What to wear with your plain white t-shirt this summer

What to wear with your plain white t-shirt this summer

 A plain white t-shirt is an item that everyone has in their wardrobe. It's something everyone has always had and will continue to possess. It is the kind of staple that you need to have in your life at all times. No matter what your age is, what your gender is, or what kind of clothing you prefer, it is something that fits the bill every single time without any fail. It will never disappoint you whenever you put it on.

Despite being such a gem, it is an item and often goes overlooked. It does not get the attention it deserves. They are basic in the best possible way. The color white is casual in the way it exists in the form of a tee. It doesn't exert itself and never makes the outfit feel too much. Still, the plain white t-shirt gets ignored often. The reason behind this? It is an item that most people struggle with styling. They find it difficult to utilize.

So we have compiled a list of ways you can get the most out of your plain white tee here. 

Light Blue Jeans

The most basic combination you could think of, yet it isn't used enough. Or more often than not used at all. The combination of blue jeans and a white tee is timeless. From James Dean to Harry Styles, it has been the daydream outfit. The blue of the denim brings out the blue undertones of the white and makes the yellow undertones pop. The combination is extremely easy to put together and even easier to pull off. The appeal of the white tee - blue jean combo is that it works in every fit. Slim-fit jeans, baggy jeans, oversized white tee, fitted white tee - mix and match them all according to your mood and the occasion. It will work every single time because of the colors.

You need to try this out too. The beauty of this combination is that it will flatter all skin tones and undertones. The simplicity is what makes it elite. If you feel like this combination is too bland for you then you can always spice it up with a leather jacket or some knee high boots over the jeans. A light blue pair of jeans are perfect for this purpose.

Denim Skirt

Denim is a classic and it has never gone out of fashion once ever since it was first introduced way back in time. The purpose of denim initially was to be useful and sturdy for the working class while they work in unfavorable conditions such as mines or construction sites. Obviously, no other fabric could have stood under these conditions. Nor does any other fabric stand the test of time as well as denim does. Not to mention that it just doesn't stand the test of time, but gets better with time as well. Yes you read that right, denims do look better with the passage of time. They look better as the age meaning that they are a gift that keeps giving. They will never disappoint you no matter what they are paired up with. All of these things are a prerequisite with jeans but the same goes for skirts as well.

When paired up with a plain white t-shirt, a denim skirt goes from "rebel just for kicks" to "girl next door" in a matter of seconds. This combo is cool but still feminine. Pair up your white tee with a denim skirt.


Chinos simply stand for being classy and casual at the same time. They are the Regina George of pants. They are loved by all high-fashion brands and designers alike. They are so effortlessly chic that it is impossible to make them appear too on the nose no matter what you do. They can tone down any outfit and give it the classy edge that it lacks. The best part is that they are extremely comfortable yet extremely fashionable at the same time.


Usually, the best tones for chinos are neutrals and nudes. Beige, tan, khaki, sap green are all great choices. These colors also happen to compliment white which is exactly why chinos in any of these colors will be great for wearing with a white tee. A pair of chinos is a perfect example.

Dress Pants

Dress pants and a plain white t-shirt might sound like polar opposites brought together but look at it this way, it's the best of both worlds brought together to make something better than either of its components. It is something right in the middle and much better than either of the elements that come together to make it happen. It is the best semi-formal/ semi-casual outfit combination that you can come up with. You can wear it to either of these occasions and you will look perfectly balanced instead of overdressed or underdressed.

This is a great combination for when you have things to do back to back because you can wear a white t-shirt underneath anything and take that off when necessary. The silent supporter here is the formal/dress pants that make a statement. Invest in a pair of trousers like ones to get this look.


This is the ultimate summer outfit that you could think of. It is light, functional, and looks really good too. Shorts will expose your legs which have about 40% of the surface area of your body. This helps you cool down and certainly looks cute too. Shorts come in many colors and prints and white flatter all of them which is why this is a foolproof combination to go for.

Denim Jacket

Nothing looks cooler than a denim jacket over a white tee. It looks like something that would be seen on the dreamy love interest of the heroine of a movie. It looks so high-fashion without being anything special at all. The key is to take two 50s and make them a 100. That is exactly what this outfit does. Add an interesting collar and you just created a statement look. The reason behind this is that these are two items layered upon each other to give the appearance of cohesion. They flatter all shapes because of this and again, blue and white flatter all skin tones too.


Therefore, this is a good addition to your wardrobe. Something that you would be foolish to pass up on. Go for it and save yourself from the regret you will surely feel. Pick up a jacket like navy denim jacket.


It is hard to exactly pinpoint who invented this trend and how it caught wind so fast but it is something all of us are grateful for. The trend of wearing camisoles/corsets/lingerie over white t-shirts is straight outta Pinterest and that is exactly where it caught fire too. It is so incredibly sexy that it's unbelievable. Especially because it doesn't show any skin at all, in fact, the white tee covers up everything that would otherwise be exposed because of the camisole.

The sneak-peek kind of appeal that this pairing has, holds so much power over the psyche that you would not even notice just how attractive you find it unless you focus on the fact that it isn't actually anything groundbreaking. The mere addition of one of your camisoles over your white t-shirt is luke turning the tables completely. It can take your look from lazy and sloppy to effortlessly sexy by making just one move.

Final Thoughts

Like any good weapon, a white tee is also something that has a lot of potential to slay but can only do so if it is wielded correctly and by the right warrior. You can use your white t-shirt better after going through the items in this guide. A white t-shirt is the ace of clothing that you can use to full effect by being mindful of a few simple things like colors.


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