Top Fashion Trends | Kendall & Kylie

Top Fashion Trends | Kendall & Kylie

Now that the sun is out, it's time to enjoy the top fashion trends. This season is brimming with summer-ready brights, stylish artisanal craftsmanship, and exquisite accessories that will make you miss the fun of getting dressed up. Add some of this season's must-have products to your capsule wardrobe to instantly give it fresh air, whether relaxing in your backyard or leaving on vacation.

This summer is jam-packed with trend-driven products that will make you feel both beautiful and laid-back, from the mood-boosting bright hue clothing of dopamine dressing to learning what bohemian style is.

Fashion Trends To Shop

Top Fashion Trends 2023 can characterise a rain of maximalist looks, with most styles you'll see in stores filtering down from the catwalks.

The SS22 fashions from London to Paris were full of imaginative and colourful apparel, something that has been missing from our closets for the past few years, whether you love French or British clothing labels like Chanel or British clothing brands like Burberry. After decades of dressing down, the only unanswered question is: Do we venture to wear them? The answer is definitely yes with Gant.

Many people believe that the epidemic, which designers utilised as an opportunity to exercise their creative muscles, is to blame for this new trend in daring clothing. The flashy, lavish clothing we see on the runways for 2023 is perhaps a response to the limitations the pandemic put us all under.

Designers provide a type of escapism by embracing the flamboyant, the vibrant, and all that sparkles, enabling people to embrace something uplifting through their style.

The Colourful Hue

The hottest colour trends in fashion are bright and daring, so forget about tans, neutrals, and traditional creams. Models walking for Versace and Christian Dior were spotted wearing bold colours from head to toe. It's time for everyone to uplift their spirits with bright colours because the Queen has been colour-blocking for years.

Start by adding a vibrant piece to an outfit you feel comfortable in, like a pair of shoes or a bag. You become more self-assured and may quickly build up to a complete appearance. Why not try a suit that will transport you day to night effortlessly? Pink and green complement all skin tones.

This summer is the moment to add colour to your closet, whether with the best pink dresses or new, bolder interpretations of the best blazers. Consider your personal colour preferences and pay particular attention to the hues close to your face. If you're choosing what to wear to a wedding or require a christening costume, a block-coloured look or a vibrant design will be a simple way to capture the happy atmosphere of the event.

Things To Buy

Shoes And Bags

Use eye-catching arm candy or colourful heels to ease into the style. They will instantly add colour to a little black dress or give your pants some character. Try contrasting the hues if you want to take a risk. Orange and pink or blue and green go well together. See the top handbag trends for 2023 for more ideas on accessories.


Fit is the most critical aspect of a decent suit—your waist is clinched by a pair of wide-leg, high-waisted pants that delicately skim over your thighs. Add a boxy blazer, and you've got the formula for an elegant and confident appearance in a flash.


Nothing is more straightforward than a dress you can toss on and go. You've already nailed the style if you can find a smock-frock in a vivid hue. All you need to complete the look are your trendiest sandals.

Mini Variations

As we said, the summertime fashion trends of 2023 are all about extremities. The good old midi skirt has ruled supreme for the last few years, but it has been dethroned this season.

This year, you'll need to choose between Team Mini and Team Maxi (although we're sorry to break it to you, it's the micro-mini that's entering the mainstream). Although showing off legs can be uncomfortable, the mini skirt is the perfect outfit to pair with knee-high boots if you've been trying to figure out how to wear them.

If you're primarily a maxi woman, you should be busy making those long skirt outfit ideas. If you want a new floor-sweeping style, buy retro tube fits that end at the ankle rather than the A-line hippy style we've accustomed to in previous seasons. Consider a full-length, slinky look as opposed to bulky fabric. Remember that a minor divide allows for more movement if that sounds tight.

Things To Buy


There's no need to dismiss someone since the style has no age restrictions automatically; it's about how you wear it. Try adding boots if you're concerned about flashing too much skin while wearing a little dress. You may also keep your neckline high to counteract shorter skirt hemlines. Even though the micro is the form that follows trends the most this season, there are still plenty of "just above the knee" types available if that's more your thing.


Look for skirts with a more streamlined fit that ends at the ankle. Sitting at the waist will make your legs appear longer. To assist the cloth float while you walk, try small splits that end at the knee; it will also be more comfortable.


Your form will instantly resemble an hourglass if you wear fitted tops with long-line skirts. This is the ideal moment to learn how to use shapewear if you are accustomed to looser styles. Shapewear worn underneath a fitted top will help smooth your form, giving you an easy-going summer look.

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