Showoff some Charm This Summer with Printed Shirts

Showoff some Charm This Summer with Printed Shirts

 The charge sheet for the printed shirt is substantial. For years this kind of clothing has stood accused of being too loud, too obnoxious and too attention-seeking. But this season, fortune favours the bold.

Pick the right shirt and wear it with the right people in the right environment and you’ll be giving even the biggest style icons a run for their money. Get it wrong with one erroneous decision, however, and you speed up your look to 10 on the cringe meter.

The same can apply to women.  Buying women’s graphic T-shirts online is child’s play, but wearing a tee shirt well can be difficult. Hanging it lose or tucking it in could mean a world of difference.

A skirt attire is very different from a trouser look. The great range of graphic tees for women like to wear can also make dressing up the right way a complicated matter.

There are several ways to carry off the tee-shirt look and charm the world. T-shirts will suit slim or heavy body types if you’ve chosen the right size and shade. Just figuring out what looks best for you and what suits you the best, will help elevate your printed tee look.

Summer is the time to experiment with your printed tee game, elevating your look with shades, and caps in a way that makes it summary, light and fun is the perfect summer and beach look. Printed tees also suit the heat and pair extremely well with bright and light colours, making it the ideal summer outfit, for both men and women.

There are many clever ways to dress up in a printed tee-shirt, so to save you the potentially devastating consequences of being ‘that guy in the comedy clobber, here are five idiot-proof ways to nail wearing a printed shirt every single time, and where to find the best styles this season.

With Denim

If you take no advice other than this, we’ll be satisfied. A printed shirt worn with denim can go well, or it can go horribly wrong. If your idea of a good weekend look is throwing on a pair of shapeless Navy blue solid regular Jeans and a checked shirt you are on the wrong path.

Printed shirts are integral to the autumn/winter wardrobe as well as summer, Muted tones and dark, intricate patterns, pair extremely well. Getting dark, and out-there prints to work for you is all about keeping things unfussy. Letting the print take centre stage. Pair your shirt with dark denim and a biker jacket for classic rock ‘n’ roll style that feels understated.”

Cracking this combo has everything to do with fit as well as print. Opting for a cut that sits miles from the body is an unforgivable style sin. In almost all instances we would recommend a slim-fit and long sleeves. Sidestep the obvious motifs too and instead consider graphics, muted florals or a tonal pattern, even vertical stripes play a big role and look good.

The Skirt, the Boot, the Stole

For ladies, the great thing about printed tees during the summer is how great they look with skirts. You can pair various kinds of skirts with your boots and printed tees depending on the style of your footwear.

A long calf-length boot with moderate heels goes perfect with skirts that finish above the knees. You will also find a wide range of women’s graphic tees that can match up with such a style.

However, the finishing touch to this look should be an elegant stole or wrap It augments your shirt and adds a visual variety to the upper body attire. If the stole gets too hot, opt for some cool and funky jewellery instead that speaks volumes about your clothing sense, fashion and identity.  This is why it’s always smart to look for a matching stole when looking up women’s graphic T-shirts online.

With the classic Chinos for Men

The easiest way to swerve and completely change the lads-night-out look is to do away with jeans altogether. Replace denim with the humble chino, and they’ll give your look a tailored feel without going full-throttle formal.

Pairing a printed shirt with chinos will update a classic smart-casual look,” and Teaming it with navy or stone below.  A printed shirt can also  be used to add a splash of colour, texture or fun to a relatively safe trouser.”

This look’s greatest asset? Versatility. Tuck the shirt in for a more formal finish or leave it untucked for louche Parisian vibes, or some chilled out Bahaman vibes. When it comes to outerwear, you can be just as flexible (biker jackets, bombers, overcoats all work well), but do keep in mind that less is always best, chill out with the interest to avoid clashing with the shirt and instead go for clean lines, low detail and neutral colours.

Heels & Knots

Since most printed tees are gender-neutral, sometimes to give a more feminine touch one may tie the beginning of the tee into a cute knot that looks cute and stylish when paired with skirts, jeans and shorts.

Knotting the front hemline is not always as easy as it may seem. The rabbit-eared knot may even require carefully slitting the front hemline a few inches. Knotting may be a tricky concept that is hard to grasp.

But high heels and knotted shirts make for a most glamorous attire. Women’s graphic T-shirts are often designed with this knotting style in mind. You’ll find the slogan or image printed high on your chest, and a slightly wider hemline to knot with. Some of the graphic tees women buy may even have a slit to tie the double-eared knot. Another option is using a bun-knot, which doesn’t require the slit.

Some cool and cute graphic tees you can cop to tie into a perfect knot that also looks cute such as printed rose tee.

With a suit

It’s no overstatement to say that there’s not a single piece of tailoring that can’t be levelled up by a printed shirt. This is excellent news for party season and especially the summer.  because it means (dress code permitting) you can stand out from the other shapeless suits and anaemic styling moves.

The key to getting the printed shirt and suit combo right is about balance. A printed shirt under a suit can bring in a touch of modernity and individuality. Keep prints interesting and detailed. While bigger prints can sometimes get lost in the suit and ruin the line of the jacket  Remember not to go too crazy. It’s not fashion week, and you’re not Jared Leto.

In lieu of a tie, interesting accessories are welcome. Have fun with added and extra touches: a contrasting pocket square, interesting lapel pin or cufflinks, for instance, which will draw the eye subtly to the shirt.  If you are required to wear a tie (or an overcoat, for that matter), do so in a block shade of the shirt’s base colour so that it almost blends in seamlessly.

Tucked In and Intense

When women wear their T-shirts tucked in, there’s an aura of fiery intensity about it. Tucking it in a skirt is usually a subtler stance while tucking it in with denim is more aggressive.

Wearing your tee shirt tucked into formal pants in the office reflects a serious mood. Hence, the tucked-in look is a versatile way to dress up in a t-shirt. This is to ensure that the printed part does not get tucked in when the lady wants to wear this intense look.


In conclusion, there are so many fashionable and fun ways to pair the perfect printed tee. These can be diverse, perfect and different for both men and women. We hope we have helped you by giving you tips for both men and women, on the various and different ways you can style printed tees.

Remember, Summer is the month to experiment and have fun, and this is exactly what you and your printed tees will showcase and do.