The trendiest rainy season outfits: The kids' edition

The trendiest rainy season outfits: The kids' edition

Our hearts always go out to kids. Parenting can be a life-changing experience for someone. Despite the  woes, the little munchkin brings joy and excitement. It is their parents who make every decision concerning kids, including whether they should eat certain foods or wear certain kinds of clothes. Choosing clothing for kids that is both fashionable and wearable is always a task that parents have to consider, and it becomes even more challenging during monsoons or wet & damp days when children might feel uncomfortable with inappropriate clothing.

Although monsoons are lively and playful for kids, we cannot ignore the chances of infection that it comes with. Being a parent it comes to our responsibility to monitor them through this process and choose the best for them that will protect them from breezing wind and sudden downpour.

Apart from choosing the best clothing for them, we also need to closely monitor the manufacturing methods so that it won’t harm our kids in any way possible. Certain clothes are poorly manufactured that can harm your nimble hearts if worn over a long period of time.

Apart from various fashion trends that have been set in past years, it could be difficult to choose one for them on the rainy days. Here, we have listed some of the premium brands like Blue Giraffe, Gant Kids, and Elle Kids to choose the best for your little ones. You can trust them with their quality and style. They have a wide range of T-shirts, shirts, playsuits, jumpsuits, dresses,  skirts, etc.

With an exclusive & extensive collection of outfits, your kid can rock this monsoon without worries!

Rainy Season Trending: The Kid’s Outfits


T-shirts are our go-to choice for any occasion. With a wide range of colours, textures and patterns to choose from, they are not only chic but also minimalist. They offer an effortless and staple clothing experience.

The elegant striped green T-shirt by Blue Giraffe is an effortless yet chic option for your sweethearts. It comes with an attached logo on the side to elevate the entire look. To ace this monsoon,  pair the T-shirt with casual hemmed shorts. In order to accessorise, you can pull on your timeless sneakers.

The solid red textured polo T-shirt by Blue Giraffe is by far the best option to play around and bang on the bright side this monsoon. The embroidered giraffe on the slits is like an addition of a cherry to the cake. The t-shirt can be easily paired with any pair of bottoms that lie in your closet.

Shirts can be by far the best option to be pulled on during the monsoon season, as it acts as a barrier against those cool and breezy winds that touch the gentle skiing of your kids. You can choose the best pair of shirts by Elle Kids, Gant Kids, and Blue Giraffe.

The floral button-down poplin shirt by Blue Giraffe could be the staple piece of clothing to choose for your kid. Blooming flowers that perfectly match the emerging creative minds of your kids and add up to them. The shirt comes with a slitted pocket on the sides and is made up of 100% cotton, thereby making the fabrics skin-friendly and breathable. You can pair the shirt with any pair of brightly coloured trousers.

You can also check other ranges of bright solid shirts by Elle Kids. They come in various options in terms of colours and styles that you can choose from.

The classic chequered blue full sleeve shirt by Gant Kids is extremely contemporary and radiates a bright positive vibe. This classy, rich, and vibrant shirt elevates the persona of your kid. The shirt comes in a comfortable cotton material that is easily wearable and can be paired with any set of trousers.

The denim shirt by Elle Kids can also be craved. Denim is effortlessly chic and can match any specific occasion.


With the onset of monsoon, it's time to protect your little ones from the harsh mosquitoes and cool air, and what can be a better option than a pair of trousers. Trousers always give a comfy look to your tiny tots. You can dive in through a range of trousers by some of the premium brands.

The solid blue trousers from Gant Kids are extremely intensively fashionable. If you are looking for a chic and statement piece for your tiny tots that can be laced with literally anything.

Elle Kids' elegant cotton knit blue trousers are also worth a mention!

The stylish, hemmed tan shorts by Blue Giraffe can be a quick fix for an easy-breezy look. These shorts can be effortlessly paired with a pair of your favourite tee to rock this candy season. They also offer various options in colours and patterns to choose from.

Jeans are the most sturdy and durable option when it comes to bottom wear. A timeless piece and classic fashion are what we can expect from denim.

The solid relaxed-fit blue jeans by Elle Kids can be the best option when choosing one for yourself. The pair is a prime example of comfort and style. The jeans come with a textured ribbed look on the side, adding a tone of a casual vibe.

The faded, indigo slim fit jeans by Blue Giraffe are another pair of sturdy bottom wear to bring on the curvy vibes and embrace those slight curves. The jeans come with a hemmed pocket on the side and flow in cotton material. The fabric makes the jeans extremely comfortable and protective. You can pair the jeans for any flat occasion with a pair of patterned, bold T-shirts, or pair them with a nude solid shirt for a formal look.

Jumpsuits & Playsuits

What can be better than all clothing essentials in one place? Jumpsuits are the call for monsoon. Grab a range of patterns, and textured jumpsuits by Blue Giraffe to match the monsoon vibes for your kids. They are extremely comfortable yet stylish.

When talking about kids, playsuits lie in every single wardrobe. A playsuit helps them to play openly without any foundation and bring on their true side.

You can dive into various ranges of playsuits by Elle kids to give your kids a warm playful environment.


Premium brands like Elle Kids, Blue Giraffe, and Gant Kids do offer by far the best clothing experience. Although searching for premium brands on different websites can be a heart-wrenching task and that is why Iconic India has the best solution for you. Scroll through a range of premium brands all in one place on the Iconic India website to deliver an unmatchable clothing experience to those tiny sweethearts and refill their wardrobe with trendiest clothing this monsoon!