Summer must-haves: The Kids Edition

Summer must-haves: The Kids Edition

Being a parent can be the greatest treasure in this world. Having your own kids could be bliss! Raising a kid can bring both joy and trials simultaneously. It can be a battle that needs to be cherished and lived for. As parents, we have always wished the best for our children. Kids are and have always been fussy, from their smallest gestures to their blossoming steps. Choosing to clothe kids can be a piece of work.

Apart from summers being lively for kids, at the same time, the heat can be difficult for them to bear. It’s mandatory as a parent to choose clothes for kids that are not only cute but also comfy and durable. Another aspect that needs to be monitored while choosing to clothe your tiny tots is to have a close look at the type of fabrics and their dying process. As crucial dyes can hamper their delicate skin. To lower the production costs, the manufacturers use cheap dyes, which are not very kid-friendly and can hamper their growth in the long run.

Here, we have listed some of the renowned brands like Blue Giraffe, Gant Kids, and Elle Kids that you can choose for your little ones:


When it comes to bottoms, jeans are, and will always remain, a timeless classic. Finding a pair of jeans for your kids has never been this easy.

The faded slim-fit blue jeans by Elle Kids can be a go-to option when choosing a pair. The pair immensely match comfort and style. The jeans come with a patched look on the side, adding a casual vibe.

Another mid-rise, lightly distressed pair of jeans by Gant Kids could be a considerable option in the range of jeans. The jeans are super flexible and durable, which makes them a win-win option for you to choose from.


The T-shirts are absolutely darling! With a range of colours and patterns to choose from, they are not only cute but also minimalist. They offer an easy yet effective clothing experience.

The multi-striped green T-shirt by Blue Giraffe is a painless yet chic option for your child. It comes with a logo on the side to enhance the whole vibe. To ace the summer vacation, pair the T-shirt with a pair of casual shorts and sneakers.

The solid yellow polo T-shirt by Blue Giraffe is another great option that adds to the extra mangoey sweetness of the summer. The embroidered giraffe on the side adds a cherry to the cake. You can easily pair the T-shirt with a pair of striped shorts or solid trousers.


Shirts can be the best option to be worn during the summer as they protect the kids against heat without making them extremely hot. You can choose from some of the best options by Elle Kids, Gant Kids, and Blue Giraffe.

You can also choose solid shirts by Elle Kids. They come in various colour options that you can choose from.

The classic solid blue full sleeve shirt by Gant Kids is immensely contemporary and you can give your hands on it. This classy, rich, and dynamic shirt adds up to the persona of your kid. The shirt comes in a breathable cotton material that can be easily paired with a pair of nude trousers.

The denim shirt by Gant Kids can also be looked upon. Denim is effortlessly classic and can be matched to any occasion.


With the onset of summer, it's time for the little ones to enjoy the pleasant weather outside with their favourite pair of trousers. Trousers always add a cute look to the tiniest tots. You can scroll through a range of options listed below by some of the premium brands.

The navy blue solid trousers from Elle Kids are extremely fashionable. If you are looking for a bold, statement piece for your kids that can be paired with literally anything, then this could be the perfect pick.

The stylish, folded beige shorts by Blue Giraffe could be a go-to choice for an easy-breezy look. The shorts can be easily paired with a pair of shirts or tees to ace this summer. They also offer similar pairs in blue, white, and black that you can choose from.


Never settle for less for your children; they are an absolute sweetheart and your heart, and you should never settle for less for them. Kids can be difficult to manage, but shopping for them can be an easy and sweet moment for you.

Premium brands like Elle Kids, Blue Giraffe, and Gant Kids offer premium clothing and a luxurious shopping experience to you. While it can be a monotonous task to search for them on different websites, you can choose from a range of luxurious brands from the Iconic India website.

Adding the right apparel to your kid's wardrobe will not only enhance their personality but also shape them into creative individuals. Always choose the creamiest layer for your bumpy munchkins.