How to revamp your office closet: The Iconic Way

How to revamp your office closet: The Iconic Way

 With the increase in piles stocking your wardrobe, this can be the best time to revamp your work wardrobe to avoid everyday hustle-bustle. Are you the one who stands every day in front of your wardrobe early in the morning, gazing through it and wondering what to wear? Then consider this as the sign of the universe to revamp your work wardrobe in the most iconic way. Before adding or subtracting looks from your wardrobe, it is always essential to keep a checklist of things that you will add and stocks that you will remove from your closet.

Here are a few tips that can help you organise your wardrobe:

Recognize your Ideal work looks

Mapping out your requirements beforehand will work in your favour while revamping your wardrobe. Make a mood board of your ideal work outfits, pinging out what you want to pair with. List down every length and breadth of it. Whether you are planning to pair jackets with your pants or trying to add formal footwear to your closet, jot down everything. Noting down things and visualising them helps you save a lot of time and you do not end up creating a mess. Once you have finished with the above task, revamping your wardrobe would be a cakewalk for you.

Segregate your Closet

Pull out every pair of outfits that takes up space in your wardrobe and carefully examine each and every piece. Try and check whether that pants still fit you? Whether or not you will bear that piece of T-shirt or it will keep piling up. Segregate the wearables and the non-wearables. Discard the clothes that have been tarted and you don't use them often. This step is extremely essential and shouldn’t be ignored. Once you are done with segregating your clothes into wearables and non-wearables then further segregate them into what needs to be cleaned, hemmed or altered.

Prepare a shopping list

We always have one piece of clothing that we love the most and always gravitate towards them on a certain occasion. It's mandatory to stock your work wardrobe with your favourite piece of outfits so that you have enough of them to wear on a desirable occasion. Look at the gaps in your wardrobe and try replicating them.

Keep an eye on what can be Mended

We are too lazy to get our clothes altered and keep procrastinating on them until and unless we have a stock of them. This could be your sign to look for clothes in your wardrobe that needs to be altered. Pull out your pair of shirts that have broken buttons, that pair of pants that needs to be hemmed and get them altered to clean and organise the wardrobe. Altering will make your clothes wearable and you can use your old clothes without having to invest in buying new ones.

Expand your horizons of outfits

Once you have done the above, now it's time for you to try all the outfits that lie in your wardrobe. This will give you a better idea of what looks suits you best and will help you on those “I don't know what to wear” days when you have to rush to your office on a gloomy Monday.

Revamp Your Closet

We have listed a checklist of stylish outfits that can match your work vibes from some of the most premium brands like Gant, Antony Morato, True Religion, Bugatti and Martinique. You can find these brands on Iconic India’s website.


Shirts are the epitome of formal clothing. Not only are they elegant but also a timeless piece of classic. Whether you have a business cocktail party or a formal meeting you can never go wrong with a crisp formal shirt.

The collar solid white shirt can be your Monday office best friend. The bright white colour contradicts the glooming nature that a new week brings along with itself. Pair this pair of love with solid trousers and a pair of formal shoes to bring in the positive Monday vibes in your workplace. You can also explore the range of exquisite formal shoes offered by Bugatti that are a must-have in your work wardrobe.

Another crisp shirt is an absolute pair of class. The solid beige shirt is a saviour on those auto-pilot days when you are in the rush to your office. You can explore the range of colours and patterns that are offered by the brand.


It's time to break the stigma that tees are not meant for office. This piece of baby requires all the attention in this universe and needs to be carried to your workplace without any second thought.

T-shirts have to be your best friend. T-shirts can rock both casual and chic looks. They are literally a piece of gem that can be added to your work wardrobe. Not only do they offer you comfort but also can become your hugging partner in the slogging mid-noon hours of the office.

The exquisite crew neck T-shirt is a classic white T-shirt that comes in a breathable 100% cotton material. The solid hemline on the sides of the tee adds richness to your look and radiates a comfy vibe around you. You can pair this T-shirt with a pair of solid jeans or cargo pants. In order to add a cherry to the cake go with a textured white sneaker offered to rock your day in the office.

You can explore various ranges of T-shirts offered by the brand and choose tons for yourself.

You can also experiment with bright shades to radiate positive energy in your workplace. The bright yellow T-shirt could be an option for Friday office wear. As yellow marks, the onset of excitement and wearing it on Friday will radiate the energy and happiness the weekend brings along with itself.


Jeans are the basic part of bottom wear. Jeans are an elegant piece of bottom and one can just never have enough of them. With a wide variety of fits that are slim-fit, relaxed fit, and skinny fit available, it makes them more accessible to the masses.

The classic original denim is a must-have in your jeans collection. The pair comes with a relaxed fit option that can be the best option for long office hours. The relaxed fit has several health benefits as it does not constrict your veins when wired for longer hours and allows easy flow of blood. This pair of jeans that literally paired with anything and everything that catches your attention.

You can pair this piece of jeans with a crisp formal shirt or a crew neck T-shirt. Add a pair of formal shoes and run to your workplace.


Bottom wear is incomplete without trousers. Trousers are a staple piece of clothing that you can add to your wardrobe. No matter what your style is, you will always find a pair of trousers in your wardrobe. Trousers give you the most neutral look and can fit in every environment.

Grab a pair of brown skinny-fit trousers which is just wow! Wow! Is just not enough to describe this piece of clothing. This pair of trousers is a classic example of a perfectly crafted silhouette. You can pair this piece of trouser with a milky white pair of crisp formal shirt by Matinique to rock and roll your business cocktail events. This pair of trousers is made from Eco-friendly material and comes in a breathable fabric and is 97% recyclable.

Casual Shoes

No matter what piece of clothing you put on, if you don’t have a proper pair of shoes then everything will go in vain.

Footwear contributes to the tiniest part of your outfit check but if it is mismatched then your outfit will become tasteless. Footwears are like salt, if it is missing in the food, no matter how tempting the food looks it will be tasteless. In order to add the right taste to your outfit, it is extremely important to pair it with the right pair of footwear.

Casual shoes contribute to a part of the footwear. The Men Taupe Sneakers can outsource all other pairs of footwear that lie in your closet.  The shoes come with a cushioned footbed for easy and comfortable wearing. The elastic band makes the slip-on and off easier and more reliable.

You can pair this shoe with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt for a summery office look.


Organising your workwear can be an intimidating task and if not done at the right time then will keep piling up. Gather the courage and organise your work wardrobe to gain a sense of tranquillity over those rushing hours in the morning. Choose from a range of premium brands that can be found on our website.

Happy Revamping!