts are one of those garments that can be worn formally as well as informally. However, shirts are the ideal office wear attire as opposed to any other topwear meant for women.

  • Can shirts be worn informally?

Yes. There are certain types of shirts like a linen shirt, cropped shirts, and denim shirts to name a few that can be worn informally. Shirts are one of the most diverse garments, so you can pair them with skirts, shorts, trousers and jeans.


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