Iconic India - See What's New - Denim

Iconic India - See What's New - Denim

Who doesn't love denim? Denim was always in fashion and for sure it is everlasting fashion. Denim can easily enrich and enhance your whole look. Everyone wants to be updated about fashion and what is happening in the market. Read on more to know what is all going on in the world of denim.

What's new in the realm of denim?

Denim Shirts

What do we indicate when we say “denim shirt?”

A denim shirt is made from – you reckoned it – denim; a sturdy twilled cotton fabric.

There’s a reason that denim is traditionally correlated with outdoor work. Denim is an extremely tough fabric. While it has been worn for centuries by labourers and cowboys, denim’s vogue rocketed following World War II as urban Americans brought denim home from road trips to the West.

Today, denim is one of the most generally worn clothes in the world.

Denim shirts are enormous for everyday casual wear. In broad, any time you’d be pleased wearing a button-down shirt you could prefer to wear a denim shirt instead.

Denim shirts can be flaunted anywhere from office work to a chill party. A denim shirt can rock them both.

A Blue Printed Collar Shirt can be perfect to wear the right denim shirt for the occasion. Surely you can go for anything you can wear with your flashiest sneakers, and most rugged boots and every jacket in your closet is something that belongs in your wardrobe. You can also go with a Blue Colour-blocked Collar Shirt from Luxury brands on Iconic India and this helps you to nail the whole look. Colour block designs are so much in trend and this piece is an excellent example of this.

Denim jackets

Denim is the precise casual jacket and essential for every man’s clothing. Like the leather moto jacket, it’s a timeless style that arouses memories of badass cowboys and rebels of Hollywood’s yesteryear. But you don’t require Clint Eastwood to pull one off.

When it comes to informal style, denim is one of the most outstanding and adaptable materials. Most guys think of jeans, denim jackets are fashionable, rugged, and simple to wear. The jean jacket glances well mostly in blue or black and drives with a variety of outfits. Check out our collection of denim jackets that are super cosy and easy to wear.

You can wear this denim jacket with a t-shirt, hoodie, sweater and collared button-down dress shirt on top with jeans, chinos, or pants. In the winter and fall, you can go for some even like the trucker gape with a sherpa-lined jacket and layering to keep you warm.

Combined with boots or sneakers, the denim jacket style specializes in any wardrobe all year round. Just pull it off and plop the fire wherever you go!

Denim - The Classic Jeans

If you ask any men about their favourite form of the bottom the reply which almost everyone will tell is denim. Denim styles for men are now accessible in different styles like boyfriend skinny chinos etc. And the most affluent ones are straight-fit denim. Apart from convenience, these denim jeans look fashionable and can be worn on any infrequent occasion.

Gone are the days when just wide legs and boot cuts were the only alternatives. Now there is a variety of styles of jeans for men that can be worn to any occasion. If you are looking for jeans to furnish you comfort then these Blue Solid Slim Fit Jeans from Lindbergh can be the right choice for you.

Lindbergh Men Blue Solid Slim Fit Jeans

This denim is adaptable and you can wear them anywhere and in all seasons. To give it more enhancement, you can experiment with your glimpse by pairing this denim with graphic t-shirts, white t-shirts, linen shirts, checkered pattern shirts, and even a khadi kurta.

An investment in a decent and quality pair of denim is important as it adds vitality because of its fabric. Also, denim does not need to be washed after every wear. Another piece of Grey Solid Slim Fit Jeans from Antony Morato appears approachable and easy to wear. They're a considerable, classic fit!

Antony Morato Men Grey Slim Fit Low Distress Heavy Fade Jeans

You can also opt for Blue Solid Slim Fit Jeans, it’s just what you need to spice up your daily dose of fashion. It has a gentle wash and a modest design that enhances its appeal. Likewise, because it is made of high-quality fabric, it assures maximum breathability. This denim can be machine washed and it is made of cotton fabric!

Denim Skirts

Denim skirts can be a cute improvement to your wardrobe. Skirts come in all shapes and cuts, so always select a cut that's complimenting on you and reasonable for the occasion.

Denim skirts, a style staple of the seventies are once again back in vogue and people are more excited to wear them in different styles. They are truly amusing and full of retro vibes and will give you a delightful look in no minute. So if you still don’t have them in your cupboard it’s time to stock up on them because they are here to keep up. Go for this Blue Solid Regular Fit Skirt from Elle which is comfortable, casual and super chic. Moreover, they are accurate for many occasions, be it hanging out with friends, doing regular stuff, shopping etc.

Elle Women Mid Blue Solid Regular Fit Skirt

Skirts are available in different lengths also i.e. you can wear them short, in midi length or just opt for long maxi ones if you want to. You can get an abundance of different looks with them if you know how to style them appropriately. Formulating a cool and elegant look with denim skirts is straightforward. You can complete your look by adding some accessories, like a scarf or boots, and enjoy a fun denim look for the day this way you can nail the day!


With the help of this article, you can go about discovering your fashion style. This is true that there is no stopping fashion fancy. So be creative, go wild, and make the most of what Iconic India has to offer!