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Accessories For Women

Accessories are the minute elements which complete a look. Wearing an iconic accessory is like adding the final touches to your look. These little details say a lot about your personality and your way of expressing yourself. A smart accessory like a silk scarf wrapped around one’s head will escalate your style game instantly.

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For those who wish to enhance the size of their accessories, here is a comprehensive list of essential accessory items that every girl must possess.

  1. Buckled Belts

The right belt will ensure that your trousers sit on the waist, add some drama to your look and even define your waistline. The buckle works as a great embellishment and acts as a focal point in your outfit. From expensive leather belts to trendy statement pieces, belts can be specifically paired with shoes for women. This will take your style game to new heights.

  1. Functional Bags and Clutches 

DKNY bags and clutches are functional accessories with an aesthetic touch. A clutch completes your look and makes it easier for a person to relax as all the belongings are consolidated. A DKNY shoulder bag available at Iconic India online looks stylish, letting you enjoy yourself without concerns about managing your possessions.

  1. Savvy Scarves and Mufflers

Scarves and mufflers are essential winter garments. Pair these elements with your favorite Gant sweater and True Religion girls jeans for an iconic look. Complete the look with women boots and you are good to go. Scarves lend a unique femininity to your appearance.

You must not miss these Accessory Styling Tips

  • Do not let any accessory overpower your personality. Therefore, focus on proportions. Wear them to accentuate your look and not to define you. Also, make sure you feel comfortable while carrying one as comfort is key.
  • Color coordination is a must. For instance, make sure your scarf, shoes and bag match with each other. However, color contrast is a great option. Accessories like a hot pink bag from Just Cavalli with a black Gant outfit will look very chic.
  • Never wear more than three colors. For instance, a pair of blue jeans and a white top will go well with any color. Therefore, make sure that your bag or scarf and shoes have the same color.
  • Make sure your look comes together organically. For instance, crossbody bags usually have a casual vibe so they can be paired with loose-fitted jeans and Gant sweatshirts or even casual iconic dresses. However, a clutch can be carried to formal events and an embellished one looks good with formal gowns and dresses as well.

Accessories are little things that have a huge impact. A well-accessorized person will project a strong sense of self-confidence and make a distinct fashion statement. Achieving a cohesive look by coordinating your bag, scarves and shoes creates organic harmony. A nice pair of sunglasses will ensure comfort and a hat will further add practicality to your appearance. Accessories are the perfect example of how functionality and aesthetics can go hand in hand. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can one pair colored accessories with a monochromatic look?

Yes. A black pair of flared trousers, a black top and black pair of DKNY boots will go very well with a handbag. Add a nice hair accessory to your look and you are ready for a business meeting and a get-together with friends at the same time.

  1. Which accessories can be worn to work?

A handbag is a functional accessory. Therefore, a handbag with a scarf to keep you warm and a belt can be worn when going to work. However, make sure that the elements are not flashy. Stick to neutral tones and you will be good.

  1. Can accessories be paired with casual clothing items like hoodies and shorts?

Absolutely yes! A trendy pair of bright sunglasses with chunky frames can be paired with a True Religion hoodie and a loose pair of female jogger pants.


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