Monsoon Trending: 5 Must-have fashion accessories from Kendall + Kylie

Monsoon Trending: 5 Must-have fashion accessories from Kendall + Kylie

 Swedish actress Britt Ekland said, "...I keep my life in my handbag, like most women." Ekland's remark proves the necessity of bags in women's life. Historically, women's gowns had a slim silhouette with a high-waisted design, making it challenging to have pockets. So to compensate for that, purses were invented. The reticule or a small drawstring bag was the predecessor of the modern handbag.

Throughout history, bags became popular and a staple of women's wardrobes. Today, women are fighting for pockets, and rightfully so. However, they're also acknowledging and embracing the functionality of having a good bag.

Besides functionality, designer luxury bags available in varied styles to suit different occasions also serve as suitable investments. Additionally, they are also a symbol of prestige and class. We bring you a carefully curated list of Kendall + Kylie must-have designer bags. Keep reading to discover what bags will become your 'bagwati' this monsoon!

1.    Cross-body Bags

Crossbody bags designed to evenly distribute the bag's weight across both sides of your body make it convenient to travel with, especially if your hands need to hold an umbrella. Furthermore, as they lay across your body, they are safer from thieves and pickpockets, making them perfect for carrying documents and other valuables without the fear of getting wet.

Most crossbody purses have several zippered sections to store your belongings, like your phone, debit cards, and ID cards. Additionally, they contain movable straps that enable crossbody carrying and hanging off the shoulder for a different style.

Kendall + Kylie has a vast collection of chic crossbody bags. A brown crossbody bag, made from PVC, is beautiful, highly durable, and goes with any outfit you plan! It has a button closure and a spacious interior to store your essentials. It is also available in black and white colours.

Another gorgeous bag from Kendall+ Kylie is pink crossbody bag with a cool webbing strap and an additional pouch for your loose change or keys. Its light pink colour is appealing and perfect for a cute monsoon outfit.

2.    Waist bags

On days you dress in comfortable casuals like loose jeans and a t-shirt, carrying around a crossbody bag or sling bag might be a little inconvenient. Waist bags have a snug design, letting you stay comfortable without ruining the look.

Moreover, since your bag stays by your side, it will allow you to use your camera or hold eatables without putting your bag down. And the best part: you won't end up with a sore shoulder at the end of the day!

Kendall + Kylie has a range of waist bags in stunning designs and colours available on Iconic India. Their cream, black, white and printed waist bags are made from polyvinyl chloride and are durable and lightweight. They have a zipper compartment that will keep your stuff safe and an adjustable strap that is easy to use.

3.    Sling Bags

Imagine this scenario: You're having brunch with your friends. On a rainy day, you're in a comfortable knee-length dress and open-toed sandals. What bag would you take along? Here is the answer: Sling bags perfectly complement casual clothes like dresses.

Sling bags are generally small and have a long strap. They are perfect for carrying essentials like your wallet, phone, keys and cosmetics. Kendall + Kylie have sling bags that are chic, feminine and long-lasting. They are available not only in classic colours like black, white, and cream but also in bright solid colours and prints.

Their vegan leather range has two separate zip compartments and an adjustable shoulder strap. They are available in gorgeous colours like fuchsia and lime green. The polyurethane range also has two separate zip compartments. Still, they have the added advantage of a double pouch, removable strap & chain detail.

4.    Clutches and Wallets

If you like to go about your day with just the essentials - money, cards, key and phone- then a clutch is more than enough for you. Moreover, clutches are always in vogue. It's pretty typically the easy 'grab and goes' accessory.

The dainty wallets from Kendall + Kylie are refined products that are absolute must-haves to elevate any look this monsoon. The polyurethane material ensures that they are durable against drops and scratches. Their small size and minimalist design make it perfect for a casual outing.

The vegan leather range in black and Fuschia colours has card slots, a transparent pocket, and a slip-on pocket to organize your currency notes. TIt also has a sturdy zippered closure that further ensures the security of your stuff.

5.    Backpacks

Are you a student? Do you like carrying your laptop, snacks, tissue papers, cosmetics, emergency medications, water bottles and valuables wherever you go? Then backpacks are your best option. They are spacious and sturdier than other kinds of bags.

Backpacks can be used as a "carry-all" bag, eliminating the need to juggle many bags for various conditions, circumstances, and situations. Also, they evenly distribute weight across your back, protecting your back muscles, shoulders, and spine from sprains.

However, Kendall + Kylie discovered that smaller backpacks are just as tempting for their capacity to distribute weight evenly. So they created little backpacks for daily convenience and comfort. The emergence of athleisure (type of clothing commonly worn during athletic activities) as a preferred everyday style has also made the backpack highly "in" in the fashion world.

Their mini backpacks and regular-sized backpacks are available on Iconic India. A coral backpack made from saffiano leather is cute, chic and an absolute 'head-turner.' The compact design with front and back pockets goes with any casual outfit. It is also available in black colour.

Life is short. Buy the bag!

Billy Connolly, a Scottish celebrity, once said, "A woman's mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag; even when you get to the bottom of it, there is ALWAYS something at the bottom to surprise you". May this monsoon be your opportunity to get a luxury bag as enchanting as you. The curated list featuring Kendall + Kylie bags in various categories, including crossbody bags, waist bags, sling bags, clutches and backpacks, will let you have a beautiful, functional, trendy monsoon.