Trending fashion challenges: Find the Iconic Solution

Trending fashion challenges: Find the Iconic Solution

The whole history of mankind has been a testament to the social nature that we have developed over the years. The nature of our species is to be social, socialize, and have a circle of people to interact with. We need companionship beyond the purpose of just mating. The evolution of the species has changed almost everything, except for a few basic things and that includes this. We crave the attention of our fellow humans and seek to fit into the social hierarchy. This need is innate and we cannot change it, just like we cannot change the way we need food while plants can make their own. It is in our genes and as long as we continue to exist it will exist as well.

Living in a society means social norms and conforming to social trends. That ranges from the things people like to the things people do. Albeit being influenced by the financial and political situation at the time, these trends are also swayed by the influence of the popular personalities at the time. These things all play a role to paint the picture of that "era". For example, the 70s were all about loud and sparkly clothing. Bell bottoms, bell sleeves, headbands, were force-fed down the throats of the public by the media, and they ate it up right away. The era became known for and known by the trends that were prevalent during that time and that's how history will see it too.

The trends that are the most well-known are the ones that are the most popular, not the ones that measure up the best quality-wise. It is important for the trends to be popular amongst the majority of the public, that is, all classes and not just the upper-class and celebrities. Their role in spearheading any trend is, however, unmistakable and sets the tone for the spread of any trend. Bella Hadid brought back the low-rise jeans. Britney Spears popularized the school-girl aesthetic. These may not be necessarily good things, but they sure as hell were popular.


The best way to get anything noticed is to make it visible through the power of media. Back when technology was not that prevalent, the only way to do so was through photos in print media. Now the print space was expensive real estate back then, and thus you could not just put your product on paper. They needed to be on a person of interest. It also doesn't hurt the cause that associating a celebrity with an item makes the item reflect the same values as the celeb and vice versa.

In today's world, this has not changed much, except for the representatives of trends, which can be anyone with social media accounts. They are easily and widely seen on the platforms and are even easier to assess and access.

Apart from the availability of information, there's also a certain awareness among the general populace about what trends do not make sense or eat unhealthily and they are quick to go down. That was not always the case in history. The beauty-related trends were beyond crazy. For example, in the middle ages, it was common for women to remove their eyelashes to make their forehead look bigger.

In pre-revolution France, it was ideal to have bold veins so people used to color them in order to get the look. During 1600-1800 in France, it was popular to have blackened teeth. It was a sign of beauty. In the 1400s, women in Italy wanted thin lips and that is the reason why none of the paintings from that era highlight lips. In ancient Greece, having a uni-brow was considered a symbol of intelligence and purity.

Thankfully, now we are all aware and informed enough to know when to call it quits with the "trends". But to choose or reject an idea you have to first know it.

This is exactly why we have compiled a list of trends tar will prevail during this year, based on the social media activity.


The presence of shirts and the various trends that revolve around them has been prominent throughout history. They came into existence and have never left the mainstream ever since. The 70s had the animal print and sparkly shirts. The 80s had weird yet bold patterned shirts. So on, it has always been a priority of the fashion industry to have a certain kind of shirt to fit the era.

This year, the trend that will see a rose will be the oversized or plaid shirts over an outfit, a dress or a fitted top. It is a chic look that flatters all body types and is great for nearly all seasons. The return of the plaid is long overdue. A plaid shirt in warm colors is a good place to start.


It is another item that is not new to the world of clothing by any means. It is something that everyone owns irrespective of gender, and something everyone wants to own. The trends related to trousers have come and gone. From bell-bottoms to tapered ends, everything there is to do was done with trousers over the course of history in the name of trends. A trend that will see a spike in the upcoming year is going to be the beige/neutral colored trousers. A beige trousers are a good way to ensure that you are in the trend league this year.


Jeans or denim were invented to be durable and steady and that's exactly how they have been in our lives. They are constants in our lives and constantly useful too. The trends with jeans are tricky, but a good way to track what will be the next one is to follow the 20-year rule. According to that, low-rise jeans must be the ones coming back this year. In fact, it already has if you look at social media platforms. The best way to ensure that you are following through is by going for a pair of jeans like double stitched denims.


Sneakers are the coolest kind of shoe, obviously. They were crafted for comfort but they have evolved to be something that is really good looking while being comfortable and supportive. There are official fan clubs for sneakers, with members who call themselves "sneakerheads". They spend huge amounts of money on sneakers and have a crazy interest in buying and collecting these shoes. The sneakers that will be making a bang this year will be those with crazy color combinations like blue and red sneakers. They will be all the rage this year and they will be so for a reason.


Clothes are temporary, accessories are forever. That may sound like an exaggeration but it isn't. The reason behind this is the fact that accessories can be used in multiple ways, multiple times, and are fluid in the way they can be styled. There is a wide world of accessories out there, but the most versatile of them all is bags.

A good bag can rescue any kind of outfit, no matter how much of a disaster it is. There's a lot of variety in the category of bags too. The best one out of them all is definitely crossbody bags. The neutral or clean kind of crossbody bags will be making a comeback this year in the coming seasons. A white crossbody bag is a good pick to alleviate any and all of your outfits. The key to the effectiveness of a crossbody bag is that it cuts your silhouette diagonally. The strap usually cinches your waist and makes you look more structured as compared to the outfit without any sort of structural integrity.

Final Thoughts

The world of trends is an everlasting one. As long as we exist, we will seek to fit in and stay relevant. We will try to express ourselves as best as we could through various methods inclusive of those that we see and copy. We will continue to copy those that we admire and respect. The key is to be apprehensive of what will work and what won't. You will see trends pass you by in droves but you need to be aware of what will suit you best. The fashion world and sites like Iconic give you the gateway to these trends that you require to bring them into your life. Follow the trends that you want to with the luxury brands available on Iconic India. You can never miss any of the latest trends when it comes to a hub like this.