Your Ultimate Guide to Matching Navy Blue Shirts with the Perfect Bottom

Your Ultimate Guide to Matching Navy Blue Shirts with the Perfect Bottom

The adaptability of color extends to versatile combinations. For instance, a blue pant matching shirt can drastically enhance your appearance. Blue complements warm shades such as deeper greens, browns, oranges, and even reds. Moreover, it exudes sophistication when paired with neutrals like beige or white shorts. When done right, a navy blue shirt matching pants can seamlessly transition from casual wear to a formal date night outfit.

Here is the best way to match navy blue upper wear with the right bottom wear to deliver an iconic fashion statement:

  1. Keep It Natural and Neutral: Neutral trousers and shorts go well with navy blue. For instance, a pair of white trousers and a white blazer will create a cohesive look. Greys go well with navy blue shirts for men as well. For a casual look, consider iconic clothing options like grey cargo pants. However, for a formal appearance, pair the shirt with a suit for a sharper look.
  2. Jeans Go All The Way: Whether you prefer a lighter tone of jeans or darker, a navy blue shirt will go equally well with both options. Select a shirt from one of the iconic brands for the right color. True Religion, Iconic and Gant has the best collection of jeans for men.
  3. Black Trousers Are a Must: You can't go wrong with black trousers and a navy blue formal shirt for men. Whether you choose black cotton cargo pants or simple straight-fit cotton trousers, navy blue will make a statement in both cases.
  4. Versatility with Stone-Colored Bottoms: Beige pants, khaki bottoms, and gray trousers are some of the stone colors that will go well with navy blue. These colors will allow you to experiment with your style and give you more color options for effective accessorizing. Navy blue premium shirts for men match well with neutral trousers.
  5. Mastering Monochrome: Achieving a striking monochrome look can be easy as you can pair blue jeans with a navy blue shirt. Pairing blue trousers with a blue sweater for men and topping it off with a navy blue blazer for men will also create a sharp and formal look for any occasion.

Basic Rules to Match Colored Upperwear with Appropriate Bottomwear:

  • Complimentary color combinations work better than matching ones. Therefore, play with colors that suit your personality and those that go well with the occasion.
  • Introduce plenty of neutral hues to your closet. This will enable you to experiment with the navy blue hue and bring something new to the table.
  • Play with textures. A male jean jacket with denim bottoms and a striped navy blue shirt is another monochromatic look. The textures are matched and so are the colors which will create a cohesive look.

  • When selecting color combinations, opt for different shades of the sample color. For instance, when wearing a patterned blue shirt, match the color of the base of the shirt with the bottom for a wholesome look.
  • Select colors that resonate with your personality. This is a must because comfort is the most important aspect of one’s fashion statement. Antony Morato t-shirts have a wide range available.

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