The Art of Picking the Right Footwear for Every Outfit

The Art of Picking the Right Footwear for Every Outfit

There are many sayings that have been in circulation for centuries when it comes to fashion. Many of them are hoaxes and many are golden rules that hold true in every situation. One of these rules is the "Shoes can make or break an outfit" rule. It is true alright, probably more than the laws of motion. It means that shoes are more important than you would have probably guessed - given their size and part in the visual scheme of things. But rest assured, they are not the set extras that you will not notice even if you have watched a movie over and over again.

This means what exactly? That you can't ignore their role in an outfit. This is something you need to understand not just on a fundamental, back of the head kind of level, but on a deeper and more introspective level. Having in-depth knowledge of different kinds of shoes, how they are used, and how you personally can make use of them is not something that will ever go to waste.

There's an old saying in business and management - "You can tell the true status of a person by observing their shoes". This does not only mean that you will be able to gauge their financial situation, but also that you will be able to see how much they care about their appearance, how much they care about themselves, and how much attention they pay to details because shoes are considered to be just that-a minor detail - by the general population.

There is a certain amount of knowledge that goes into putting together any outfit - from the person's body shape, personal style, preferences, stature, financial status, occasion, and many more of the nuances that make a well-thought outfit memorable. One of these aspects, a big one by a margin, is what kind of shoe you will wear with the particular ensemble. It might pull it together or might ruin it completely in one stroke. This is exactly why being informed before even purchasing footwear is important.

Given below is the series of steps you can take to ensure that you are matching your footwear with your outfits correctly.

Investing in a universal kind of footwear

Figuring out anything is difficult and fashion definitely is not something that you can just figure out as you go unless you're Christian Dior, which is probably not the case. So there will be a good chunk of time that will go into learning and then applying via hit and trial.

What are you supposed to do until then, go around barefoot? Not unless you have opted to become a hippie ( no offense to hippies ), which is again, highly unlikely. Your feet need protection and your outfit needs to be pulled together.

You can achieve your staple footwear needs by investing in a universal kind of footwear online. What exactly makes a pair of footwear universal? The lack of any statement-like features. This pair of footwear needs to be something that compliments all outfits, no exceptions. Finding such a pair is easier said than done but worry not, we have a few recommendations.

A good place to start is neutral-toned sneakers. These are perfect for everything because neutral colors work with everything, no matter what. They do not clash with the colors or take away the attention from your outfit. Coming to the part about the type of footwear we picked - sneakers.

Sneakers are now a trend that has become a borderline obsession but their origins are humble. Just a pair of shoes meant to provide the most comfort and support to the person wearing them. So you will definitely be comfortable no matter what, which results in a more confident you. The solid examples of this category are sneakers that will blend in with just about anything.

Another entry in this category of universal footwear online is ballerinas or ballet flats. These can be again, in neutral colors. The unique thing about this type is that they are absolutely flat, yet absolutely delicate. You can wear them with any kind of outfit - casual, formal, fancy, and with any kind of clothing - dresses, trousers, culottes, shorts, etc. They are also extremely easy to walk in so yet another plus. If you have a pair of flats that will make both your outfit and your feet look elegant and feminine.

A pair of bold yet subtle footwear

This seems like an oxymoron but it really isn't. It's the grey area of footwear. The ground zero when you go to buy a pair of footwear online. It is something not that often talked about but it is absolutely the most important category of footwear.

This is a fine category that will play the role of supporting cast to the main character that is your outfit. How exactly do you figure this category out though? That's simple, just look for a pair of shoes that are not your everyday plain Jane, yet they are not a pair that you will be referring to for the rest of your life. You do not want to be called "red loafer Jia" for the rest of your life, do you? 

Now the usual suspects that fit this bill, we will require balanced footwear. For this, you need to pick a pair that has either a bold color and a subtle design, or vice versa.

A solid example of finding this kind of footwear online is that are the most basic of loafer designs, yet the print is a state-of-the-art snake print. 

Or, for another example, are these heeled boots. Both of these pairs show us a perfect amount of balance by having one strong characteristic and one subtle one to make it work seamlessly as a piece that will not throw off your outfit but will also not be forgettable.


A pair of "statement piece" footwear

As the name suggests, these are the showstopper pairs of footwear online. They are the centerpiece. When you put on a pair from this category you will be having a lot of conversations about "Where did you get these shoes?". The trick is not buying the right pair of statement footwear online, but finding a pair that will compliment your outfits and lift them up several notches. This could be with one particular outfit, probably for an important occasion, or for multiple outfits that belong to either the same category or the same color palette.


The footwear itself needs to go all out. These shoes need to be the first thing that anyone notices when they look at you as a whole. They need to be something you build a look around, and not something you add at the end.

An example of this category is boots are not only just attractive because of the color and texture but also the fact that they will take up a lot of visual space in any outfit. The outfit will accommodate them, not the other way around.

Another contender in the heels category is the metallic pair of block heels that will require you to wear something subtle because you will need nothing else but these to hold everyone's attention.


Being a well-dressed, high-fashion person is not something that just happens overnight. It takes patience, a good sense of who you are and what you want, and most importantly - carefully cultivated knowledge of all spheres of fashion. That means not overlooking even the smallest of aspects because believe it or not, all of it matters.

Your footwear is one of the larger aspects that will affect your overall look, your style in general, and even how you feel about yourself. The rumors are true, putting on a pair of nice heels will make you feel like Wonder Woman herself. Safe to say, it is an extremely essential point to check off your list when you go out into the world to conquer the day.


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