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Footwear For Women

Footwear is a huge part of a wardrobe. A good pair of shoes can make or break the entire look.

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A nice pair of boots will keep you warm in winter and a light-weight pair of sliders or slippers will keep you cool on your beach vacation. These elements express your personality, complete a look most effectively and enable you to make an iconic fashion statement.

A good pair of iconic footwear acts as an anchor that supports all the accessories and pieces of clothing on you. Therefore, here are 6 must-have shoes for women that every female must possess to complete a look:

Boisterous Boots: Winter women boots are absolute essentials

  • Boots with heels: Boots with heels make your look more sophisticated and elegant. Boots are super versatile and can be easily paired with premium Gant sweaters and any other style of women’s winter coats and jackets
  • Flat boots: The short fur boots are better suited for a casual and cute look. Boots that are flat are ideal for long days and can be worn during traveling. These can be paired with shorts for a sporty look as well as with leggings and jeggings.

Savvy Sneakers for Women

For a spunky tomboy aesthetic, sneakers reign supreme as the ultimate footwear choice. Opt for sleek sneakers to enhance the appeal of jeans, while their relaxed counterpart complements cotton trousers seamlessly. Embrace the trend of bulky sneakers, pairing them effortlessly with female jogger pants, shorts, loose-fitted trousers, and an array of girls' jeans for a stylish and comfortable ensemble.

Footwear Styling Tips for Every Budding Fashion Enthusiast

  1. Match Your Bag With Your Shoes: For organic unity in your look, match the color of your bag DKNY bags with that of your shoes. You can even wear the same colored scarf for a better look.
  2. Comfort Is Key: Your gait is a determinant of your confidence. Therefore, comfort is key when it comes to selecting footwear. Make sure that your shoe does not pinch and is the right size.

Never underestimate the importance of appropriate footwear. Iconic online shopping offers a variety of edgy options that will complement your style. Selecting the right footwear is crucial to convey a strong message about your personality and how much attention you pay to details. To look smart, make sure you buy the right shoe for the right season. However, buying the right size, color, material and style is paramount. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kinds of footwear are considered to be appropriate for formal events?

High heels that cover the toes, ballerinas and bellies are considered formal footwear for women. However, if the dress code allows, you can wear peep toes and sandals.

2. Are boots formal wear?

Wearing boots over your jeans or leggings cannot be considered formal office wear. However, short boots that get covered by your trousers can be worn to workplaces. Until an invitation specifies, boots are also not supposed to be worn at black tie events.


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