Keeping up with Coachella fashion trends in 2023

Keeping up with Coachella fashion trends in 2023

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival was held in 1999 amidst the California desert. Since then, things have changed drastically. It is now one of the biggest music festivals in the world and certainly the one that's most discussed worldwide. A big reason for this is the new wave fashion display that occurs at the venue every year. Coachella outfits are free-spirited, vibrant, and eye-catching. They’re often responsible for setting the fashion trends for the rest of the year given the amount of global celebrity traction it gets. As a result, if you want to bring your A-game while dressing up, you need to stay in touch with Coachella trends.

Coachella Outfit Inspiration for 2023

Coachella is a prime spot for modern-day fashionistas to get their outfit inspiration. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the trending pieces from the festival’s 2022 edition so that you can incorporate them into your wardrobe throughout the year.

Neon Clothing

The best way to grab attention no matter where you are is to add a pop of colour to your get-up. Coachella outfits have been taking it a step further by making neon the headline of all things fashion. Blazing orange, lime, and pink clothing have been a hit in the streets and on the runway but the craze originated at music carnivals.

Despite all they bring to the table, neon clothing can be quite hard to style. The easiest way to begin is to make it a statement piece and pair it with something black or white. This Lilac Solid Round Neck Tshirt by Kendall & Kylie can be a great way of easing into this new trend.

Kendall + Kylie Women Lilac Solid Round Neck Tshirt

Funky Sneakers

Sneakerheads never fail to rep products they love on the big stage, and Coachella is no different. Despite the elaborate outfits, the masses at Coachella can barely ever be spotted wearing heels. This is because of the uneven terrain and long hours of standing call for more comfortable footwear i.e. sneakers. This is a pain point for people going to work and college every day as well, and funky sneakers help them look snazzy without killing their feet.

These bugatti Sneakers will help you ramp up your style quotient and transform a simple Jeans & Tee combo into a high-street fit. Since they put a twist on the classic white sneakers, they look a lot more tasteful and are much easier to maintain.

Hawaiian Shirts

There’s nothing more laid-back than a Hawaiian shirt. They’re loose, breathable, and look great on guys with all body types. As a result, they’ve always been an ideal choice for people that want to look suave at Coachella without trying too hard. This quality of the shirts has made them a favourite for vacationers and beach-goers around the world.

Hawaiian shirts usually come in jazzy prints so it can be hard to decide what complements your personality the best. Harsam’s Multi-Printed Collared Shirt has a baby blue base which makes it easy on the eyes while the big florals give it an oomph factor.

Harsam Men Multi Printed Collar Shirt

To complete the summer link, add some khaki pants and a pair of sunglasses to the mix. In case you’re going to be walking a lot opt for sneakers, otherwise, some old-school loafers should do the trick!

Two-Piece Sets

Why try to match two different patterns when a great matching two-piece has got our back? The tops paired with skirts, shorts, or long pants come in a wide range of colours and patterns, ranging from solids to soft florals. At Coachella, the best-dressed folks always separate themselves from the crowd by looking like they put a lot of thought into their outfit without feeling uncomfortable in it. Two-piece sets are a great way of accomplishing this. In case you want to try one out at work or a formal gathering, then the semi-sheer or netted variants worn at the festival might not suit you, but you could replicate the same chic effect with some wide-legged pants and a cropped blouse.

This set of top and pants by Kendall & Kylie is quirky and classy all at once. What makes it an even better investment is that you can repurpose the individual elements of the combo with other block-coloured bottoms and shirts.

Men’s Shorts

Coachella is the time to let loose and get out of stiff workwear, so you can find an abundance of shorts on the ground - both on men and women. For men, shorts can be one of the most convenient pieces of clothing. They’re the perfect casual bottoms and can be matched with T-shirts, shirts, polos, and even pullovers. If you’ve never worn shorts before or only have a couple in your collection, these Black Regular Fit Shorts by Lindbergh are a great way to branch out. You can wear them to run errands or dress them up for brunch dates.

Lindbergh Men Black Solid Regular Fit Shorts

If you have muscular thighs, slim-fit shorts will be too tight, so select a more generously proportioned pair. If you're on the shorter side of the height spectrum, shorts that end just above the knee will drop lower, so look for ones with a narrower inseam or hems that can be smartly cuffed.

Glitter Everywhere

More often than not, music festivals are a celebration of not just the best rhythms, but also self-expression. Most people refrain from adorning themselves with too blingy in their daily lives but Coachella is the perfect place to bring out your vivacious side. The light-catching pattern has been sweeping the Coachella Valley for as long as we can remember - whether it's sequin, metallic mesh, or glitter dust. The best part is that it is not at all hard to replicate for partywear.

Glitter goes best on dresses, jumpsuits and tops. If you’re feeling adventurous, then you could also include some in your makeup to get the “Euphoria” look. Kylie Jenner clothing has been the talk of the town in recent years so why not get an outfit approved by the Queen of Coachella herself?

This  Orange Solid Jumpsuit by Centre Stage is perfect for a fun night out or some bar hopping. What makes the attire so wearable is its understated shimmer. Additionally, the cutouts on the top stay true to Coachella’s experimental vibe.

Centre Stage Women Orange Solid Jumpsuit


The key to transforming popular Coachella outfits into daily wear is to hit a balance between fun and utility. Integrating the cheery and free aura into your closet can encourage you to take more risks and always look like one in a million. The best time to use these looks would be spring/summer since the festival is held in peak heat and the clothing is customised to fit the climate. Above all, do not forget to accessorise as much as you can. Be it headbands, hats, stacked bracelets, or body chains - the more intricate your outfits are, the higher your chances will be of embodying the Coachella spirit!