Serving Looks with a Side of Sass: Featuring Top Luxury Brands

Serving Looks with a Side of Sass: Featuring Top Luxury Brands

Sassy is defined as someone or anything that is vivacious, outspoken, and a little feisty. An intelligent woman with a quick wit is an example of sassy! Such incredible women deserve clothes that will make heads turn as they walk into a room. Some outfits convey a sense of competence, power and confidence, and women spend a lot of money shopping to make sure that their style embodies this concept.

If you put some thought into your appearance and take pride in it, you will unquestionably project an air of self-respect and value. Since it is obvious that you respect yourself, people will observe you and have favourable thoughts about you. However, it could be difficult to know where to begin if you are new to the idea of "dress sassy." We now have six suggestions for building your perfect sass wardrobe.

How to dress sassy?

There are different ways to dress sassy including adding jackets and coats to your outfit, dressing in all-black outfits, distressed denim and bodycon dresses with high heels, and wearing chunky boots. If you are an independent, confident woman or if you are aspiring to be one, these curated looks will be just right for you. Read on to find out how you can serve looks with a side of sass!

Jacket/ Coats/ Blazers

Jackets, Coats and Blazers are the pinnacles of masculine energy. They look excellent with a T-shirt or tank top and form-flattering tattered jeans for women who want to don a sassy yet casual look.

Luxury brands like Gant, Kendall and Kylie, Ella and Only have jackets, coats and blazers that are comfortable, available in various colours, versatile and very practical. This pink jacket from Kendall and Kylie is a must-have! Another one is thisBeige Solid overcoat from Gant.

Gant Women Beige Solid Over Coats


The nicest thing about jumpsuits is that they allow women to move freely without fear of seeming silly or feeling insecure. They can do cartwheels, climb stairs, or run around in the wind. Additionally, regardless of how tall or small you may be, they fit all body shapes. There is a jumpsuit out there for you in whichever style you like.

Brands like Kendall and Kylie, Only and Elle have jumpsuits that are fashionable, comfortable and a show-stopper. It will help you to stand out in a crowd and feel confident in yourself.

Bodycon Dresses/ cutouts

Bodycon dresses are form-fitting and snug, showcasing your curves and spicing up your appearance. This one-piece beauty is ideal for both formal and casual attire because it allows one to feel comfortable and look badass.

Check out these gorgeous bodycon dresses from Kendall and Kylie: a white cutout sleeve dress and a black printed dress. They will go perfectly with Bugatti heels or loafers.

Elle Women Black Printed V Neck Dress

Distressed Denim

Throughout the history of fashion and trends, denim has undergone many changes as a fabric and as an article of apparel. Although the 'ripped' trend first appeared in the cultural punk movement of the 1970s and originally stood for rebellion, it has since made a comeback as a popular trend worn by celebrities and displayed on fashion runways.

Today's consumer, in contrast to the past, purchases pre-ripped denim rather than ripping it themselves since the fabric is less prone to rip than the previous, lighter-weight denim. Nowadays, most jeans are composed of thicker, stiffer fabric, which is much more difficult to rip.

Kendall and Kylie and Gant have distressed denim jeans that are a loose fit and perfect for a day out. The distress is relatively low, therefore it can be worn to semi-formal events as well.

Antony Morato Men Tapered Fit Mildly Distressed Heavy Fade Jeans


When worn properly, boots can be very sexy, sophisticated, and stylish. Depending on how and with what you wear them, a boot may or may not look and feel nice. For instance, straight-leg jeans and riding boots or dresses and skirts paired with ankle-length boots can both look lovely. Boots are incredibly enticing because it has a Catwoman/superhero vibe about them. Last but not least, they keep your feet warm during the winter and dry when it rains.

Bugatti has both ankle-length boots and knee-length boots that can liven up your wardrobe and increase that sass quotient!

All-black outfits

There’s nothing more badass than an all-black outfit. A liking for the colour black denotes status and power, according to colour psychology research; a person who wears black takes herself seriously.

By wearing complete black, you can draw attention away from your appearance and onto your activities or identity. You can achieve this look by pairing black pants, trousers, and skirts with black tops and shirts and preferably black boots!

Some clothing to try is Kendall and Kylie’s range of black tops, t-shirts, shirts, hooded jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts and trousers. Gant also has sweaters, tops, dresses and even blazers for the diva that you are! Elle has embellished tops, leather jackets and skirts, and minimal printed sweatshirts. To complete the look, Bugatti has black boots, sandals, loafers, and even sneakers.


Wearing things that make you feel wonderful will undoubtedly increase your confidence and make you feel terrific overall. And that is the secret to serving looks with a side of sass— confidence! Dressing confidently can help to focus on how great you look in your attire and perform your duties well!

We have curated a list of styles including jackets, coats, blazers, jumpsuits, bodycon dresses, denim, boots, and all-black outfits (t-shirts, shirts, tops, skirts) that will elevate your wardrobe and improve your confidence and sass!