Redefining Menswear: 10 Trends from the Seasonal Closet

Redefining Menswear: 10 Trends from the Seasonal Closet

Men’s fashion has arrived a long way from the boxy blue, double-breasted suits with peaked lapels and skinny ties. The men’s fashion landscape has developed tremendously over the years, particularly in recent times. Keeping up with the latest men’s fashion trends doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply by reading this article you can stay ahead of the curve handily. The cores of menswear are staples like neutral-coloured pants, simple T-shirts, blazers and crew necks. These things will never go out of style and can be mixed and matched in various ways daily without glancing too much like “outfit repeats”. Even if you don’t glimpse yourself as someone who cares about what they wear or follows recent sensations; it is always good to keep tabs on what is new in 

the market so that accordingly you can refine your closet. And by redefining your cabinets by the time you don't end up looking out dates or old-fashioned because you don't want to. No one wants to. Right!!

Let's hop into the redefining of trends for the men 

Casual is the new cool

Don’t go overboard with fashions during the monsoons. You’re anyway going to get moistened. What you can do, though, is boost your casual game. It’s simple, pleasing, and monsoon-worthy. Look at this Off White Printed Round Neck Tshirt this is the one which you can take up from bed to work effortlessly. It is one of those pieces which are hard to ignore because of its cool and chunky graphics. Team it up with rugged jeans, and you’re good to go.

Iconic Men White Printed Round Neck TShirt

Blazers To The Rescue

Have a cocktail party to go to during the monsoons? A single-breasted blazer over a crisp shirt would do just damn good. It’ll keep your party cabinet super sexy. And the best part? You won’t even realize you're overdressed at all. Check out this Navy Blue Solid Collar Blazer which you can carry out easily. You can carry this blazer to a party also or use it as formal wear too. You can say in both looks with this one piece!!

Lindbergh Men Blue Solid Collar Blazer

Blazers are exemplary menswear and are like a blessing in disguise.

More shorts. Fewer pants

Shorts for men are the utmost style quotient during summers and monsoon. Therefore, irrespective of where you’re right now, you need no additional reason to sport various shorts styles. They are always season and occasion-appropriate and you can either dress it down or notch it down to suit your custom style. Check out this Grey Solid Regular Fit Shorts can be a good going one for you. You can easily combine it with a shirt or t-shirt and you’re going to look dapper AF.

Harsam Men Grey Solid Regular Fit Shorts

Black jeans can never prove wrong

Sometimes you just can’t go untrue with the basics. Although plain, black jeans are a staple that every wardrobe should emphasize. No matter if your style is intractable, boho, or business, you can rock this dark denim with comfort. Go for these Black Solid Tapered Fit Jeans to create the best of your looks.

Lindbergh Men Black Solid Tapered Fit Jeans

Brighten up your outfit with a bold suit jacket, or keep it muffled with a leather jacket, scarf, and a slick pair of boots. From semi-formal to casual, you can work this crucial piece of apparel into your closet.

Slay your Boots

The absolute winter staple boots. There’s a lot to love for this sturdy footwear, but their actual winning quality is the style and convenience they provide. You can go with these Bugatti Men Black Ankle Boots from Bugatti to complete your every look.

You can also check out many other designs from the same brand itself and can discover that design which will look super sophisticated with your outfit.

What’s incredible about these shoes is the abundance of ways you can work them into your wardrobe, so nothing is stopping you.

Selvedge Denim Jeans

Nothing announces badass like a pair of raw-edge jeans. The denser and firmer denim is an enormous way to put a casual twist on any outfit while remaining polished and well-kept. Selvedge is considered one of the higher-quality pairs of pants, so it’s worth wearing, no matter where you’re bossed. Go for these Blue Solid Slim Fit Jeans that can enhance your whole look of yours.

True Religion Men Blue Solid Slim Fit Jeans

You can pair them with a shirt and blazer or an overcoat for days when it’s a bit cold outside.

A denim Jacket can never go out of trend

For the guy who’s an enthusiast of looking simple and fresh, the denim jacket is excellent for you. Although it may not be reasonable for sub-zero weather conditions, it’s necessarily an outstanding piece of clothing to wear when it begins to get a little chilly outside. Flexible and timeless, this outerwear makes an enormous layer to finish off an outfit. This Blue Solid Round Neck Jacket from True Religion is the piece which you can spot with anything that you want.

True Religion Men Blue Washed Collar Jacket

You can go for a slick set of chinos or dark jeans for a smart casual feel, or rock it with a roll neck and trousers for something a little bit lofty. The plus point of denim jackets is that they will keep you warm and on-trend all at once!

Summing up 

Every season undoubtedly brings immense happiness and pleasure with it. But as the season changes, fashion trends change along with the season.

Jump into the world of fashion with Iconic India and find all kinds of outfits that can look flattering on you or your loved ones.