What's New for this Pre-Fall: Featuring True Religion

What's New for this Pre-Fall: Featuring True Religion

The summer heat is starting to dissipate and it’s time to say goodbye to all the flowy fabrics for this year - but what’s next for the fashion industry? Pre-fall styles bridge the gap between summer and winter clothing and in India, it's often the most festive period of the year. Even though it’s not quite cold outside yet, rocking beachwear on the streets is off the table. Since you've got so many parties and celebrations to attend in the coming months, a wardrobe restock becomes absolutely essential.

True Religion is one of the top American clothing brands that has become a smash-hit amongst millennials and gen-Z. The label is popular for its democratisation of luxury clothing and high street collections. Staying in touch with True Religion’s latest pre-fall themes can help you gauge the latest market trends and decide what new items you’d like to cop from their catalogue.

Top Pre-Fall Pieces This Season By True Religion

Pre-fall runway collections have been all about figure-accentuating pieces with a laid-back touch. With its daily wear, True Religion aims to keep at par with these motifs while staying loyal to its cool and casual spirit. Here are some highlights of the brand’s inventory this season to keep you looking hip and charming always.

Graphic T-Shirts

One of the simplest things to wear in a moderately warm climate is a graphic T-shirt. They never fail to make you feel up to the minute, whether you wear them to lounge around while on vacation or style them with a denim jacket for a quick coffee run. But wearing the same old star wars themed shirts can make you seem drabby or like you’re perpetually stuck in your teens.

This Red T-shirt by True Religion has a post-modern feel to it which is further enhanced by the striking Mandarin texts and out-of-the-box print. What separates juvenile and sophisticated graphic tees is the visuals on them. Abstract and minimalistic images like this one convey good taste and can be styled with not just jeans, but also wide-legged trousers.

True Religion Red Logo Regular Fit T-Shirt

If you’re trying to maximise the style quotient of this T-shirt, bring out a unique pair of sneakers. You can also consider trying out some silver rings or bracelets to channelise the E-boy look.

Cowboy Jeans

Vintage styles are in right now and so are cowboy jeans. Fashion enthusiasts are embracing bootcut pants - a cut which was popularised by the cowboy look. As far as cowboy jeans are concerned, nearly all denim colours are worn nowadays. However, a dark blue or charcoal wash is the best colour for a contemporary appearance. Darker washes of jeans are ideal for nights out, while medium blue jeans are ideal for daytime wear. Cowboy jeans and light-wash jeans have largely lost favour, but if you want to recreate a retro look, Men’s True Religion Bootcut jeans could add the perfect finishing touch.

This Solid Blue Straight Fit Jeans is the ideal middle ground between the larger-than-life flair of the 70s and the skinny fit from the 2010s. The protruding buttons and back pockets give it old-worldly masculinity that works great with flannel shirts. You can even add a big-buckled belt to go all out with the farm-chic vibe.

Tie-Dye Tees

Tie-dye was quite a rage in 2012-2016 with the DIY movement in full swing. People loved following youtube tutorials to create their own tie-dye clothing as a fun activity. Now as enjoyable as they might’ve been, they certainly were an eye sore for high-fashion lovers due to their often tacky looks. But this year the trend has seen a strong revival in both men’s and women’s wear. What’s different? This time around futuristic brands like True Religion are balancing the colours the right way.

This Multi Color Tie-Dye Regular Fit Shirt makes heads turn and is an exemplary show of quality streetwear.

True Religion Multi Color Tie-Dye Regular Fit Shirt

Due to how eye-catching they often are, tie-dye tees can make for revolutionary statement pieces as long as you follow some ground rules. Establish a foundation of fundamental staple pieces before adding tie-dye as a statement piece. Think basic white sneakers, a tonal jacket, and a pair of chinos. Place your tie-dye T-shirt layered underneath the main piece to highlight the vibrant colours.

Arcade-themed T-Shirts

With the influx of PlayStations and PC games, arcades are no longer the ultimate spot for gamers but the designs for that subculture continue to flood mainstream fashion. Arcade-themed clothing is filled with funky typography, checkerboard patterns, and bright colours. They’re a match made in heaven for young guys since they can easily be styled with some jeans and sneakers.

This Printed Black T-shirt by True Religion contains all the elements of trending gamer fashion. What makes it a must-have for pre-fall is its short sleeves and soft fabric. Before autumn hits, it's often hard to predict temperatures so you may have to battle excessively hot and cold temperatures within the span of just a few hours. Having a short-sleeved t-shirt helps you stay prepared for both since you can customise it for chilly days by just putting on a zip-up hoodie.

Essential Black Bottoms

If you had to own just a single colour in your wardrobe, what would it be? For most people, it’d be the evergreen black. This inclination is further magnified when it comes to bottoms since people usually like to experiment with Shirts and T-shirts while keeping the lower half of their outfits simple. Black jeans, like a leather jacket, are pre-packaged with a certain amount of attitude; perhaps it's the colour or the song references. Owing to its strong connotations with a debonair attitude, black jeans are always in vogue, especially during pre-fall.

True Religion is an industry favourite when it comes to jeans and their Skinny Black Jeans stand up to this standard. Their snug fit makes them an ideal choice for looser T-shirts and a variety of footwear irrespective of their build.

True Religion Super T Rocco Skinny Black Mid Rise Jeans

Choose a basic, white Oxford shirt for a tasteful contrast with the black jeans to maintain the semi-formal contemporary look. Layer on a light, round-neck cotton or wool grey pullover to make it more fall-worthy. In case you're feeling particularly fancy, sport a pair of Chelsea boots with the outfit for a smart finish.

Muted Raglan Sleeves

The raglan sleeve style is characterised by a wider underarm area, which is particularly useful for over-garments like sweatshirts or jackets because it provides more room for additional layers underneath. Even in the case of T-shirts, it provides a cosier fit. Thus, if you’re a student or spend work from home, having a piece of clothing that gives you stretching room while amping up your style is a godsend. Muted colours such as beige and army green have cooler undertones which complement warmer skin tones and provide a sophisticated look. Thus, combining the two creates a top-notch pre-fall essential.

This True Religion Yellow Regular Fit Shirt contains Raglan Sleeves and is made up of soft cotton fabric. It can become your go-to attire for a day out with friends or to just lounge around the house.

True Religion Yellow Regular Fit Shirt


Menswear is getting bolder and more adventurous by the minute. No matter what the season is, the use of poppy colours, unique materials, and daring cuts is on a rise. Even though pre-fall doesn’t match the balmy cheer of Spring-Summer, do not shove all multi-coloured pieces or risky silhouettes in your closet just yet. True Religion is one of the best brands in the market if you want to spice up your basics. A block-coloured shirt when stamped with a funky graphic can be paired with a beanie for an effortless mod appearance. Do not be afraid to have fun with the pieces you take away and make them your own. After all, if you worship fashion then True Religion is going to be your shortcut to stylistic salvation!