Outfits of the Month: Men's Edition

Outfits of the Month: Men's Edition

 Living in society comes with various norms and set rules that we live by. The basic part of the human lifestyle is socialising, and dressing up is the centre of all the attraction that you receive. Our outfits are the representation of our personality. Our outfits reflect our inner self on the outside. 

Here we have listed some of the latest outfits from renowned brands that you can add to your closet this month.


Shirts are the most staple piece of clothing to capture your attention. The most basic and have an outfit that fits everyone’s pocket. Be it a big businessman or a vendor, you will find a pair of shirts in their closet.

Whether you are all set to knock on a social gathering or slog yourself in the office, nothing can match the vibe of a pair of crisp formal shirts.  You can style them accordingly as they can suit both casual and formal looks.

A button-down shirt can be the best match for an airy and clean look. You can pair this T-shirt either with a pair of solid trousers or can pull your favourite pair of jeans. The breathable material makes the outfit easy to carry and can match your everyday vibes. The shirt comes with a lapel collar with two-button cuffs.
A button-down blue striped shirt
 is a preppy piece of crisp shirt that you add to your closets. The shirt enhances your playful nature and comes in a poplin base to give a bold casual look. The centre of attention for this shirt is the mini chambray attached to it on the cuffs and collars.


Without a second thought, we all love T-shirts. T-shirts are our forever best friend. Whenever in doubt wear a T-shirt and you are good to go. T-shirts effortlessly match the casual as well as the beachy vibes.

Another set of pure classes that can be explored in the range of T-shirts are polo T-shirts- with a uniqueness in themselves they deliver proper physique to your body and can hang on like your last minute best friend. This month elevates your look with several ranges of polo T-shirts that can be scrolled on the Iconic India website.

Not only are polo T-shirts a go-to choice among people for their style but also for the comfort that they provide. Perfect for any casual day out or a Sunday date.

For a fashionable outing look, you can get your hands on solid blue polo T-shirt. This perfectly curated apparel with a 100% cotton material brings a high-quality feel from the very beginning. You can pair this T-shirt with slim black jeans and a pair of boots to rock your fashionable outing this weekend.

If bright shade is your go-to choice, then you can choose blazing green solid neck crew T-shirt. The shirt comes in a relaxed fit in a slightly thick cotton jersey material. The T-shirt perfectly radiates the retro vibes and comes with a Logo of Gant close to the chest. You can pair this T-shirt with wide-leg jeans or a pair of chinos to depict an American vibe.

If you are someone who wants to experiment with bold prints and logos then Red Tiger Printed round neck T-shirt is a yes option for you. The T-shirt comes in a regular fit and is crafted in a soft jersey material. The cherry on the cake is the statement rubber print tiger print that comes on the front section of the T-shirt to deliver a statement bold personality of yours. The best piece of clothing that fits every wardrobe. You can pair this range of T-shirts with a pair of chinos and textured boots and you are good to go.


The basic part of bottom wear that rules every wardrobe. No matter what and how many types of jeans you have slid into your wardrobe, there are never enough of them. Whenever you tend to browse a range of jeans you end up buying it, because why not? The most staple piece of clothing that can literally be paired with anything and everything.

The solid blue regular fit jeans are the most stylish piece of jeans that you style this month. The jeans come in a solid blue colour and have a patched look attached to them. It has a ribbed texture on the calf and comes as a combination of pure elegance and style. The jeans can be paired with a solid printed shirt to enhance the entire bohemian vibe.

If you are on the search for regular fit jeans then these navy blue solid fit jeans can be the easiest choice to go with. Easily pairable relaxed fit jeans with a 100% organic cotton fabric give the hands-on feel and are super comfortable. Grab this pair of jeans to bring on the chino American vibes.

Trouser and Shorts

A staple piece of fabric that can be used throughout the month is a piece of trousers.  Easy to wear, they maximise comfort yet maintain the style. Trousers cover all your basic requirements in a very minimal manner. An effortless option to try this month.

Shorts can be blooming apparel that can completely beat the heat thereby allowing the body to relax the most, yet maintaining the casual look.

The black solid skinny fit trouser is the most stylish piece of bottom that you can add to your closet this month. The elegantly crafted silhouette is a proper blend of class. It is perfectly diversified and enhances your personality. Thereby, adding richness to it. Slip-on this pair of trousers with a pair of solid crisp white shirts to bring out the most elegant version of yourself. The trouser comes in 68% cotton, 20% polyester, 10% viscose, and 2% elastane material.

The brown solid slim fit trouser is yet another great option with a premium brand tag that can fit your pocket without compromising on class and style. This pancake piece of art is a great option for Superflex pants lovers. The trouser comes in 90% polyester material and 10% Elastane material which makes them a rich blend of comfort to rock any casual occasion. You can pair this pair of trousers with a printed teal shirt and layer it with a casual blazer. In order to enhance the entire look add a pair of slip-on and you are good to go, honey!

If you are someone who loves to flaunt your flawless skin then these blooming green solid fit shorts by Gant can be the best option for you. The effortlessly crafted twill short can be the epitome of goodness. Rock this season with your favourite pair of Tee that can be paired with these shorts. 

The attire is made up of recycled polyester which makes it Eco-friendly.


The most comfortable piece of footwear has an airy finish that you can consider to add in your closet this month.

Featuring the most hyped Mid-Brown men's sandals to give your hand on it. The double strap sandals by Bugatti provide an unmatchable style to your feet. The cushioned footbed adds a cherry on the cake and brings a comfortable footing experience. Finely crafted with breathable leather insoles bring the latest European vibes to your feet.


Typically the easiest pair of footwear can be accommodated by both the sexes. Sliders are accompanied by a loose pair of heels that holds the foot from the front section. The perfect addition to your casual closet. 

If you are a crazy head for sliders then the blue men's sliders by can be your go-to option. The sliders come in a solid navy blue colour which provides calmness to your eyes and come with an arch logo slide.

Another range of slip-ons that can be explored the blue men's slip-on with tan details on top for a bold casual look.

The Grey Sandals is utterly the most stylish piece of footwear that can fit any casual occasion. The moulded footbed makes it easier to carry. The slider comes with a logo on top in a circular pattern. 


Glam up your style with a range of premium brands that add richness and class to your personality. Curate your best looks with these elegantly crafted silhouettes that we recommend to you. When it comes to dressing up for yourself, always choose from the creamy layer. Dressing is a form of self-love and you deserve the best for yourself.

Brands like Gant, Lindberg, True Religion, Bugatti, and Antony Morato are some of the most premium brands that can be scrolled on the Iconic India website. With a variety of options available to choose from, you can reduce the stress of hunting brands on different websites. Shopping is like therapy and you should be at peace with it rather than scratching your mind.