Top 5 Outfits for Your First Interview

Top 5 Outfits for Your First Interview

 First impressions are the last impressions. That may not be true when it comes to most connections you make, it is 100% true when it comes to the corporate world. They judge you based on your attire and assign you a box that will be your label for the rest of the time that you might interact with them. They will not only be judging your level of professionalism based on your interview but also how seriously you are taking the particular interaction. 

It will be the foundation you are laying down for the corporate relationship you want to have with the organization in particular. If this foundation is weak, then your future is shaky too. There might not be a future at all if you do not dress for the occasion. The need for this is greater in a professional setting than in any other setting.


If you dress incorrectly for any other occasions, for example, a wedding or a birthday party, the consequences will be something like a snide comment or a joke here and there. In the case of a professional setting, the consequences will stretch to you not getting the job, or even as far as getting kicked out of the premises. That is not something that you will be facing when you are dressed appropriately. That is the point when you look for cues from well-dressed people for corporate dressing.

What exactly qualifies as corporate dressing though? Corporate dressing is the art of dressing formally and appropriately. It is not when you wear a great outfit and look like you just got off the runway. It is when you look like you came to work and you will achieve that no matter what.

Corporate or formal dressing needs you to cover up appropriately, wear neutral colors, wear clothing that is functional and not just fashionable, and most importantly, wear clothes that will not make you feel uncomfortable at any point when you interact with your colleagues. This is a tricky game because the clothing that qualifies for all of this is generally categorized narrowly and there are too many rules to make it work and put together an outfit.

As for the office wear that you have to wear for interviews, there comes another layer of formality and rules that you have to consider. It is your opening act and the deciding factor for whether or not you will be getting the job you are applying for. Clothing will be important in this scenario because of the fact that visuals matter a lot as that is the most widely used sense we have.

Let's take a look at the outfits you can trust blindly for an interview. 

White button-down shirt

If you are going for an interview, especially a first interview, you do not want your employer to think that you sit around all day and are not very productive, even if that is the case. The best way to avoid this is to avoid your t-shirts like the plague. You have to forego t-shirts as a clothing item because no matter how professional-looking it is, how expensive, or from what brand it is, a t-shirt is never considered professional. They are always associated with casual dressing and will definitely land you in hot water.

Instead, pick out a nice, clean-looking, crisp, white button-down shirt for your interview. Button-downs are one of the most basic items when it comes to formal dressing and will give you the look you are searching for. They look effortlessly clean and structured and do not make it seem like you are trying too hard.

As for the white color, that is needlessly the most pristine color you could go for. It makes you look reputable and solemn, in the most corporate sense. Lawyers, investment bankers, etc, all wear white as a staple for this very reason. A white button-down shirt is the epitome of this phenomenon 

A crisp pair of trousers

It goes without saying that just like t-shirts, you cannot possibly walk into an interview with a pair of ripped skinny jeans on. Unless of course, your interview is an audition for the role of a high-school student who listens to Fall Out Boy and thinks smoking is cool. If you are going for an interview that is anything else, you need a pair of bottoms that will make you appear more adult-like and serious. This is not rocket science though. You can pick up a pair of trousers as your office wear to pair up with any button-down shirt and you will be good to go.


Trousers as your go-to bottoms when it comes to office wear are a great idea. Especially one that takes minimal time and effort. Trousers are not difficult to put on or wear throughout the day. They are not difficult to shop for either. Go for a pair of trousers that are comfortable and well-tailored so they fit you snug but not too snug.

Again, the fit is very definitive of your whole stand on the situation. Go for trousers from a brand that is trustworthy and established. Opt for dark-colored trousers that will flatter most if not all of your shirts. Like pair of black trousers. You can wear any sort of top-wear with it without a second thought.

A well-fitted blazer

Blazers fall into the category of outerwear that pertains to the basic yet professional kind of clothing that will serve you well in any formal setting. They are great for wearing not only in formal settings but also on semi-formal occasions or casual occasions. They make you look polished and well-dressed and that is something you definitely want on a first interview.


So a well-structured blazer as the focal point of your outfit will be a great place to start while putting together an interview-appropriate outfit. You can easily shop for a blazer online and get one like navy blue blazer. The best part is that you can wear it over a t-shirt as well and get the most out of it.

A little tie goes a long way

Wearing a tie might seem like too much but trust the process, it is not too much. It is something that will make you stand out from the crowd of interviewees and will shine a light on your drive for the job to be yours. The saying that dress for the job you want, not the one you have applied here perfectly. When you see an individual with a tie, your impression of them is that they must have a serious job that takes up a lot of time and work. That is the exact impression you are trying to replicate by putting on a tie. Wearing a tie-centric outfit makes you look like you are already a corporate employee. Go for a dark tie like blue self-print toe and you will be good to go.

Invest in a vest

A vest is an element taken straight from the ever-classy three-piece suit and hence will be an excellent outfit choice for you. You will be easily and effortlessly emulating the same classy, put-together, always collected look that a vest imparts to a three-piece suit. Minus the drama that comes with a three-piece suit. You are not there to assert your dominance at an interview, but to create a lasting impression. A vest takes all the desirable elements of such a suit and takes out the elements that will paint you in a negative light.

Putting on a vest-based outfit that has you layering up a vest over a shirt and under a blazer, or not, and a pair of trousers to go with it will make you look like you came out of an issue of GQ magazine. The best part is that you can never be overdressed with a vest if you really because it is such a small element and rather subtle too. So investing in a vest, jokes aside is a great way to go about a first interview. You can invest in a vest like this navy blue one and look exactly like what you thought in your head.

Final Thoughts

Looking like a well-dressed and self-assured person is the key to nailing an interview. The basic function of an outfit meant for an interview is to make you look not just someone different from the rest of the candidates, but someone who is consistently reliable and will continue to be that person throughout their employment. You can achieve this look by shopping for outfits and pieces attuned to formal dressing on Iconic India's website where they have a collection of formal clothing items to match every formal occasion that you might have to be a part of. They house only luxury brands, so quality is never an issue.