Our Monthly Fashion Favorites: Pants Edition

Our Monthly Fashion Favorites: Pants Edition

Men will always be drawn to statement jackets and the newest sneakers, but don't let flashy clothing distract you from the necessities. Men's pants can be the most subtly effective piece of clothing you own, but if you choose them incorrectly, the trendy items you spend so much time pursuing can quickly lose their lustre.

Yes, it's simple to reach for your tried-and-true slim-fit black Antony Morato jeans for the hundredth time, but plenty of other high-quality trews in your wardrobe will look just as stylish given a chance. Here are a few underrated styles of pants that you may have yet to think about but should.

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Monthly Pants Edition

Corduroy Trousers

Corduroy is one of the most underused materials in men's fashion and, if worn correctly, can make for an essential pair of trousers. Previously, it was solely the domain of academia's imaginary (and actual) inhabitants. There has never been a better time to wrap your legs in the cord because the 1970s are also experiencing a rebirth in menswear. The cord is a fabric made of twisted, woven cotton or wool that forms parallel lines, or "wales."

The strongest and best-wearing corduroy is made of wool. Corduroy pants will therefore be able to resist some serious roughhousing in addition to giving off a little amount of superficial cleverness. If you will, the Indiana Jones of legwear. The most significant time to use them is when the cold takes hold since they can get a little heated.

Despite its occasionally stuffy reputation, corduroy looks fantastic when toned down and worn casually. Try wearing a pair of dark corduroy pants with a hoodie and sensible leather sneakers to indicate that you are not an Oxbridge fellow.

Wool Pants

Wool men's pants give a flashback to the days when jeans weren't the undisputed king of legwear and are a solid favourite of fashion bloggers (the ones who don't dress like anime astronauts, that is) and art directors everywhere.

The wool trouser has been a staple among industry insiders for years, and its appeal isn't showing any signs of dwindling. It's perfect for combining with other tailored separates or sprucing a casual outfit. This type of Gant pant works just as well when styled more traditionally, even if you'll frequently see them dressed down with a pair of shoes by arbiters of cool hanging outside loft offices casually puffing on roll-ups. Look to Pitti Uomo for inspiration; they're frequently anchored by a couple of brogues, Derbies, or double monks.

Tucker Chinos

A good piece of workwear works wonders if you want to demonstrate your commitment to traditional masculinity. Twill chinos are a wonderful ménage à trews of chic that is yet incredibly wearable. They combine quality construction with dependability and flair.

Twill is a traditional fabric that, if invested in, will provide great cost-per-wear calculations due to its hardiness. It is made from heavyweight cotton and woven to form a surface consisting of diagonal parallel ridges.


Even if the only "work" you wind up doing in them is lounging on Twitter, every scuff on a pair of twill chinos tells a tale. In twill, the troubled chino also transcends the stereotype of "Ibiza guys on tour" and enters a more sophisticated sense of location and tradition.

Wear them with a T-shirt or piece of cashmere, an easy-going pair of shoes (like anything with a contrast Rubber sole), and a top with an overshirt or leather jacket for an instantly stylish off-duty look. The style is still simply stating a casual kind of trousers.

Narrow Jogging Pants

Athleisure is a rare instance of fashion and function working together for the greater good. There have been several beautiful hybrids over the years, such as the shacket, the snood, and Kimye, but none have as much longevity as athleisure.

Although UK labels took a little longer to catch up, the sports-luxe movement is still prevalent in the United States, and young Britons have embraced the trend. They are equally at home in the bar or the gym since they combine the "it seems like I'm wearing nothing at all" ease of joggers with the slim fit of a more modern pair of work pants.

Although there is a case for the proper jogger paired with the appropriate overshirt, we suggest maintaining the streetwear vibe with a logo T-shirt from Palace, Stussy, or Undefeated, a low-profile leisure runner on foot, and a somewhat more sophisticated bomber. Put on a pair of brand-new white lace-up shoes and an Oxford shirt to add some sharpness to the appearance if you're not on a streetwear bender.

Drawstring Pants 

Without intending to be overly dramatic, the best development in menswear in the past ten years has been the introduction of stylish drawstring trousers. Drawstrings and elasticized waistbands were formerly only found in sportswear and viewed as symbols of carelessness. That isn't very smart. Eating a big plate of pasta without worrying that your pants will rip by the time the meal is over has been a revelation.

 Gant Men Slim Fit Chinos Trousers

Today, fitted drawstring pants are available in many more materials than just jerseys. The most excellent selections at the more upscale end of the spectrum are made of wool and linen. You'll never go back after you've experienced the comfort of dressing up.

Tracksuit Cuffs 

Long-time suit-and-boot wearers in the menswear industry breathed a sigh of relief when sporty pants first started to appear on the catwalk. Finally, there was a way to feel as comfortable as in pyjamas while still looking put together. Everyone had been waiting for a break, and it couldn't have arrived at a better time.

When it concerns tracksuit bottoms, there is a wide range of options. Choose side-stripe pants and wear them with tailored clothing. Alternately, you might dress entirely in nylon to channel a 90s mood. Whichever option you choose, choose a narrow cut, and if the cuffs aren't elasticized, choose a leg that is just a little bit cropped.

Men's tracksuit bottoms have historically looked their finest when worn with athletic attire. Wear a pair with brogues would have been a men's fashion crime of unimaginable proportions. But today, everything is changed. Men's cropped side-stripe pants look equally stylish when worn with sophisticated shoes like high-end sneakers. You can get by with only a bomber and a basic tee on.

Wear a full nylon tracksuit with chunky sneakers and a dad hat if you want to keep things casual.