What to wear to a beach getaway

What to wear to a beach getaway

 Cool evening breezes, staying out late without a care in the world, eating good food, lazing around the beach all day. Summer is the time when all of us feel the most alive. We are sure that some of the best memories you have had are doing the summer. And more than anything, summer on a beach is the best kind of summer to experience.

But in our fixation to relax, we sometimes forget about how fun, cute and diverse beach fashion can be.  Wearing stylish and planned out outfits just adds to the relaxation and good times that are sure to be expected in a beach getaway. 

But Are you planning to go to the beach soon? If you are, then don't just opt to wear anything and leave. Looking good on the beach also plays a big part in how you feel.

We know that holiday planning for men can be tricky, especially because men's confusion when planning outfits.

But there are several ways, men’s outfits can be planned and curated in new and exciting ways for the upcoming summer. We thought to make things easier, we can curate a perfect guide to what you can wear to a beach getaway.

Clothes to suit your vibe

When we think of beach fashion, we automatically think of super casual outfits when we think of beach fashion. We think of super simple plain shirts, flip flops and swimming shorts. But it is important to know that not every casual outfit is fit for the beach. Elevating your outfit with small details for certain special occasions like beach parties and special seaside dinners makes your beach getaway fits special. 

Outfits should be inspirational; We should all strive to be the guy who walks down the road with everyone wondering where he has gotten his fits from. To make things easier, we have curated a quick guide of some outfits for different occasions that are perfect for the beach

Formal beachwear

It may seem crazy to put formal and beach in the same sentence. But there is in fact a lot of classy, formal beachwear that you can feel like a King in. An example would be Lindbergh Clothing, especially their polo and crew neck tees, that could be made extremely formal with a smart tweed blazer and chinos to pair. You can also opt for a button-down shirt that is tucked in with formal shorts or chinos. Always pick the colours wisely, light, ocean tones are going to look appealing. Lastly, put on a smart-looking watch, your hat and do not forget your sunshades.

The right shoes

The right kind of shoes also plays a great role in the vibe and mood of the outfit we want to put out. While slip-on and flip-flops are super easy and convenient to wear for a beach getaway. Sometimes we can opt for formal sandals and those that look extremely classy and fashionable paired with chinos and a smart shirt. For example,  Brown slip-ons as well various fashionable slip-ons and formal shoes offered by Bugatti pull together the perfect ensemble.


The power of an all-White fit

While the recent trends all rely on big pops of colours. Never underestimate the power of a classic white tee. Like white tee, White looks top-tier among the sun-kissed light and setting that beaches provide. A tribly with your white tee makes the perfect summer beach outfit.

Recent trends on beachwear

Social media is constantly changing, and we constantly have various trends to keep up with through these fastly changing times. A beach holiday is a perfect place to become a trendsetter and experiment with your outfits; incorporating various new and stylish fashion trends. Here are a few new and fashionable trends!



In the sunlight with blue waves, vibrant colours seem to be a constant need because they constantly highlight you and bring out your cute and fashionable features. Florals have recently been in big fashion, and you can always pair a floral shirt with plain shorts to offset the vibrancy. If florals may be too daring for you, you can always opt for a striped tee that looks summery but in a more subtle way.

Groovy sliders

Recently, all we hear anyone talk about are groovy and stylish slides that are paired with extremely athleisure fits.  Slides, especially good branded ones are all anyone has been wearing, and they are the perfect beachwear shoes for both comfy and stylish fits.

Out of this world sunglasses!

Sunglasses and cool hats are a beach staple. But recently, the internet has been taken over by really stylish small, geometrically shaped sunglasses that look super cool. Pairing a basic outfit with these sunglasses really provides the opportunity to up your game when it comes to beachwear clothing.

Outfit pairings to keep in mind

While going to the beach in the summer, fashion takes on a more complementary role. Unlike well-coordinated suits or decked up denim jackets, beach fashion is more about comfort in the sand and showing off a natural physique.


Also, while dressing for the beach, it's important to keep in mind that there will always be the opportunity to run into the ocean for a nice, refreshing swim. While going to the beach, two to three different pairings of outfits work brilliantly in terms of fashion as well as comfort.

Light pastel-coloured chino shorts paired with colourful shirts

Pastel coloured shorts are always paired so well with patterned printed shirts. A Hawaiian printed shirt with a neutral coloured pair of chino shorts paired with flip flops for comfortable footwear on the beach is a classic trend that is followed.

The sleeveless tee

Another style pairing that is popular with men with built physiques is the sleeveless tee. This style involves a minimalistic pair of shorts in simple shades of colours and a printed sleeveless tee that is either well printed or part of an athleisure ensemble. This allows them to show off their well-sculpted physique and appear fashionable as well. This is either paired with a pair of slides or flip flops.

The magic of a good short

A component of the beach ensemble that's often overlooked is the shorts. A good pair of shorts make or break the outfit, no matter how impressive the shirt might be. Usually, there are two kinds of shorts that people wear to the beach. Shorts that are of a nice light shade that reflect heat and sunlight, and compliment a loud shirt is one way to go.

Another option is to wear printed shorts, either buttoned shorts or pull-up shorts. Shorts with prints that give off a beachy vibe go very well with plain t-shirts and loose linen shirts as well.


Hopefully, this comprehensive guide we have curated for you, on all the stylish beach outfits to wear, is the perfect way for you to plan your upcoming summer holidays. Remember, beach getaways are a time to get away from all the stress and monotony in our daily lives. Creating a cool outfit adds to the whole excitement and relaxation getaway to a holiday, and it's something we should all do.