#RetailTherapy: 7 New Fashion Trends That We Are Super Excited About

#RetailTherapy: 7 New Fashion Trends That We Are Super Excited About

Fashion is a melting pot of art, history, science, love, music, and emotions, and fashion Trends are popular among the general public because customers are always looking for newness and inspiration. Moreover, access to the internet and the knowledge of various fashion trends have instilled a sense of fashion consciousness in people that is rapidly increasing day by day.

People also engage in retail therapy, which is the practice of going shopping primarily for self-improvement. Shopping for new clothes to update your wardrobe and keep up with fashion trends can serve as retail therapy and boost your attitude and energy as well as your wardrobe.

To stay above the fashion game, we’ve curated a list of 7 new fashion trends of 2022 that are chic, stylish and highly customisable according to personal style preferences.

Exciting Fashion Trends of 2022

  1. Blazers over hoodies 

The ever-so-comfortable hoodie which was your staple in the quarantine can now be paired with a blazer  to add a layer of style when stepping out for a casual event as it  is one of the most popular styles rocking current fashion trends.

To create this look,  pair a slim, tapered hoody in a darker, solid colour with minimal embroidery or graphics. It goes well with a dark, solid blazer. You can wear either wear jeanss or trousers along with it, depending on the occasion.  Adding a pair of sneakers will complete the look. For women, try pairing this Gant hooded sweatshirt with this Gant blue solid blazer to create a vibrant and chic look. Pair it with Bugatti Sneakers to give it an edgy look. 

For men, try styling Antony Morato's hooded sweatshirt with these dark olive Matinique blazers to create a versatile look. You could pair it with khaki or brown trousers and Bugatti slip-on to complete the look!

  • Oversized Jackets / Leather Jackets 

Overcoats have been an essential part of fashion. They are back in 2021 as a "casual outwear style," allowing you to wear an overcoat with a floral gown or a pair of relaxed jeans and a t-shirt. For smart casual dress codes, office attire, streetwear, and even dinner dates, leather jackets are a better fit.

Try styling Elle’s overcoat with  Kendall and Kylie’s crop top and Kendall and Kylie’s Slim fit jeans. The black jeans and crop will create a classic monochrome look while the vibrant coat will further elevate the look.

  • Dark Academia Styles  

Solemn button-ups, baggy knitwear, pleated miniskirts, chunky loafers, plaid and solid earthy colours are the defining elements of the trending dark academic look. A small segment of social media fashion has been taken over by the academic style, bringing the library-like vibe to Gen Z’s attention!

For women, try combining the black skirt from Kendall and Kylie with this white printed shirt, and an overcoat from Gant or the leather jacket from Elle clothing.

For men, pairing the brown or black leather jacket from Matinique over brown jeans and a white shirt or white polo t-shirt from Gant will give the perfect ‘scholar look’. To sophisticate it further, you can add Bugatti formal cognac shoes to the mix!

Gant Polo Collar Cotton Slim Fit T-shirt

  • Voluminous and Puffed Sleeves

Like any volume in the history of fashion, voluminous sleeves speak to wealth and status. Fast fashion has changed this attitude. Still, the huge sleeve is still a statement, though, and not everyone will choose to wear one. But it is here and it is the rage!

Clothingfor women tend to have more voluminous and Puffed Sleeves than men. Elle clothing, Kendall and Kylie, Gant and Only clothing, feature such whopping sleeves and are available to buy easily on Iconic India.

Try this round-neck top for women from Kendall and Kylie. It has a white bodice and a flamboyant sleeve with floral prints! It is perfect for casual outings, dates and even semi-formal events, and can be easily paired with a jeans or skirt. Another puffed sleeve top that is a must-have in 2022, is Elle’s square neck puffed sleeve top. It is available in vibrant orange colour and has minimal embroidery on the sleeves.

  • Bubblegum Pink and Y2K Fashion

Almost a decade since its rage, the Y2K style is once again popular. It turns out that Y2K fashion trends are appealing to both young and old, as it was revived by Gen-Z on social media.

Kendall and Kylie have a collection of cowl neck tops for women that are perfect for social gatherings, informal events and even high-school and college fashion! It is a call-back to the 2000s and a perfect mix of nostalgia and style. Check out this cowl neck top and mini skirt from Kendall and Kylie. Their cut out sleeve dress is also another callback to the 2000s that was defined by bold cut-outs. Although not bubblegum pink, this Gant dress is very similar and gives the same vibe!

Gant Colourblocked Shirt Collar A-Line Midi Dress

  • Shimmer and Mesh 

Shiny and mesh-like materials are also back in style!

To create the nostalgic vintage look that is currently all the rage on social media, try pairing a metallic puffer jacket with a pair of flared jeans and combining with bright colour cardigans and tops. You could also try to combine this xxx shimmery Jumpsuit with Bugatti pumps to create a posh and fun look!

This shimmery jumpsuit from Kendall and Kylie is perfect for a party, casual evening events and also for semi-formal events if paired with a blazer! Another outfit to check out is this lilac top from Kylie and Kendall which can be paired with a skirt or Jeans for picnics, casual events or after hour parties.

  • Loud Logos 

Consumers typically look for products branded with the trademarks of businesses they see as hip, chic, and/or exclusive. The idea is that by sporting a logo, you are endorsing the attributes associated with that emblem. Therefore, consumers' desire to don a t-shirt with, for instance, the emblem of a business whose values you match is motivated by a desire to immediately convey their ideals and attitudes.

These are some clothes for men and women that have logos printed on them: Kendall and Kylie top and multi-print t-shirt,  Elle loose fit t-shirt, and Gant off-white hooded dress.

Kendall + Kylie Women Off White Solid Top


Following trends are a way to stay updated about the changes that happen in fashion over time. It also brings some vibrancy and excitement into your lives. We've listed 7 trends that are exciting, fun and highly fashionable. These are Blazers over hoodies, Overcoat/Leather jackets, Dark Academia Styles, Voluminous and Puffed Sleeves, Sweet pastels and Y2K fashion, Shimmer and Mesh and finally, embracing logos. Try 'em, walk 'em, love 'em