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Jacket For Men

Throughout the history of men's iconic wardrobes, jackets have consistently stood out as one of the most practical garments. From rustic leather premium jackets to lightweight Gant puffer jackets which provide long-lasting insulation, the garment is ideal for casual outings as well as semi-formal gatherings. They offer a unique cool vibe to the personality of a person while blending fashion with functionality.

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 A common perception is that the warmer a jacket, the bulkier it will be. However, many iconic fashion brands have introduced premium jackets in their collections that are light in weight, allow easy movement and ensure warmth.

Accessories that come with a jacket can make or break the look. Therefore, take into account zips and hoods for a cool outlook. However, for a simple appearance, Gant varsity jackets and mandarin jackets are better as they have simple pockets to slide your hands into and no hassle of accessories.

Here are 9 awesome pieces from mens’ jacket premium line from the best premium mens’ clothing companies that must be introduced to your wardrobe this winter.

Super Warm Puffer Jackets

Premium brand Gant has introduced puffer jackets that have a quilted design, are lightweight, and are available in various colours. Premium jackets for men include solid-coloured full sleeves and stand collar designs. These are stylish and a smart way to stay warm while exuding a sleek and modern vibe.

Exposed-Stitch Collar Style

Exposed stitches are the unique selling points of True Religion premium jackets. A True Religion jacket has solid colours and comes with full sleeves. An Exposed-Stitch Collar Jacket is ideal for all those who want to make a fashion statement. The visible seams have an edgy appearance and add a unique twist to the overall look of a person. 

Sleeveless Puffer Jackets

We cannot talk about premium men’s clothing without mentioning the Gant brand. Gant has sleeveless puffer jackets for those who want to wear a layer to keep themselves warm. These premium jackets for men are stylish and versatile enough to be paired with any Gant jeans or coloured trousers and a nice pair of sneakers.

Snug Fleece Jackets

The retention of heat is the unique selling point of fleece jackets. For a stylish and iconic look, premium men’s clothing brand Lindbergh has premium jackets mens, ideal for those who want a less bulky version of warm outerwear. These premium jackets for men are perfect for outdoor activities.

Mandarin Collar Mania

Move on from traditional jackets, and try the premium jackets by Gant. Mandarin Collar Jackets have short, upright collars and these premium jackets for men are perfect for semi-casual settings as they have a contemporary appearance. The small collar accentuates a chiseled jawline and is easy to manage.

Quilted Comfort

One of the coolest items in town that comes under premium mens’ clothing are the quilted jackets. These hip-length coats are filled with soft materials to keep the wearer warm and sewn into sections usually that are diamond-shaped. Wear these jackets with men's True Religion jeans and you are ready for a quick dinner party with family or even for a road trip.

Hooded Jackets

Premium jackets for men include all kinds of features ranging from hoods, zips, soft fabric and so on. Duffle jackets or Hooded jackets by a premium clothing brand are warm and come with hoods to save the wearer from strong chilly winds. You can even use the hood to exude a cool vibe to make the iconic statement.

Don’t miss out on this!!

  • Many premium mens’ clothing brands have formal jackets to keep you warm and comfortable, so select those that suit will serve the purpose.
  • You can go for the denim-on-denim look by selecting a True Religion jacket denim and pairing it with Antony Morato jeans. However, keep it simple by putting on a simple cotton t-shirt to look effortlessly cool.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best way to style a jacket?

Styling a look with a premium jacket can be fun. Pairing a puffed jacket, blue distressed jeans, and sneakers to dress up like a Gen Z. However, for a semi-formal occasion, pair a mandarin jacket with cotton trousers and leather shoes. 

  1. Do jackets exclusively have to complement sneakers?

No, it’s not mandatory. Many types of formal premium jackets can be paired with cotton trousers and small leather boots to look chic and smart.

  1. Is it suitable to wear biker jackets to formal events?

No, regardless of whether they are crafted from exotic leather or faux leather, biker jackets are not appropriate for formal events. They are best reserved for informal occasions or when riding.



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