Outfit of the Month: Kids Edition

Outfit of the Month: Kids Edition

 Sunshine is riding bright on us. With the summer holidays and the energy running high in kids, summer just beams in happiness. The season calls for holidays, vacation and complete enjoyment. It’s time to plan those fun trips to new destinations and kick back for some well-deserved time with family. You are bound to get confused and follow the quick trends in fashion for kids. Shopping for the trendiest pieces of this year’s summer fashion and putting together your little one’s funky yet functional summer wardrobe is a lot of fun.

Millennial parents love to try out new styles and look for further options. They are tempted to buy everything. We got it figured out for your convenience. Pick up any fashion looks and compare them with the month’s top favourites.

There are many options available for you, from casual and rebel styles. Graphic tees, printed tees, ruffle style tops, types of denim, dots, etc., suit the spirited children. As the brilliant and unique personalities of children, dress them up in their favourite tee - tuck it into their denim skirt or make them wear it under a blazer, and they are going to set the trend. 

Trending Favourites

With the season of vibrant colours and comfortable wear, Summer calls for freedom, mangoes and ice creams. Ensure that the heat doesn’t get to your little ones' nerves; dressing them in comfortable and airy clothes will keep them calm and satisfied. You will look for playsuits to give the kids freedom to run around and engage their boundless energy; you will look for playsuits. Whether florals and prints for a day at the beach or trendy designs for a summer party, your kids will shine in style.


Cotton shirts with crisp collars in mandarin style or classic, look stylish on our little geniuses. Half-sleeve shirts or long sleeves rolled up to the elbow, kids can effortlessly carry any shirt style. Plain solids with contrasting shorts or summer printed shirts with cotton pants can blend well for a complete look. Kids will adore printed shirts that have naturally dyed prints of animals and space prints, allowing them to play the character wherever they go.

Ruffle Sleeves

Kids these days strike a fashion statement with minimal effort. Such a style is the statement-making ruffle sleeves. Loud, fun, attention-grabbing and cuteness overload! Ever since it was introduced into girls' clothing collections, there are no shortage of complements and favouritism for the outfits. Pair the ruffle top with basic pant styles, such as cropped, straight-leg jeans. Easy to wear and simple, the straightforward manner will keep your kid’s appearance super sleek and chic.


When it's summer, who doesn’t want to wear fewer clothes?  The little tailored shorts for children are the best choice of summer clothing for kids. You can go for cotton or denim shorts for kids with varied prints and contrasting colours. Match these beautiful shorts with trendy tops and t-shirts to take your baby boys and girls for beach parties and holidays.


There’s nothing like a simple tee and a pair of shorts or a skirt to amp up your munchkin’s comfort levels. This classic outfit never goes wrong when making babies look super cute while not testing their patience in the cruel summer heat. We can’t wait to get into a light cotton t-shirt that can keep us cool in the heat.  Stock up on some of these fabulous ops for boys and girls are perfect for a casual day out. Polo Collared t-shirts, graphic tees or themed t-shirts will make sure your babies rock the look wherever they go.


When you want to carry less in the suitcase while travelling, jumpsuits and playsuits come in handy.

Jumpsuits are pretty easy to carry throughout the day. They’ll instantly give a completed classy look and a great choice for casual outings. Dungarees and onesies don’t just make your baby summer-ready; dressing your baby boy in a suspender style romper or your little girl in a cap-sleeved jumpsuit will have you conducting a mini photoshoot.


It’s best to opt for flowy and airy dresses as opposed to body-hugging clothes for kids. Cotton dresses with cap sleeves, frills and layers, Spaghetti straps with A-line cut dresses, that float in the wind should be great for the summer. You can choose sleeveless, spaghetti straps, or halter necks dresses that sit perfectly. Printed dresses, smocked dresses, gathered waist frocks, every style out there will look amazing on little girls. Pair this outfit with a pair of comfy sandals or ballerinas for the best summer look.


Kids love running around and are always on the move peaking in energy. To see them live in such freedom, they need clothing that guarantees comfort fit and breathable fabric. Like dresses, skirts offer that free movement to the legs and are the best for any vacation wear. Cotton and linen blend, elastic waist, and bows are one of the cutest styles in skirts.


That’s a wide range of summer clothes for kids to choose from. With the peak of energy, curiosity and unblemished innocence, let the children shine in their light, especially feeling good about the way they dress up. Blending their unique personalities and individuality, we can choose the clothing accordingly. Try and experiment with colours and prints and enjoy dressing your little ones differently than you normally would. Make sure you slather on plenty of sunscreens before dressing your kid, whether for a few hours out in the sun during playtime or an entire day’s event like a fun summer party. And don’t forget to click plenty of pictures of your little one as they rock these summer looks!