Collection: Sweatpants for Women

Sweatpants For Women

Athleisure wear is now a big deal in the fashion industry. Sweatpants are an excellent activewear option, provide immense comfort owing to the stretchable fabric and can also be used as loungewear. This garment also serves a functional purpose as it has multiple pockets, comes with drawstrings as well as a buttoned waistline and is suitable for casual outings like a late-night dessert trip or a quick coffee with friends.

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5 Points to Remember While Buying the Perfect Sweatpants For Yourself:

  • Must align comfort with style. Sweatpants are basically comfort-oriented garments, however, these garments when bought from top fashion brands can look stylish. Pair these garments with the right footwear for the appropriate look.
  • Pay close attention to the fit. If you wish to pair your sweatpants with a premium sweater, try both items together to create a complete look.
  • Consider the intended use. While purchasing a sweatpant, select the fit according to the usage. For gym wear, select one that is loose and allows ample movement. If you wish to wear one for running, you can wear a fitted version.
  • Check the stitching, stretchability and quality of the fabric. Since you will be lounging and running, make sure the fabric is strong and lightweight. It must be properly stitched and stretchable enough to be comfortable.
  • Try different styles. Try all kinds of styles before narrowing down on one. You will not be able to make a style of your own until you don’t try different styles and decide the final look you want.
  1. Edgy Cropped Sweatpants

Cropped sweatpants have a very iconic edgy appearance and look good when worn with bulky sneakers. These iconic-exclusive outfits are ideal for a travel-ready look and also as a workout outfit. Pair these pants with bulky sneakers and you are good to go. For a nice sporty look, allow your ankle-length socks to be visible. You can wear coloured ones for some funk and pop.

  1. Smart and Fitted Sweatpants 

Fitted sweatpants are the new in-thing to make an iconic fashion statement. The toned body of a person in a fitted sweatpant will look good as a well-defined silhouette will be achieved.

  1. Classic Drawstring Sweatpants

Drawstring sweatpants from one of the iconic brands have been in trend for ages. These classic sweatpants can be worn easily as their waistband is stretchable. You can tighten the drawstring according to your convenience and loosen it as well. 

  1. Comfortable Elastic Cuff Sweatpants

Cuff sweatpants are an iconic clothing option and can be likened to sweatshirts for the upper body as they are soft and comfortable. The cuffs near the ankle give a proper hold to the garment and work as an interesting element as well. The shape is a little billowy, loose and breathable.

  1. Evergreen and Relaxed Fit Sweatpants

Relaxed sweatpants are straight and loose in style. These sweatpants can be categorised as athleisure wear owing to their comfort quotient. The iconic sweatpants look good with sliders, bulky sneakers as well as sleek footwear. These sweatpants are not figure hugging, therefore, allow ample movement.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Are sweatpants formal wear?

No. Sweatpants are not considered formal attire because their fabric is thick and lacks a sheen. These garments are designed to look rough and meant to be loose. Ideally, a sweatpant can either be worn when going for a workout or for lounging at home.

  • Can sweatpants be worn with heels?

No. You can try a new look by pairing your heels with sweatpants to exude a rapper vibe. However, sweatpants were designed to be worn with sliders and sneakers.

  • Can one accessorise sweatpants with jewellery and premium bags?

No. With a standard pair of sweatpants, you cannot wear any jewellery other than a watch or a small bag with gym equipment in it. Wear your matching sweatshirt and you are good to go.


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