How to Plan Your Outfits for Travel: The Kids Edition

How to Plan Your Outfits for Travel: The Kids Edition

Traveling is a huge headache if you consider all of the things that you have to prepare and be prepared for. It is a difficult thing to do and even more difficult if you are not traveling alone. To add fuel to the dumpster fire, if you are traveling along with someone who you are responsible for, or worse yet, someone who is completely dependent on you for every single thing. That is a scenario that can give anyone stress instantly. Now add a tiny human being with no regard for anyone's convenience and no empathy to this mix and you have the perfect recipe for disaster. That may sound like an exaggeration to anyone who doesn't have kids but it is 100% the reality of anyone who has one or more kids. 

They do not care about the various trials and tribulations that come with traveling. They do not care about being organized. They do not care about not wearing the same dirty shirt twice. And they sure as hell do not care about packing adequately or anything of the sort. They have to be directed in every aspect of their lives and you as a parent are at full culpability when it comes to who they are and what they do. If they are looking shabby and dirty, no one will blame them but their parents. This is exactly why you need to prepare for their everyday endeavors, especially if you plan on traveling.

You must be prepared for the duration of the journey, the duration of the stay, the weather, and any special needs your child may have.

Here's a guide on how to achieve this on the clothing front


You have to start with the basics. Children are fussy beyond explanation when it comes to getting dressed considering they are literally being manhandled. The easiest way to brave through this is to pick up items that are easy to put on them. Items that are not bulky or stifling. That is especially not a good scenario with kids because they will get irritated and refuse to cooperate, or they will get upset and start crying. Picking items that are simple, both structure-wise and simple to wear through the day is something you want to lean towards.

The first item in this list would be t-shirts. Loved by kids and adults alike, they are a staple in everyone's closet for a reason. They are the epitome of comfortable and casual. Kids like to wear t-shirts and it will not be a gruesome process considering they are so easy and quick to put on. Pair them up with your kid's favorite color or character or graphic and it will be the perfect item. They will ask you to wear the t-shirt time and time again. A blue t-shirt with a funny graphic is a good example 


When it comes to the ease of putting on a clothing item, both kids and adults will agree that button-downs are the #2 contender. You do not have to shove your head through a hole and nothing's more wonderful than that. The nature of a button-down mechanism makes it easy for even the kids to put it on even by themselves.

If you are trying to get your child to learn how to dress up on their own, then this is the piece to start. Picking up a piece like button-down shirt is the way to go. 


Why do we, as grown-ups, wear jackets? Either to protect ourselves from the elements or to finish an outfit with an element of structure.

When you put on a jacket on your child, it is more or less for the former purpose. That is exactly why you should look for, purchase, and pack a jacket for your kid that will protect them from the weather in case it goes bad or even if your kid has a habit of running around in dirt and grime. A Jacket is a step in the right direction.


Speaking of the weather, there is nothing worse than exposing your kid to the cold. Kids have tiny bodies and thus have a rather poor defense system against the cold. They do not generate as much heat as an adult might and they cannot retain much of what they do generate because of the fact that their body-to-body heat ratio is really less.

This is why you need to pack warm clothes that can help them retain the heat. The best contender for this purpose is sweatshirts. Like t-shirts, their design makes them easy to put on and they serve their function perfectly well due to the nature of the fabric. A cute pink sweater is a steal.


The next level of this line of protective clothing is - good old sweaters. Sweaters are made out of fleece and thus are much warmer than your run-of-the-mill sweatshirt. If you are traveling to someplace cold, it is mandatory to take clothing items that provide proper protection from the low temperature. Especially for kids who will get sick faster in comparison to adults. Nobody wants to deal with a sick kid on a trip. Investing in a  sweater is a good decision.


When it comes to bottoms, kids should in general have a full coverage cloth unless the weather is too hot. Wearing full-coverage pants protects them not only from the elements but also any accidents like falling down or bumping into something. The most common injury that kids usually have is a skinned knee. It can be easily prevented by putting your child in a pair of trousers. A pair of simple trousers is great for this purpose.


If you have a child that is on the fussier side when it comes to wearing fitted or slightly restrictive clothing, then trousers may not be the best way to go about protecting their shins. You might need a substitute for them that still provides full coverage.

What’s a better item than sweatpants if that is your goal. They are much more comfortable and they have an elastic waistband instead of a button and a zip. They can be easily put on without your help too. Introducing your child to a pair of pretty lilac pair of sweatpants is simple and efficient.


Another variation of a comfortable bottom that will also be kid-friendly is joggers. When they were released, they took the world by storm as adults everywhere wanted this athleisure item that looks amazing while doing non-athleisure activities too.

They are comfortable and casual while still being very functional. Getting all these benefits for your kids' wardrobe is a great thing and excellent for both traveling and for the vacation itself. Joggers allow movement and are comfortable throughout the day.

You can put your kid in a pair of joggers and then just not worry about it for the rest of the day. They come with either an elastic or a string so they are easy to put on and take off, which your kid can do by themself too with a pair of joggers.


Nothing works quite like a dress when it comes to charming people. But more than that, dresses have been largely overlooked for the potential they have to be the item in your kid's wardrobe that is the easiest to put on and yet gives you the best results. Dresses are amazing when you look at the design. They take no more effort than a t-shirt and yet they look much more effortlessly chic and look like you actually put in a lot of time while dressing your kid.

The variety of looks that you can get with dresses is wide. The amount of comfort they provide is also great when compared to other clothing items. They also come in gender-neutral shapes and colors so your kids can go that route and either way, "dresses are only for girls" is a concept we left behind in 2019. Dresses are for anyone and everyone and should be seen as such from a young age. Teaching your kids that clothing does not have gender is the first step in raising progressive, open-minded kids. A round-neck dress is a good place to start with gender-neutral clothing and can be a subtle yet profound lesson to your kids in terms of wearing what they like, not what they think they should.

Final Thoughts

Kids are difficult to care for and even more difficult to take care of when you are doing something as complicated as traveling. Packing for them while you have so many things to worry about should not be complicated and that is exactly how this list helps you in picking up pieces for your kids that are easily available on Iconic India's kid's collection.