Outfit Of The Month: Featuring Indian Rainy Days

Outfit Of The Month: Featuring Indian Rainy Days

Indian monsoons are here, and with them, daily downpours and thunderstorms. Sitting on your balcony with a cup of tea would be beautiful. But for most Indians, it is not about waiting for the rain to stop or the storm to pass. Instead, it's about going on with their lives regardless of the rain or sun.

It doesn't seem as exciting to be soaked as it does in movies. In practice, this might swiftly devolve into complete chaos. Therefore, it is essential to make sure you're wearing the proper attire in the right season. Moreover, appropriately chosen clothing like shorts, t-shirts, shirts, jeans and trousers can keep you comfortable in the rains and add to your style quotient.

Outfits for Indian Rainy Days

We've curated a list of monsoon outfits, including shorts, t-shirts, shirts, jeans and trousers from luxury labels like Gant, Elle, Kendall+Kylie, Bugatti, and Only. Read on to learn more, and buy some new additions for your wardrobe so you can get drenched fashionably!


Gant, a luxury brand passionate about quality, has a collection of women's clothing that is perfect for Indian summers. Their range of shirts and t-shirts is infamous for its comfort and quality. Their red, black and white-striped full-sleeve shirt is vibrant and chic. Since it is made from 100% viscose, it is breezy and comfortable to wear and dry! Their range of polo t-shirts is colourful, cosy and perfect for a rainy day walk in the park. You might think hoodies are only for winters, but Gant clothes have a collection of hooded dresses like this off-white hooded dress.

hooded dress

They also have a range of shorts and trousers that are easy to wear and convenient for the monsoons. Their floral printed fit shorts are perfect for a casual outing and a formal meeting, depending on how you style it with a simple t-shirt or a formal white blouse. Now, if you're not fond of shorts, the same gorgeous print is also available in trousers.


Elle clothing has the cutest range of t-shirts to brighten up your rainy days. This solid black t-shirt is 100% cotton with a boxy design. Another trendy Gant T-shirt is this multicoloured striped t-shirt with an attractive ruffle design on the front. If you prefer a more intricate, feminine-designed t-shirt, this elegant off-shoulder orange stripe t-shirt is perfect. These t-shirts can be perfectly paired with Elle jeans that are available in different styles, including relaxed, straight, regular, flared, and skinny.

Dresses by Elle clothing are to die for. They are gorgeous, comfortable and bring out the best in you! This lilac-coloured striped Elle dress is cute, trendy, comfy, and a must-have. Another pretty dress is this lilac round-neck dress. They also have fitted bodycon dresses in red and lilac that are good for casual and formal events.

lilac round-neck dres


Kendall and Kylie have a range of cropped collar shirts made from polyester. This bluish silver collar shirt and off-white solid collar shirt can be perfectly paired with one of their chic trousers or jeans to create a versatile look. The jeans collection includes this off-white solid loose jeans, and black printed loose-fit trousers, both of which can be styled with cropped shirts.

Kendall and Kylie also have a range of convenient t-shirts for rainy days. They are short in length and made from darker coloured fabric, making them suitable for monsoon rains and splatters. This range of t-shirts: black round neck t-shirts, multi-printed round neck t-shirt, and printed pink round neck t-shirt are irresistible! They also have a charming collection of shorts and skirts that would look amazing with these t-shirts, like this off-white printed loose-fit shorts and black regular fir skirt. 

black round neck t-shirts


Just as with clothes, it is also essential to wear the right footwear for the monsoons. Appropriate footwear will save you from slippages, bacterial infections and discomfort, all of which are more likely to happen in the rainy season. This animal print thong sandal is perfect for an evening walk in the rain. It is made from durable material that promises good weather resistance.

Shoes, too, are great options; however, make sure to dry them out in case you step into puddles. Their range of sneakers in various colours like black, red, blue and silver are trendy and eye-catchy! Bugatti also has a range of slip-on and loafers in pleasant pastel colours. These will be perfect for indoor semi-formal to formal events like dinners, and celebrations, especially this beige slip-on. 


Heat and humidity are both an inevitable part of monsoons, so I t is essential to spend money on breathable clothes that can keep you dry and cool in such climatic conditions. You can purchase shorts, t-shirts, shirts, jeans and trousers from brands like Gant, Elle, Kendall and Kylie, Only and Bugatti.

Perhaps this monsoon, we can learn to slow down, appreciate the rain, observe raindrops on flowers, take in the earthy fragrance of dirt, and most importantly, dress appropriately.