Monsoon athleisure trends that are hot

Monsoon athleisure trends that are hot

Weather and mood variations throughout the year necessitate reasonable outfit adjustments. In a state like India, the monsoon is a substantial motivator for individuals to go shopping for new clothing and footwear that will make it simpler for them to deal with the potholes, herded local trains, and humidity. This has pushed people to wear activewear or athleisure apparel outside of their residences, gyms, and gymkhanas in recent years.

Athleisure clothing is interpreted as athletic-inspired clothing that can be handily transformed into casual yet fashionable everyday outfits that are both reasonable and aesthetically pleasing. Athleisure can be seamlessly encompassed into timelessly fashionable sensations, whether you’re going for a street style, Y2K looks, rock and pop effect, or vintage touch. It’s one of the trends that is emerging the fastest right now, and many western and Indian celebrities are seen wearing it in their music videos, at events, in gyms, and in airports.

The list is prolonged and it comprises everyone from Ranveer Singh and Janhvi Kapoor to Justin Bieber and the BTS members. The athleisure trend is nowadays sweeping the world and includes joggers, tracksuits, various kinds of tights, leggings, crop hoodies, basic t-shirts, biker shorts, all types of sports shoes, and enormous combinations of these in several shades, colours, and eye-catching exaggerations.

This clothing mode can be donned anywhere and at any time. It is both relaxed and flexible to the season. It never goes out of fashion, and as the monsoon season approaches, it's time to check out the latest athleisure sensations.

Here are a few Athleisure trends for your comfort and fashion

Opt for bright and pop colours -

Prints and bright colours are prominent right now. Everyone, from Bollywood's top celebrities to Gen Z influencers, clothes in ways that reflect their personalities. And what better way to make that statement than to clothe boldly? Bright colours have been an unsteady option for fashion trends over the years. However, as the monsoon season reaches, this choice becomes a literal splash of colour in one's life.

This Multi Printed Collar Shirt from Harsam is the perfect hodgepodge of bright colours and is just what you need with your cup of chai against the backdrop of gloomy skies and grey days!

Harsam Men Multi Printed Collar Shirt

Track Pants are for your satisfaction

Although they may not seem very fashionable, track pants are a misconception. It’s common to wear them with gym wear, but baggy t-shirts and patterned t-shirts also work.

This Black Solid Slim Fit Track Pants is decent clothing to go with. For a sporty style, you can also pair it with a cropped sweatshirt, a loose jersey, and crop shirts, and lastly, you can also go for joggers or sneakers.

Antony Morato Men Black Solid Cotton Track Pants

Sweatpants are in trend

Sweatpants can look good with anything like you can go for shirts or t-shirts or whatever you want to with that. Sweatpants appear quite casual and they are so easy to wear and you feel so much comfort while wearing them. This Black Solid Slim Fit Sweatpant from Antony Morato can be your perfect wear if you want a look that is cool and chic also. If you like hip-hop looks you can also add a cap to make it more stylish.

Iconic Men Olive Solid Regular Fit Sweatpant

Polo tees are there for you

The Polo shirt is a reasonable but timeless piece of clothing. As a classier alternative to the traditional T-shirt, you can effortlessly dress this up or down, just by putting in key pieces to complement it. Opt for this Red Solid Polo Tshirt to provide yourself with an excellent choice of piece. With its unique collar, buttons, and breathable fabric, it’s a kind of clothing you can wear to any occasion. Whether the temperature rises or there is a drop in mercury you can easily go with it.

True Religion Men Red Solid Polo TShirt

Stay comfortable with Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts add an enchanting touch to any ensemble and look enormous with sneakers, joggers, jeans, tights, jackets, and biker shorts. Sweatshirts can be layered beneath blazers and coats also for a dressy look. For a professional impression, one can also wear them over white shirts with tights or jeggings and accessorize with shoes or boots. This Off White Solid Hooded Sweatshirt from Gant is one of the pieces which you are looking for.

Don’t forget to accessorize, as it could earn you a few brownie points and praises from your pals!

DKNY Women Black Solid Hooded Sweatshirt

Joggers can be handy for you

With athleisure on the peak, jeans and chino have some fresh competition. The jogger is the new must-have style for gents and it overlooks the street-style scene. No longer just for the sports-inclined, these relaxed pants are a new cabinet staple.

Today, joggers can be styled in innumerable ways. While they certainly don’t fall into the section of formal wear, joggers can be styled to suit different dress codes or occurrences.

This Charcoal Solid Slim Fit Jogger from Gant is one the bests you can discover only here.

Gant Women Brand Logo Printed Relaxed-Fit Cotton Joggers

Select Slides to ease

Summer might officially be about to end, but we’re not putting away our shorts and sandals yet. We’re excited about sandals better now than ever. 

Slides can never be out of fashion because of their trendy and cool look. Who doesn't want to have those kinds of things that will be easy and simple to wear? But whenever it comes to contort and fashion the only answer is slides. This Blue Men Sliders from Antony Morato is the exceptional one to find.

Wrapping up

Athleisure incorporates the best of everything. It's a kind of clothing that's both comfortable and fashionable. If we had to appoint a clothing style to each generation, Gen Z would surely select athleisure. So, jump on to the online fashion hub, Iconic India, to discover your best athleisure bandwagon and bring your A-Game wherever you go.