What's New for this Pre-Fall: Featuring Gant

What's New for this Pre-Fall: Featuring Gant

Are you excited about the fall? Say a big hello to Autumn. You must have heard this more than a thousand times with the change of weather, you need to change your closet. You’ve tearfully packed away the swim shorts, sun loungers and suitcases, and your calendar’s suddenly looking bereft of BBQ commitments.

Summer may be over for another year, but there’s no time for back-to-school blues. Why? Because you’ve got an autumn wardrobe to sort out.

Here, we’ve done the hard work for you, separating the seasonal wheat from the chaff to harvest a selection of versatile, trend-proof pieces that every man should have in his cold-weather arsenal.

Here are some outfits which you can go for

Denim shirt

The secret to outfitting well for autumn is keeping your style adaptable. Denim has been in the blend since the mid-19th century so has had more than sufficient practice at flitting between whatever mother nature hurls at you.

Denim shirts are handsome and rigged and this is what makes them a wardrobe classic and well worth adding to your collection of staples. Check out this Blue Solid Collar Shirt from Gant which is a perfect example of clothing which can easily slide under a jacket or also up with sometimes bulkier if you want to go for layering. This shirt is of high quality that doesn’t cost the earth, while names such as offer some stand-out options at the higher end of the price spectrum.

Gant Men Blue Solid Collar Shirt

Crew neck jacket

The jacket is an important piece of clothing for every cabinet.

A staple for any clothing, the jacket creates a statement without differing from traditional outerwear. Found in several cuts, shapes, and designs, you can adore this jacket any way you like.

Look at this White Solid Crew Neck Jacket from Gant which can dress down to any outfit and still look effortlessly stylish. You can couple this jacket with shirts, t-shirts or any kind of top wear of differentiating colours such as blues, greens, and greys to make your outfit stand out for straight reasons. Also mixing camel and neutral tones with a neck crew jacket develop a monochromatic and streamlined outfit which is flawless for the office or a night out on the town.

Go for the sweatshirts

The manner sweatshirts are worn has changed over the years. With so many different kinds of sweatshirts now available, the versatility of this garment has broadened into new lengths when it arrives in personal style. There are so many options in the market which you can choose from also.

Oversized sweatshirts are just about the most useful thing to put on when you’re feeling relaxed or only want to go out for a quick task. This laid-back street style is favourable for any season, however of the weather. Check out this White Printed Hooded SweatshirtGant Men White Printed Hooded Sweatshirt from Gant which is the exact piece you are looking for. This sweatshirt is comfortable and chic to go. Discover more versatility with this piece than you've ever had before.


High neck Dresses

High necks dresses are very chic outfits that you can wear to add more charm and oomph to your autumn.

High necks make the outfit more pretty and elegant at the same time. Not only do they look desirable but they also prevent you from snatching a cold. Also, they suit almost everybody and make you look more intricate and fashionable.

Go for this Pink Solid High Neck Dress from Gant which can make you look sultry, chic, and elegant at the same time. These dresses are timeless, so you should not miss out on the chance to wear them and embezzle the show. You can slay this dress both at the office work or also for casual gatherings. These can easily provide you with a sophisticated and polished look.

Centre Stage Women Pink Printed High Neck Dress

Full sleeve Tshirts 

Getting onto a birthday party of your colleague and don't know what to wear?  Or is it any kind of fashion event? Yet you have to oversee a stunning piece for yourself. Is this so difficult or maybe not? If you want yourself to look fashionable and sensational while being safe from the cold. Then going for a full sleeve t-shirt is the only solution. T-shirts are the only piece which can maintain a balance between fashion and comfort.

Look at this Off White Solid Collar T-shirt from Gant which you will adore due to its simplicity and basic colour. A t-shirt is one of those clothing that everyone loves wearing due to its livability. These are completely fine and good-to-go clothing for your occasions and happenings. You can easily accessorise it with a shirt or sweaters to keep yourself warm and safe.

Gant Men White Solid Polo Collar T-shirt

Basic trousers

If you can't select which bottom wear you should go then your most surviving piece is here. Yes, what's better than a piece of trousers? In today's time, we all are so fussy about selecting what we want to wear and finding a good piece of clothing is so complicated for us. In that case, trousers can be your only survival. It is also difficult to find a good pair of trousers which are comfortable and good to go with.

In that kind of situation, you can only believe in the Brown Solid Slim Fit Trouser from Gant which is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to comfortable clothing. Along with the comfortability and stability of cloth, they also make sure that you will look stylish 

and fine at the same time. These trousers are very reasonable to be in your cabinet. 

Look at the other Khaki Solid Slim Fit Trouser from the same brand itself. There are also many options available which you can select from. These can make you look very trendy and you will for sure cherish and adore these.

Gant Men Khaki Solid Slim Fit Trouser

Summing up

Here are some of the recommendations which you can adorn for this fall season! These are completely flawless and promising to go along with. Check out the website of Iconic India to find your perfect autumn wear!