Midi dresses: A must-have for your luxury clothing collection

Midi dresses: A must-have for your luxury clothing collection

The art of dressing is not something that comes easy or comes to all. Dressing according to the occasion and still exhibiting your personal style. Staying true to yourself and doing right by the dress codes is not a smooth ride unless you are either a fashion connoisseur or very well-weathered in the art of dressing.

The latter is developed through years and years of experience in dressing up for different things every day. It is an involuntary response to the societal expectations you have to live up to.  Or maybe you enjoy going out and dressing up for different things.  Nonetheless, it is an acquired skill that cannot be gained without dedicating a lot of time and mind power to it.

However, there are shortcuts to everything. With this particular topic, the shortcut is to imitate those who have these talents and do exactly what they are doing. This way is a sure-shot path to acing any outfit you put on. An easy way to do so is to pick a versatile piece of clothing and style it multiple ways.

Midi Dresses

The type of dress known as midi dresses is usually knee or calf length. They are loose and flowy and made from light fabrics more often than not. In every shape and form, they are absolutely beautiful to look at. As mentioned before, these are versatile pieces of clothing. They look good on all occasions and most importantly, are universally flattering irrespective of the size, shape, silhouette of the body.

The USP of these dresses is that they transcend the size bias of the fashion industry and make you look the part when you need to be poised and professional or when you need to be casual and playful.

The word midi is derived from mid-length and that is exactly what they are. The origin of these dates back to Victorian times. They were an alternative to the lengthy, hefty skirts of dresses that had more layers than uses. These were the dresses worn by working-class women, to render them motility and a larger sphere of control.

Casual Midi Dresses

The use of such a dress in casual settings is a no-brainer. Midi dresses are perfect for moving around and still looking dressed-up and presentable. They give you a casual and laid-back effect without taking away your femininity. Casual dressing is always a game of dressing like you have put in no effort at all and yet looking perfect without going overboard. It is a game of finding the balance between too little and too much.

Wearing a midi dress to anything casual is the way to ensure that you maintain this balance. They are never overwhelming to the eye and always maintain a certain level of class so they are not underwhelming either.

What type of midi dress should you pick exactly? There are many options and they depend on your preferences. The fabrics best suited for a casual Midi dress to be picked from a luxury clothing collection are - cotton, polyester, and anything in between ( density wise ). The reason these fabrics are listed is that they are breathable and not heavy to wear for a day-out or for long hours of casual activities.

The fit and style of the best-suited midi dresses for casual wear have to be either an a-line fit or a loose skater fit. Both of these are ideal and flattering for everyone.

If you want to be a little bit more on the dressy side of the spectrum, you can go for a bodycon midi dress from the luxury clothing collection available online at Iconic. A bodycon dress is an excellent example of casual done right. As well as flowy midi dress that looks exactly what you would expect a casual midi dress to look like.

Semi-Casual / Semi-Formal

This is the territory that you most likely do not know how to navigate. No one does, unless they are professionals. Uncertainty makes it the quicksand of fashion. If you pick the wrong kind of clothing, you will either violate a dress code or look like a fool. Both are not very pleasant outcomes. Avoiding these is tricky business and this is not the category where you experiment with your looks. Feel free to establish a comfort zone and completely lean back inside your metaphorical fashion home-space.

Midi dresses from a luxury clothing collection sit in this comfort zone really well for two reasons - they are splendid in matching the dress code when it comes to semi-casual. What you see is what you get. Secondly, if you pick dresses from a luxury clothing collection, chances are, it is most likely curated by highly qualified professionals who know what they are doing. They have done the research and they possess the fashion sense that you may not so basically you have your work cut out for you. All of that time and energy is saved and so are your stress levels.

To pick a semi-casual or semi-formal type of dress, you have to keep in mind that it lays smack in the middle of the casual and formal areas, so the one thing to be mindful of is to not cross into either territory.

Going for a dress that is a mix of the two, mixing two elements of the separate categories and using that as the focal point of the dress. Dresses following the printed fabrics with collars theme bring the two elements right in perfect harmony - the multi-color collared dress is perfect for a semi-formal setting, meanwhile, lavish green print with collar is great for semi-casual settings.


A formal dress code is of the utmost importance. Formal dress codes are applied to formal events, which signify the most important of events. Formal events are held on extremely important occasions like graduations, promotions, funerals, initiations, formal proceedings of an office, etc. If there was a hierarchy of events, they would be the topmost tier. The weight these events carry also translates to the strictness of the dress code. It has very little space for experimentation and generally needs to be abided by thoroughly.

Formal dresses are generally of the fitted, conservative category and this is where we can utilize a midi dress to the best of its ability. They are mid-length and generally provide coverage on the top part of the body as well. Obviously, they fit the bill of "conservative" rather marvelously thanks to their origin. You can wear a midi dress as your whole outfit or you can layer it up with another piece of formal wear to give it a finishing touch.

To make it seem more professional, you can wear it with a blazer on top and look like the perfect working woman. There are plenty of formal attire-appropriate blazers available to pick from in Iconic's luxury clothing collection. You can shop for both the items at one place and have them delivered to you with no worries about the quality.

A midi dress that is perfect for the above-mentioned uses and also crosses out all of the checkboxes when it comes to fitting one's personal style - an A-line or bodycon dress. These two shapes have a factor of subtlety that makes them perfect for wearing on occasions where you are aiming to seem respectful and your best professional self. The look of these two silhouettes is rather calm and collected. Pairing them up with articles like a blazer or tights will make you look polished.

You can amplify the desired effect of these dresses by picking up dresses from the luxury clothing collection that have certain elements that tweak the entire look. High neck, black or white or grey tones, fabrics like velvet or satin or silk - these are all little things that make an outfit classy. Incorporating them into your look or outfit will be impactful in an invisible sort of way. You will look a class apart but no one will be able to tell exactly why.

Final Thoughts

Midi dresses are an overlooked wardrobe staple. They are not just meant for brunches with your family every other Sunday or to attend your grandfather's 88th birthday. They are a vivacious article of clothing that can be molded to your needs and thus deserves more recognition.

Shopping from the luxury clothing collection from Iconic, you can browse through various types of midi dresses made for various occasions and find the one that is your perfect match. They are great standalone pieces and great paired with other components so be sure to not let them go in by you.