Our All-Time Favorite Online Fashion Brands

Our All-Time Favorite Online Fashion Brands

 When it comes to the premium clothing experience in India, people seem to feel like they do not have many options and thus turn to fast-fashion brands that are cheap, cheaply made, and mass-produced. They go for things that make people look like they were mass-produced in a factory in Bangladesh somewhere. That is not a good feeling given that we are individuals and definitely have individual thoughts and styles.

The whole concept of having individual personalities is to be different from each other in small, big, detailed, vague, and basic human ways. This individuality is stripped off when you wear something that millions of other people are wearing. Naturally, that is something that people do not want or prefer. They are, however, left with no choice when they are unaware.


For all intents and purposes, premium clothing brands need to get more exposure and the public needs to be more aware of them and the benefits they offer. They also will discover that these brands offer more variety in terms of the options that you can pick from. 

The upside with shopping from premium brands is the quality is assured and you can never go wrong with buying anything from one of them.

Here's a guide on premium clothing brands so you can shop better.

True Religion (Men/Women)

True Religion is a brand native to the early 2000s era which was a defining moment in fashion history. It was founded in 2002 and the True Religion denim was everywhere. Celebrities loved them, the common folk wanted them, and magazines featured them heavily. The double-stitched denim from True Religion is what caught everyone's eye.

The brand is an all-American one and it banked on that appeal. The hype caught up because of the designs of the denim which were vintage and simple. The classic vintage designs along with the quality that was assured made True Religion the denim of the 2000s-2010s. But like all trends, it faded.

Well, do not be disheartened because just like the 20-year rule suggests, True Religion denim is set to make a comeback this year. In fact, they already have. They are available online on sites like Iconic and have recently been spotted on many of the teenage population.


True Religion is coming back in the trend league because its classic style is timeless and can fit the bill of any fashion era. Denim is classic and always useful. Not to mention that denim age like fine wine. They just look better with time. The washed denim fabric, whether dark or light, looks better as it ages. The investment in denim never goes to waste because not only does it look better as time passes, but it will come back in fashion every few years. It is one of the best denim brands out there which is why True Religion is always a great bet

Gant (Men/Women/Kids)

GANT is a company that was founded in  1949 in Connecticut. It is an American-Swedish fashion brand that has its headquarters in Stockholm Sweden. Despite its roots, the brand has become internationally known and loved. They retail their clothing in a myriad of different countries and have a clientele that consists of men and women of all nationalities.

Named after the founder's last name - Gantmacher, this company was founded by a Jewish immigrant named Bernard who hailed from Ukraine originally. Given that the brand has taken a tour through so many countries and cultures to find its true essence, it is naturally accommodating of one and all. 

Their fashion is inclusive of many styles, designs, patterns, colors, etc. The designers at GANT know how to keep it fresh while still maintaining the true values of GANT. As the founder was initially someone who sewed collars, one of the most difficult things to sew, he understood the importance of good tailoring and has implemented that in the brand, throughout the years. His wife, also a contributor to the brand, was a button and buttonhole specialist.

That is a very astute job to be doing. She hence understood the attention to detail and you can still see it in every garment by them. The brand was initially not a brand of its own but a supplier for other brands. That is the reason why they were keen on making the clothing high-quality because the garments won't sell. That same high-quality and now a myriad of variations in the garments made by them could be enjoyed by you. GANT is a brand you want to make a staple in your closet.

Antony Morato (Men)

An Italian men's fashion brand that was founded in 2007, Antony Morato has come a long way. It certainly helps that the founder and creative director Lello Caldarelli is still present at the brand and continues to run the company along with shaping its future with his creative input. In his own words " The brand embodies a cosmopolitan vision of the universe of men's fashion, looking to lifestyles in the world's major cities as a source of inspiration. "


The brand is a globally renowned and loved one and the goal has been just that from the beginning. Their values are rooted in making fashion accessible and still in tune with the current times. That is something that they have successfully achieved in over 60 countries. Their designs weave masculinity and elegance together which is what their appeal is. Shopping from Antony Morato will truly be an experience.

Bugatti (Men/Women)

Coming from the house of AstorMueller Group, Bugatti is an exclusive footwear brand. The AstorMueller Group has a history that goes back 80 years of experience in making high-quality shoes. They are known for their craftsmanship and quality. The workmanship that they embody as a value translates into high-quality, beautiful footwear.


The license acquired by the group for the moniker Bugatti dates back to the year 2000. Not only the brand has made its way into the hearts of its consumers, but it has also proven its value objectively by winning many awards. Now, just about anyone can make shoes and sell them, but the badge of true quality is when it is tested again and again every day and it stands the test every single time.

Bugatti offers footwear for both men and women, in a wide range of categories. They make each piece under close supervision and understand that shoes can make or break your outfit. They are also comprehensive of the fact that shoes decide the level of comfort you will experience throughout the day and thus make their creations extremely comfortable. Whenever you want to buy footwear, you know Bugatti is the one brand you can blindly trust.

Kendall+Kylie (Women)

The Kardashian-Jenner family is one that cannot escape. Whether you love them or hate them, they are everywhere and you will have to see them whether you want to or not. The first tryst they had with fame was through the scandal surrounding Kim Kardashian who had a private tape leaked. The attention was negative but it was attention all the same. Kris Jenner leveraged this attention to make their family a staple name in the households of America. They landed a show that goes by the name of "Keeping up with the Kardashians".


A while later, one of the younger siblings, Kylie went viral for having cosmetics and that she repeatedly denied having and lied about extensively. A short while later, she launched a cosmetic brand. Kendall Jenner is another one from the family who chose to become a model and has successfully done so despite the lack of talent when compared to other professional models. The social media presence of their family collectively is huge and that has benefitted them in building several businesses.

The brand Kendall+Kylie was launched in 2012 and is a collection of clothing that comes from the sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner. The brand offers mainly California-inspired clothing for the young generation and has a line of apparel as well. The key point of the brand is the brand value which is catapulted by the names of the founders. If you want to be a part of the Jenner legacy, you can shop the brand Kendall+Kylie online.

Final Thoughts

Even if you are not a fan of fast fashion brands, it is something that you might find unavoidable due to the lack of options in offline stores. The need for premium clothing stems from being informed and that is not something the general public possesses. The only solution is to shop premium clothing online. Doing so will expose you to the best of brands that offer the best quality and design. The whole experience itself is something that you will cherish and will want to repeat. The easiest way to do so is to shop from a premium clothing store. With an established website like Iconic India that houses only premium brands, you will never have to look back.