Kids' Shopping: Why you should buy from luxury brands in India for your kids

Kids' Shopping: Why you should buy from luxury brands in India for your kids

The wave of luxury clothing has swept across the world and has impacted a lot of countries so far.  Thankfully India is one of these countries.

Riding along with the wave, the luxury brands in India have done their level best to make the availability of staple clothing items as well as statement, designer pieces - easy and quick. People all over India are taking to the habit of investing in items from luxury brands available in India fast.

Trends have a way of fizzling out with time but this is beyond a trend. It is a habit people are including in their shopping regimes. The reasons behind it extend to the cultivated understanding of business and product value that people have now acquired thanks to the media presence of brands and the keen interest from buyers about not just a focused item, but also how it was manufactured and by whom.


Adults are the main target audience for luxury brands in India so far but what if it goes beyond that? What if other age groups can benefit from this wave of brand awareness that the country is witnessing? Most importantly, what if we can make use of the knowledge we now have for the most sensitive age group we know - kids?

Kids are susceptible to the minute details and nuances of everything they are subjected to. Be it positive, or negative, it has a considerable impact on them when compared to grown-ups. The risk factor with everyday items like clothes is at an all-time high now with each of the younger generations being more fragile than the last. This means we need to pay extra attention to these aspects.

Admittedly, the staple brands in India for kids' clothing have been nothing but passive about the impact their material quality and design have on kids. The luxury brands in India have included the kids' shopping section in their shopping collections and successfully expanded to provide much better, much more comfortable clothing for the kids.

Why you should switch to luxury brands in India for your kids

Better quality

The word luxury means that any item crafted in this category was made to cater to a certain standard of quality or design. They are meant for something that is to be thoroughly enjoyed while serving their purpose to the best of their ability.

It is no secret that staple supermarket brands are focused on the quantity rather than the quality of the apparel. They manufacture in huge amounts and then intend on selling the same cheap, low-quality clothing to the people who just are not aware enough or have no other options.


Thankfully the kids' section was just revived by the intervention of luxury brands in India who have supplied an abundance of options to buyers in this category. Now you can buy luxury clothing for yourself and your kids.

Better value for money

The rule of cost-effectiveness depends entirely on how much you spend on an item divided by how long / how many times you use it. With luxury clothing brands in India, the case is often that the items are so high in quality that they will last you for years on end.

Naturally, that is way better value for money than a one-off you spend a small amount on and then have to re-purchase. Again and again.  Buying from sites like Iconic that house only the most premium of brands will clearly show you this.


The creative teams of luxury fashion brands consist of individuals with the highest qualifications and experience. Their skills surpass the greatest of artists when it comes to designing the best clothes for whatever age group is in focus. They come up with designs that are leagues above the basic, mass-manufactured designs sold by regular retail brands. You will not have to dress your kids in the same clothes that every other child is wearing.

Not only does this ensure exclusivity concerning how your kids look. The repetitive colors, shapes, and designs are an eyesore and do not interest the kids at all. It is a common problem amongst that they are fussy about clothes or not complacent when parents try to dress them. The way their clothes look plays a huge role in this.

Of course, there are other factors, but they are not as big. So eliminating this factor creates interest amongst your kids.

A sense of quality and style

When you tell your kids that they have a choice, that they can go for something much better than the standard, it instills a sense of style and taste. They learn that quality matters and is to be prioritized whenever they make a purchase. Or even just in general in life.

It is a lesson that you teach by example. They learn the value of something that will stand the test of time and will navigate through life based on this principle.


Easier access

Unlike most fast fashion, kids' apparel is not easily available online. And if it is, then it is not a wide range of selections. Luxury brands in India are easily accessible online and available in a wide selection of designs and patterns.


The hub Iconic India that houses most, if not all luxury brands in India, presents a smooth experience when it comes to kids' shopping. That means it's one less thing you have to worry about when looking for clothing options for your kid.

Luxury brands in India aimed at kids


Elle Kids

Elle is already a well-known, established, and pioneer of a brand. They make luxury clothing collections with the most elegant of designs. Their brand presence is unmatched and the quality and fashion-forward pieces they launch regularly have made them a coveted luxury brand in India.


So it is not a surprise that Elle Kids offers the same level of quality and interesting designs. They take simple and make it intriguing, with a rather simple gradient spiced up with the puffed jacket design.

Gant Kids

Gant is another one of the luxury brands in India that are so well rooted in the luxury fashion market that it sells just by name. On top of that, the designs and clothing materials are top-notch as well. They are known for clean, quaint, yet bold designs.


Gant Kids of course brings this spirit to the kid's section and has staple designs like high-quality. These are items that are impossible to find when it comes to kids' clothing sizes but not anymore. Gant Kids exists in the niche where they offer these basic essentials in children's sizes. That makes their position solid and unchallenged.


Blue Giraffe

A brand aimed at pleasing the target audience - the kids. Most kids' brands aim to please the parents and appeal to what they think is the best. This is a brand focused on appealing to kids' psychology and preferences. Their collections are visually so enticing to the kids that they will willingly ask to be dressed in these clothes.

Their latest Disney collection is an immediate show-stopper because of the character-specific designs they are making for both boys and girls. Top it up with great quality, and it is a luxury brand in India that you will be seeing everywhere. 


The luxury brands in India have certainly leaped in the last two years when it comes to making the best of luxury fashion available online. Their demand has increased amongst the youth so drastically that it is a phenomenon in itself. Taking it a step further, they have introduced the luxury fashion for kids and it suffices to say it was a move long overdue.


Kids' clothing has never been the front-runner in the fashion industry and thus never had the attention of the top-most luxury brands, in India or otherwise.


This long-time tradition of wrapping your kids in whatever is the most comfortable and accessible has gone to the grave thanks to luxury brands in India bringing premium quality, high fashion designer clothing for the kids.

The need for better variants is finally met with the wide range of carefully selected and crafted pieces that are meant for kids and not just smaller sizes for adult clothing. Or worse, annoyingly bright colored and supposedly kid-centric designs that give you a migraine.


The fabric quality is also a key component that has been grossly overlooked by retailers so far. The luxury brands in India that provide kids’ clothing on Iconic are removing this obstacle by manufacturing the kind of good quality clothes that you can't trust with your kids. Iconic is already well-known for creating a safe buying space but this adds another layer of security for those who want only the best for the kids.