Outfit of the month: Featuring Elle clothing online in India

Outfit of the month: Featuring Elle clothing online in India

July is here, which means the rains are here too. The skies will be overcast and days gloomy. Does the weather make you sad too?

Research says yes. This change in moods with the change in season is called 'seasonal depression.' Embracing colour is one way to feel better during this gloomy season. Colour, according to fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer, affects people's moods. Colour psychology also suggests that red, orange and yellow evoke feelings of warmth and comfort. In contrast, purple, green and blue evoke feelings of calm.

Outfit of the Month for women and kids: Elle Edition

There is yet another quirky point: your clothing selections are a mirror of your unique personality. Every pattern on your clothes, whether a simple solid or a simple flower pattern, says something about who you are. For instance, stripes are frequently associated with a formal, goal-oriented mentality. At the same time, florals are linked to an outgoing, hospitable, and friendly demeanour.

We bring you the trendiest prints and colours of the month for women and kids featuring ELLE clothing. So, stock your wardrobe with vibrant colours and designs this month.


Elle has a range of gorgeous solids in tops, t-shirts, trousers, jumpsuits and dresses for women and kids. A solid red dress is available for kids between the age of 2 years to 14 years of age. It is 100% cotton and has intricate schiffli designs. Another similar red clothing is top with a round neck and 3/4th sleeve made from 100% cotton making it perfect for the monsoon.

Elle also has blue t-shirt with an adorable pelican graphic. It is perfect for a day outdoors after the skies have cleared.

For women too, red is poppin'! A red dress is flattering and elegant— perfect for sipping coffee at a café on a rainy day. Another glamorous outfit is their notched lapel top. It has puffed sleeves and a notched lapel neck, making it the perfect outfit for a monsoon dinner! Other solids to look out for this month include soft mint sweetheart neck top and black solid relaxed jeans.


Prints come in various designs: florals, animal prints, and geometric prints. They are a great way to break out of a colour rut and expand your wardrobe if it is overwhelmingly solids. Get a little creative, and embrace a few prints this month.

Kids are naturally curious and drawn toward patterns. This month, try prints: A multicoloured printed collared dress is playful and perfect for your lovely child. Another excellent piece is A printed shorts. It has a unique print comprising cats, bows, hearts and even the Eiffel tower! Another beautiful pattern is this top with the floral-flamingo print.

Elle also has a remarkable collection of printed clothing for women. Check these out and refresh your wardrobe this month: A round neck, the full-sleeve printed top has a delightful floral print, and polka dot and lace mix shirt are very cosmopolitan and unique! Both the outfits are perfect for a casual outing with family and friends.


Who doesn't love stripes? Stripes are a staple in every wardrobe. They are versatile and easy to style for any occasion. Check out some gorgeous options in striped clothing for women and kids from Elle's collection.

A striped jumpsuit for girls is perhaps the cutest outfit you've seen today. It has a charming red-pink colour and a lovely little flared sleeve and reminds you of Christmas candy. Another cute outfit is striped multicoloured t-shirt. It has three colours: Red, Black and White and a refreshing mix and match of polka dots and stripes.


Embroideries are labours of love! Although embroidered clothing has always existed, it isn't easy to find high-quality embroidered apparel due to the continuously changing nature of its appeal. Elle has some intricate and diligently embroidered clothing outfits.

Take a look at Elle's yellow embroidered top for kids. It is bright, cheerful and exudes warmth and playfulness. Another fabulous outfit is their strappy top. It has a pleasant olive green colour and small embroideries along the strap.

Women have beautiful options on Iconic India's website. A black top with floral embroidery along its neck is currently popular and fashionable. Another similar design is this pink sweater with floral embroidery along the neck and sleeves.


Checkered patterns are timeless. Due to their endless colour combinations and geometric simplicity, they continue to be popular. There are different types of checks: gingham, glen plaid, windowpane checks, tartan etc.

Elle's collection of checks is impressive. For kids, there is A black and white check dress. It has tiny details like the belt and sleeve knots, making it extra lovable. Their range of round-neck polo dresses is also delightful. They have an old-world charm, especially pink checked polo dress.

Checks look dapper on women! It makes them look smart and stylish. Elle's range of checked crop tops is tempting. Their checked dresses are perfect for any social gathering or event, especially a warm yellow dress. However, the most in vogue right now are these checked jeggings. They are comfy, soft and easy to style.

Concluding Remarks

Diane von Furstenberg said, "Style is something each of us already has; all we need to do is find it." May this curated list featuring Elle's clothing for kids and women in various colours, prints, stripes, and embroidery help you find your style for the month! Choose from a wide range of dresses, tops, shirts, t-shirts, shorts, skirts, and jumpsuits available exclusively on Iconic India's website.