Little Luxe: Amp up Kids' Fashion with Style and Sophistication

Little Luxe: Amp up Kids' Fashion with Style and Sophistication

Parents of budding fashionistas must look forward to the latest collection being released at Iconic kids online. From jackets to jeans and from party wear to stylish lounging, the Iconic Exclusive kids’ collection has it all. The best brands from all over the world have come together and curated a timeless and smart collection. The iconic clothing items will introduce the concept of stylish comfort clothing inducing confidence in the child’s personality.  

Here is a list of micro trends for all the parents out there with fashion-conscious kids:

Gant Kids Solid Button-Down Collar Shirt

Bold and Solid Colours

Girls and boys have the panache to carry solid-coloured outfits from top to bottom. The iconic kids are confident, have their own style of dressing up and can make their own fashion statement. From solid-coloured tees to simple white turtlenecks, kids today know what to wear and how.

Edgy Graphics 

Iconic brands offer a diverse range of apparel, from premium graphic t-shirts to adorable leggings featuring beloved cartoon characters for kids. By pairing a favorite easy-breezy t-shirt with shorts, your child can effortlessly achieve a beach-ready look in no time.

Sophisticated Sweats 

Sweatshirts and sweatpants are comfortable wear for all age groups. From matching Gant hoodie and sweatpants to zip-up sweatshirts, there is ample choice available for teens. Young lads and ladies have ample to select from. From the Gant sweatshirt collection to Blue Giraffe, there is an extensive clothing collection for young kids in vibrant colours.

Gant Kids Solid Hooded Sweatshirt

Stylish Skirts and Dreamy Dresses

Girls develop a liking for skirts and dresses at a young age. From winter iconic dresses to summer skirts,  the patterns exude a playful charm, while the designs showcase a sense of imagination. These trendy outfits offer sophistication to the child’s personality allowing self-expression and enhancing vitality.

Chic Formals

Timeless waistcoat sets, straight neutral-coloured trousers and well-fitted notched lapel blazers accessorised with Antony Morato belts. These pieces when put together make for an excellent ensemble and the formal outfit will definitely boost your child’s self-esteem.

Blue Giraffe Boys Brown Solid Collar Jacket

Comfy & Versatile Shirts

The spread collar shirts available at Iconic India for boys and girls can be worn by boys as well as girls. From broad horizontal stripes from Gant brand to check button-down shirts, these shirts are comfortable and made with premium fabrics. These Gant shirts are soft against the skin and even allow easy movement.

Jam In Jackets

Ensuring that your child stays warm is of utmost importance. Blue Giraffe, an iconic brand, offers boys' jackets adorned with faux fur details, hoods, and other embellishments that bring a touch of drama to your child's ensemble. 

One can also consider premium flared overcoats for girls as essential additions to their wardrobe, contributing a hint of theatricality to their overall look.

7 Styling Tips For Parents and Kids

  1. Do not force a style on your child that makes him or her uncomfortable. Select the colour or the style that is preferred by them.
  2. Invest in wardrobe basics like denim, white shirts and neutral pieces so that you can pair them easily with bright clothes.
  3. Accessorise wisely so that your child stays comfortable at all times and can enjoy himself or herself.
  4. Invest in outfits that are made of durable fabrics and are weather-appropriate. 
  5. Select items that can be easily maintained and conveniently laundered. It does not take much time for kids to ruin their clothes, so laundry can be a task.

Gant Kids Solid Hooded Sweatshirt

Final Thoughts

The options available at Iconic Fashion India are affordable and of premium quality which will ensure comfort to your child. This collection of premium clothing can be defined by vibrant colours, solid patterns, soft yet edgy textures and minute details. The clothes are smart, and trendy yet have a utility value attached, therefore, is a one-stop shop for all. From spread collar shirts to overcoats, from cute winter dresses to the coolest pair of cotton shorts and chinos, everything that a child could dream of to look young is available. At Iconic online shopping, you will find everything that will make your kids stand out.