Your Fashion Wishlist: Featuring Accessories

Your Fashion Wishlist: Featuring Accessories

 Everyone wants to make fashion statements. All your major fashion statements start with the perfect clothing line you incorporate. But more than clothes, there are accessories that create a different attraction. You can wear minimalist clothes, but you can look like a million bucks with a few accessories added to the look. Accessories and clothes are equally important in your outfit, working together to create a harmony that expresses your style and individuality.

One of the things we notice about creative fashionable women is not only about their clothes or Makeup look, but their looks are always amplified with great accessories. There is often a great style in the minute details.

Creating an ensemble of great products and designer wear can be a mini-project on its own. Accessories give more freedom of expression to your personal style, taste and preferences. They also offer unlimited possibilities to blend with clothes, helping you to reap the maximum benefit with every item you own. Accessories range from bags, scarves, headbands, jewellery, hats, belts etc. However, when combined with clothes the accessories help create a robust outfit. With accessories, you can create the fluent style of multiple versatile looks from head to toe.

Investing in some fun, new, fashionable accessories can update your wardrobe throughout the season even if it is not in sync with the current fashion trends.

Handbags have always been women’s best companions. They have always been a fetish to own exclusive collections, ever since the big names started coming into the industry. The love for branded handbags grew exponentially. Depending on the need, the shapes, sizes, styles, colours, material, brands and every other detail about the handbags, women kept falling for the new ones. The range of every big fashion house in the country deal with making the finest collection of women’s bags.

Designer handbags have a longer shelf life and can stay with you for a long duration. Not only this, but these designer handbags are also crafted with absolutely stunning details like embellishments, tassels, chains, straps, and more. The quality of the detailing is exclusive and profound in generational craftsmanship. Therefore, they are truly an investment and a collector’s item.

No matter what colour one thinks of, the women’s handbags are available in a wide variety of hues to match their needs. There’s something for everyone according to their taste.

Whether you’re looking to save or splurge, we’ve narrowed down essential styles of handbags every girl should own.

The Crossbody Bag

This is your go-to bag. A crossbody leaves you hands-free and effortless, you are available for holding shopping bags or texting, or in transit. There are not many bags as versatile and chic as crossbody bags. They are so easy to just throw over your shoulder and go. Every million-dollar designer company makes these beautiful crossbody bags. They come in many colours and sizes. These exclusively featured bags will never go out of style. Simply put – they are timeless.


Pick a backpack that goes with your character and causes you to stand apart from the group. Have sureness, the correct backpack will boost you with making the accurate statement. A sleek, sophisticated option is ideal for travel, school, transit and even as an alternative work bag for a casual office. Whether you’re heading to the town for the holidays or heading off on a mini road trip, a chic and compact backpack ensures you’ll have room for necessities, so you can leave the oversized bags at home. 

The Big Tote

A carryall tote bag is a fashion necessity. No matter if you’re juggling with your work computer, personal supplies, gym essentials, or using it as a weekender bag, everything just looks better in a nice big tote. This top-handle handbag takes you from home, brunch, the office and to dinner and back again. Polished enough for work but practical and roomy enough to hold everything from your tablet to a pair of foldable commuter flats, a neutral satchel is an accessory wardrobe must-have.

The Clutch

Avoid scrambling for a bag to go with your next special occasion dress by keeping a minimal clutch in your closet. A day clutch is an ideal handbag for date nights, dinners, and informal parties.

This style has proven to be the highest in its class on all fronts. The innovative minimalist design appeals to wearers; the rationally organized space inside gives enough space for everyday items.


There’s just something about a structured wallet. Stands up for the basic use of securely holding on to your money. Easily fits in any crossbody bag or totes. This is the kind of handbag that you’ll want to have on hand every time you step out the door.

Waist Bags

Call it anything fanny pack, waist bag, convertible bag, belt bag etc. these bags are synonymous with bags for travel. A bag that transforms into a chain-strap shoulder bag, or belt pouch, you can create versatile looks with this handy compact bag. When you do not have much to carry but yet need your daily items to keep securely against you, the waist bag fits right in. 


To get a stylish and elegant look, try out and experiment with all these options, and add the combination of these fashion accessories to match your dress to your closet, You will need to follow the latest trends in accessories, to continue trending in fashion wear. Eye-catching accessories can also create a strong style story worth talking to the world on social media. These fashion bags listed above will definitely amp up your overall look. Keep those Instagram trending pictures with all your fashion looks with these designer bags.