Red Carpet Romance: Fashion Inspirations from Celebrity Couples

Red Carpet Romance: Fashion Inspirations from Celebrity Couples

Iconic celebrity couples often make fashion statements on the red carpet. From themed outfits to contrasting ones, celebrities bring an outfit to life with their impeccable styling.

Here are 7 ways to look like your partner while creating your style by taking inspiration from these celebrities to look your best.

  1. Black Beauties

Black is one of the most glamorous neutral colors. You can create a minimalist look without wearing any accessories yet pair it with chunky jewels for a completely glamorous ensemble. Shibani Dandekar and Farhan Akhtar keep it minimal yet give it a luxurious vibe.

Girls can replicate the look by pairing an Iconic black collared dress with DKNY boots and a clutch for some drama. Men can do the same by pairing their favorite Lindbergh black blazer with slim-fit trousers for a sharp look.

  1. Simply Suit Up

A pair of formal trousers for men and a pair of flared trousers for women will exude a completely professional vibe. Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli in black and red complete each other as the color contrast is striking and appealing. Formal womens winter coats and jackets with leather or lace details will also serve the purpose.

To exude Anushka Sharma vibes, pair the Iconic red regular-fit trousers with a matching double-breasted blazer. A jumpsuit would also give the same structured look and complement your partner’s formal suit.

  1. Effortless Casual Looks

Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani glowed in the casual look by wearing the same color and keeping it understated. 

The entire look can be completed by wearing sneakers to maintain the casual vibe. Solid black Gant shirts with black trousers or black fitted straight jeans are ideal for a monochrome casual look. Black female jackets for winter or a black overcoat when paired with a black V-neck dress will enable you to replicate the same look.

  1. Mix Metallics With Matte

A shimmering skirt with simple and minimal footwear and a clutch is enough for a stylish look. A classic white tux paired with black trousers will turn everyone’s head. 

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Said Ali Khan exemplify how less is more. Basic make-up, and a single, colored accessory for some pop is enough to inspire every other couple to look dapper and wear coordinated outfits.


Dressing according to the occasion is of utmost importance to look smart. The right dress and color combination makes a lot of difference as it shows smart styling and enhances your sense of dressing. Whether it is a pair of trousers and a matching coat for women or a bright oversized jacket, owning the look with confidence is vital. 

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