The 2022 trends in men's fashion you need to know

The 2022 trends in men's fashion you need to know

 The men's clothing section has always been swept under the rug rather than being discussed and cherished as much as the female's clothing section and fashion in general. The mere topic of men's clothing is deemed boring and uneventful simply because of the lack of variety in color, designs, options, in general, which are contributing factors for the mass disinterest in men's clothing.

Trendy clothes for men are not a hot topic and never get the necessary exposure. If you are a man, this might not even be an issue to you because this is what you have been experiencing from the very beginning. Rooted in the general stereotypes that revolve around gender roles enforced upon our psychologies and the structure of society as a whole.

Style is something that is personal to you. It is something that is reflective of your values, opinions, surroundings, and influences. Fashion and trends are momentary concepts. They are fleeting and are reflective of that point in time and the locales the trends are born of. Men's clothing does not saturate itself in trends like women's clothing does.


The trends like bell-bottoms, the 70s inspired clothing, and everything else that was prevailing in 2021 was so much more in intensity when it comes to women's clothing than to men's. The attention that men's fashion garners is never that much, comparatively. If you're asked to summarize the most iconic fashion moments of the last decade, how many would be those in men's fashion? Men's clothing only gets that kind of attention with dramatic, period pieces and never with contemporary fashion. 

The trends with men's clothing are more subtle and therefore not that easy to grasp. But they are predictable on the basis of the popular culture and media presence of the previous year.

Here's a list of predictions for the 2022 trendy clothes for men.

Crew / Round Neck Tees

The past year saw the rise of mere basics rising to the top of the trend chain and showcasing why they are actually the basics. The heavily influenced modern world clothing for men has a permanent place for tees. Round neck tees will make a comeback in 2022 as one of the trendy clothes for men.


This year crew neck tees with no upper layer will be the trend that everyone will jump onto. Getting a t-shirt like plain crew neck tee will be something you will wear again and again. The crew neck tees with ribbed material and no prints whatsoever will be the most sought-after ones this year.


Polos will definitely be one of the trendy clothes for men in 2022. The whole concept of a polo shirt is to establish class and security. Popular culture has been leaning towards the side of the clothing spectrum that is reflective of these values. No longer deemed dated, polos in neutral and earthy tones will be making a rise this year. 

Polos can be easily layered over blazers or jackets or work solely. They pair up well with full-length trousers or shorts, providing these looks an undercurrent of masculinity. Investing in a polo-like olive drab polo shirt is a good point, to begin with. Polos might also be the most worn topwear for men in the coming year or two. It is about to shed its preppy image to be recognized as the casual clothing icon it truly is.


Global warming is not a myth and all of us have been experiencing constant inconsistencies in what used to be consistent weather. The summers are longer and hotter, the monsoons are dysfunctional, the winters are much colder and not timely. This definitely needs us to adapt until we can do something about it. The adaptive learning starts with clothing first, and of course fashion trends too. Shorts for men have been written off for a few years now but no more. They will be making the rounds everywhere from social media to art forms like film. 

The merit in wearing shorts is more than just a function of weather adaptation. It is about being comfortable and looking youthful and casual. It is going to be one of the trendy clothes for men that might even reign for more than a few months. A pair of shorts is an excellent example of what to wear to give in to this trend.


Although jeans have been present throughout the history of fashion in the past few decades, they're always there in some form or another. The 90s had the mom jeans, the 2000s had the low rise jeans, the 2010s had the skinny jeans, then we had high waisted flared denim in the past few years inspired by the 70s and now this year will see the rise of double-stitched denim. It's going to be included in looks in famous fashion magazines and in the daily lives of the general public alike.

The double-stitched denim will be the jean style for the year due to the shift from loose silhouettes to better-fitted clothes. This year will also be coming back full circle to the low-rise denim trend with the rise being anywhere from 7-10 inches. This is already being popularized by influencers on social media sites. 


This is a type of pants that were considered very formal yet playful at the same time. It used to be something that young and vibrant characters opted for when they had to go to something formal but still wanted to retain their identity. It is something a person would wear when they want to appear serious but do not want to seem disingenuous.


Chinos will make a comeback for this very reason. As everyone is waiting up from the pandemic-induced slumber, they are looking for pieces that are formal but not too formal. This is why buying a pair of chinos will be essential to getting back in the world.

Plaid Shirts

A trend that is native to the early 2000s, this one will make a full-force comeback this year and is going to be one of the trendy clothes for men. The pattern is known as versatile and native to the punk movement. Fashion houses like Burberry have immortalized it. This is not just because of the look plaids have, which is generally clean and goody two shoes but this will be making a comeback because of the 20-year rule where trends die and come back every 20 years, especially the most popular ones. A plaid shirt is going to be a staple in your wardrobe for at least half a decade.

Slip-ons / Loafers

They are going to be the equivalent of Juicy Couture tracksuits in the 2005 era. These are going to be the footwear you will be reaching for the most thanks to the comfort and ease that comes with them, but also because loafers are extremely classy and chic.

They can be paired with anything from casual to formal to fancy. They are worth every penny and Fred really did well with the early 2000s comeback trends that will be making a return in 2022. This will pair well with all of the trendy clothes for men mentioned here as well. It is convenient, chic, and trendy. Why not then, right? Buying a pair of loafers will be a good setup for the year. 


The whole world of fashion is turbulent and stable at the same time. The trends that occur any year are heavily influenced by the cohesive function required in the current times and will continue to do so - pandemic or not. With the supposed recovery from the lockdown situation, the experimentation that revolves around the narrative of getting "out there" the trendy clothes for men will be dependent on previous year's trends that will be relevant to the current situation. It is also going to be influenced heavily by the twenty-year rule and will be bringing back all things iconic from the 2000s era.

Social media platforms like Tik-Tok are already seeing a rise in the number of users who want to and are incorporating Y2K trends like plaid, low rise jeans, the whale tail, etc into their looks. With the amount of exposure we get to die to the internet, Orvis is bound to catch on really soon.


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