Look fabulous this season: Featuring Elle

Look fabulous this season: Featuring Elle

 It's time to beat the heat waves and jump in the breezy fashion essentials to hone this beautiful monsoon season. The life of a fashion-conscious being has always been a mess due to changing seasons, scorching heat and other innumerable factors. The best way to look fashionable in any season is to select everything that looks pleasant and suits the weather condition.

Cast a spell with some of the most iconic pieces by Elle that just add to your looks and give you a fantastic feeling. Elle is not just a brand, it's a statement. With a varied range of fashion styles that they offer without compromising on the comfy side of yourself. Women's clothing has always been challenging. Either they have to choose style or comfort but with Elle, you do not have to choose between them. They offer a prime blend of comfort and style.

Create a statement look this season by just keeping the essentials in check. Fixing your basics can be the baby steps in creating wowie looks. Tops, dresses, t-shirts and trousers are the building blocks in creating any look. Looking fabulous does not always have to be piling in a heap of new clothes but the key lies in styling them accordingly.


Without any explanation, we can conclude that a fabulous pair of tops can complement any outfit. Whether you are pairing them with boyfriend jeans or a pair of floral skirts. We can never talk about women's essentials without talking about tops. They are extremely fashionable yet comfy and give you a sexy vibe if styled efficiently. The quick hack for adding one to your closet is to look for lighter materials so that they can be worn in different seasons. Minimal channels and neutral tones can be the best weapon in this fashion world.

A green solid sweetheart neck top is an absolute piece of a sweetheart as the name suggests. The product comes under the crop top category and is crafted with 100% cotton material that tops the comfort list. This top could be considered a fashion investment as it is light on the material and can be styled differently depending on the season. The green colour is absolutely appealing and soothing to the eyes and gives you a great fit. The top can be effortlessly paired with either a pair of basic bottoms or a floral skirt to add a feminine touch to those beautiful curves.

We all love stripes to flow across our bodies. They infuse a sexier touch to our fits and give an awe-inspiring feel. They create the direst fashionable looks with their versatility. Grab this regular striped blue knotted top by Elle to depict the hotter version of yourself.


From basic white t-shirts to lavishing printed ones, t-shirts have recapitulated over generations of women. In a state of a dilemma with regards to creating a fabulous fit, draping over a pair of t-shirts can be an inherently glamorous choice for you. They offer a wide range of flexibility and fits to taper your mood swings.

The orange halter neck t-shirt by Elle is one of those clothing pieces that you can never go wrong with. This is the most classier and timeless pair of t-shirts that can compliment your fits this season. An effortless and chic option that you can easily pair with striped pants or sturdy denim to create your fab look.

Another great option of t-shirt that is the white solid t-shirt. The t-shirt is uniquely crafted with an off-shoulder pattern that adds charm to your fits and gives you a bohemian vibe. There is literally nothing in this universe that can go wrong with the blissful white colour. They are truly classic and timeless and have served generations.

They offer a wide variety in terms of colours, patterns and materials that you can choose from.


The importance of dresses in women's clothing has only seen a rise and there's no coming back. Nothing more feminine than a cute pair of dresses. They are convenient and impeccably cute. Only a woman can understand the importance of a cute pair of dresses. They are the staple option to enhance your beautiful curves and deliver a graceful look. 

Lilac is a beautiful colour and suits the monochromatic vibes. This lilac solid regular fit dress by Elle is a cute fit and suits every casual occasion. The fit comes in 100% cotton material and is a staple option for a casual brunch or a Sunday picnic. You can add your regular studded hoops and a pull on your tip-toe heels. In order to close the look grab on a pair of matte white sling bags and girl oh girl, you are setting the stage on fire.

The yellow checkered square neck dress is another attractive piece of dress to flaunt those flawless skin. The dress is minimally crafted with beautiful checks and the square neck is the perfect addition to the dress.


Jeans cannot be worn everywhere and that is where trousers come into play. They are absolutely comfortable and can be worn literally everywhere. Be it office or any casual outing, you can rock with your pair of trousers.

The classic blue solid relaxed fit trouser by Elle is pertinent to any occasion that rolls in your blue ball. The trouser is absolutely chic yet it delivers a comfortable feel. You can easily pair these trousers with a hooded shirt or a relaxed-fit t-shirt to get your desired look.

Another pair of classic trousers that rolls your ball court could be the timeless black solid fitted trouser by Elle. Girls, it's time to turn your hands down on this classic piece of silhouette that has rocked every generation.


Cater these iconic looks by this lavishing brand Elle which is a renowned name when it comes to fashion essentials. Elle offers a range of clothing that is minimally crafted and gives you an immense feeling of pure joy when worn.