Wardrobe Essentials: The 6 Best Men's Shirts

Wardrobe Essentials: The 6 Best Men's Shirts

Shirts for men make or break a look. Whether they are casual looks, formal ones or semi-formal ones, a proper shirt for every occasion is a must-have.  A linen shirt for men for casual elegance to a plain simple shirt for a more sophisticated vibe, shirts can serve multiple purposes.

Important Tips to Consider Before You Buy Shirts:

  • Make sure a shirt fits you well. The shoulders must not droop unless the style is such and neither should it be extremely tight around the torso.
  • Not every full-sleeved shirt is a formal shirt. Therefore, consider the texture, material and fitting before you invest in a shirt.
  • Colors make all the difference when it comes to amping a look.

Therefore, here are 6 basic mens shirts that everyone must possess for a complete wardrobe:

  • Full-Sleeves Shirts: From saving your arms from the scorching sun rays to giving you a completely dapper look, full-sleeved shirts are a must-have for every man. These can be worn under coats and embellished with cufflinks in case you have to attend a formal function.

  • Half-Sleeves Shirts: Half-sleeves shirts are cool and practical. You can go for a more relaxed fit shirt if you wish to wear these garments at a beach resort and match the vibe. Select one with floral prints to complete your summer vibe. These are ideal for daily wear in case you prefer to wear trousers or relaxed-fit cotton pants for lounging.

  • Solid Shirts: Plain shirts for men, whether full-sleeved or half-sleeved, serve as a strong foundation for any outfit. Available in multiple colors, these shirts are versatile pieces that can be styled in various ways. A classic white button-down shirt, for example, pairs seamlessly with jackets, all types of trousers for men, jeans, coats, and even blazers, offering endless possibilities for creating stylish and polished looks.

  • Printed Shirts: Checked shirts have been a fashion staple for ages and have solidified their position in the fashion world. Stripes, floral prints, bold contrasting color combinations and interestingly placed logos on a shirt makes all the difference. These printed premium shirts for men can be worn above simple branded t-shirts for men to exhibit a cool dude look.

  • Band Collar Shirts: Elimination of the traditional fold of the collar adds a unique charm to this garment. Band collar shirts whether full-sleeve or half have a sleek and modern aesthetic that makes them ideal for casual and semi-formal occasions. Gant shirts with band collars are supple and lend an effortless charm to the look.

  • Mandarin Collar Shirts: This collarless garment with a button-up design is unassuming and simple at its best. Mandarin collar shirts can be worn with loose-fitted garments like cargo pants, slim-fit jeans, cotton trousers and even shorts. Iconic and Lindbergh have the best collection.

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