The Sustainable Wardrobe: Eco-Friendly Fashion Choices for Young Trendsetters

The Sustainable Wardrobe: Eco-Friendly Fashion Choices for Young Trendsetters

For all the style-conscious individuals, there's a new concept emerging in the fashion landscape - Sustainable luxury brand fashion. This trend is not only super cool but also a means for everyone to revamp their premium brand clothing, embracing the latest trends in fashion while being eco-conscious.

It's astonishing to discover that a staggering 85% of all textiles manufactured end up in landfills each year, contributing to the growing issue of oceanic microplastic pollution.

Let's delve into what Sustainable Fashion is all about and explore how you can contribute to preserving the planet's health while donning your favorite premium brand garments.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is the freshest wave in the fashion industry that emphasizes ethical manufacturing practices, the smart utilization of pre-owned clothing, and the use of organic fabrics for textile production.

Conventional manufacturing methods can be detrimental to the environment due to the extensive use of synthetic fibers that take centuries to decompose and the excessive application of fertilizers that harm ecosystems.

Sustainable Fashion

10 Ways To Create A Sustainable Wardrobe

Choose Organic Fabric

Organic textiles are manufactured without using toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilisers. Fibres such as hemp, wool, cotton, linen, jute, and silk are considered to be organic in nature. They are good for the skin of the wearer and manufacturing these textiles is comparatively less polluting. 

Jute bags are in big time. They look super stylish when paired with plain cotton t-shirts and blue jeans. The best part? It is a unisex look.

Select Classic Outfits

When you go shopping for premium brands, select outfits that are neutral in colour and have a classic fit. By selecting a neutral shade, you will be able to pair these clothes with all the colours that are already available in the market.

The Gant Women White Solid V Neck Dress can be paired with an overcoat, a jacket, or worn as it is. The neutral cream dress matched with the most vibrant colours for a cute look but will go equally nicely with a black coat and sneakers for a monochrome look.

Capsule Wardrobes

Capsule wardrobes are basically small wardrobes that include a few curated pieces. You mix and match these beautiful pieces that you have purchased after a lot of thought and consideration.

Make sure that you include neutral-coloured pieces that allow mixing and matching and are versatile.

Tailor and Repair

Learn to repair your clothes so that you don’t have to dispose of them as soon as there is a small tear or a loose hem. Use the latest trends to upcycle your wardrobe so that you can convert your old jeans into something new and fresh.

Each stitch by you will be a testament to your commitment to sustainability and devotion to recycling items.

Sustainable Wardrobe

Look For Ethically Made Garments

While buying any piece of clothing from premium brands, look for the tag that certifies its organic origin. To save this planet from environmental deterioration, one will have to be aware of the organisations that are taking the initiative to bring about change.

Educate yourself and others and learn more about certifications and boards that examine how eco-friendly a piece of clothing is.

Bid Adieu To Fast Fashion

Items that belong to fast fashion are usually made of poor quality. Therefore, they do not last very long. Slow fashion or luxury brand fashion might not make its way quickly to the market but it is definitely a solution to the problem that we are facing.

Choosing outfits from brands that are extremely cautious of sustainability can be a life-saver. These outfits won’t just be good for your environment but also your skin!

Tailor and Repair

Purchase Trans-Seasonal Wear 

Invest in clothes that can be worn in every season. You can wear summer t-shirts in winter and add a few layers on top. Scarves, jackets, and thermals can be worn on top of your sleeves in summer cotton shirts for warmth.

Look After Your Clothes Properly

For a longer shelf life, make sure that you are washing your clothes properly. Using strong detergents and extremely hot water can damage them. Use lukewarm water and a soft detergent or a fabric softener to wash your clothes properly. Frequent dry cleaning can also damage the delicate fabric of clothes from premium brands. 

Ethically Made Garments


For all the budding fashion trendsetters out there, upcycling an outfit is nothing to be ashamed of. You can look equally stylish and well put together if you wear your clothes with confidence and re-use them smartly. Instead of simply throwing them in the bin, donate your old clothes to those in need.

You can show the world that being eco-friendly is super chic. Pair your pieces together smartly so that you can make a difference while making a fashion statement.