How To Maintain A Neat-Looking Closet: The Iconic Solution

How To Maintain A Neat-Looking Closet: The Iconic Solution

The Closet Clutterbug syndrome is real people! The seemingly impenetrable, monster pile of clothes waiting for one when it is not in its neatest form can be the stuff of nightmares.

Organizing your clothes systematically can be a real task, but the bigger challenge is to maintain it likewise. Don't know where to start? We’ve got you covered!


In this article, we will discuss a few ways in which you can maintain a neat-looking closet according to your convenience. Along with this, we will also provide some great outfit recommendations which you can add to your newly beautified closet as well!

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Some Tips To Maintain A Neat Wardrobe

If you are wondering which is the best way to organize your closet, the answer is really simple! Get rid of clutter, create shelves according to your convenience and make spaces for separate categories or types of clothing and accessories.

The main tenet behind organizing your closet must be to create a personalized, convenient yet repeatable system that can be maintained for a long time. This will streamline your routine, in which you might otherwise end up losing time searching for outfits.

Before you start organizing though, downsize and declutter your wardrobe, by segregating all the clothes you own into the classic “Keep”, “Donate” and “Toss” piles.

Utilize your space well while you organize your clothes. For this, you can go the good old Marie Kondo way by using efficient folding methods to make sure each item does not take up too much space.

Also, make sure that you identify any unused space in your closet so that there is more room to fit in your clothes. This will help you to reimagine new combinations and ideas with your clothes, and hey, will even make room for more!

While stacking up your clothes, you can go for different ideas like color-coding to organize your clothes. Apart from this, you can also keep the clothes you wear the most in the place easiest to reach. This will make sure that you do not disturb the entire arrangement every time you hunt for your favs.

Our Outfit Recommendations For You

T-Shirts and Shirts

Whether you are wearing a cute t-shirt or a crisp formal shirt, tops are quite versatile in their way, as they can give off a cute, badass, or boss-lady vibe with the right styling! You can pair them with your favorite jeans, trousers, skirts or shorts.

Multi Coloured Striped Regular Fit Tshirt is a great fit for casual occasions. The ruffled sleeves are quite the cuteness statement! A floral Pink Solid Round Neck TShirt is also a great fashion statement for both casual and semi-formal occasions! You can pair it with skinny jeans, straight black trousers or a short skirt too.

Y2K fashion is making its comeback big time, and so are halter-neck shirts. A lilac shirt would be perfect for you if you wish to relive the noughties in style!


In menswear, we recommend A solid white shirt for you to go for. Now if you want to bring some slight variation into the tradition, you can go for a pastel shade shirt instead, like blue shirt.

Another emerging favorite for men is a solid dark-colored turtleneck. You must buy from trusted brands so that darker colors don't fade off after washes. You can go for Round Neck Tshirt.

Basics are seeing a stark rise in popularity, when in fact, they never even go out of trend!


In jeans, again there are established classics that can be worn at any time! The most classic amongst them is the dark wash slim or skinny fit denim. Iconic India provides multiple options from which you can choose.

First, we will take a look at women’s jeans. Among straight-fit jeans, Elle offers two great options in Indigo and Black. A slim-fit jeans are another great pair to go with your tees and tops. If you are not a fan of denim, we recommend beige jeans for you.

We recommend navy blue pair for you, if you want one consistent shade throughout the jeans. If you want a more acid-washed look, go for jeans.


The 90s-style regular-fit jeans are making a comeback, so you can also consider investing in these jeans.

Among black jeans, you can go for tapered-fit pair to add some oomph to your look. Double-stitched denim is also climbing up the popularity ladder, so make sure to check those out too!


Denim jeans may not be the comfortable choice for every season. It is also not exactly suitable for more formal settings. So bottom wear options like shorts, skirts, and chinos can be your go-to options.

Now when it comes to skirts, again, there are multiple fits and hemline lengths to choose from. A cute skirt is perfect for day occasions.

With the onset of spring, shorts and hotpants are back once again! Distressed denim is basking in its time in the spotlight, making black shorts a great option. If you want to pair solid shorts for color blocking or to pair with patterned tops, you can opt for these gray denim shorts.


Chinos have the seemingly magical ability to go with just about any occasion. They help the wearer retain their personality and uniqueness even in formal and official atmospheres.

Classic chinos are khaki. A chinos are super-chic and appropriate for any occasion! Another extremely classy color option is olive green.

If you don’t want to go for chinos and want blended cotton options instead, you can go for blue slim-fit trouser. You can choose from other great colors like olive, beige, green, cream, brown, and grey. We recommend grey trousers for you, or brown ones.


Dresses have something so special about them; they can elevate not just your look, but also your mood. They can effortlessly make one look super-whimsical and playful, and the positive vibes one radiates while wearing them are contagious!

A blue dress is also a really cute option for you to check out. The floral pattern is also a true testament to your inner pretty girl! You can style this dress with bolder accessories, like bag.


When it comes to buying clothes, shoes, and accessories, never settle for less or compromise. Always choose from the cream of the crop, and opting for luxury brands ensures that you buy the most exclusive options available.

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Happy Shopping!