How to Add Color to Your Wardrobe with Luxury Fashion Brands: The Kids Edition

How to Add Color to Your Wardrobe with Luxury Fashion Brands: The Kids Edition

 The biggest achievement or milestone in anyone's life is considered when they have kids of their own. This, however, should not be the milestone that people had made it out to be. Instead, raising kids should be the biggest achievement in one's life. The reason? It is an extremely difficult task. Every single year is an Olympic game when it comes to the difficulty level. Kids need your utmost attention and dedication from day one. Their existence in your life means that your own life as an individual is over for the time being.

If you look at the later stages of the lives of a child, 4-10 years, where they are known as middle schoolers, then you are basically living with a sociopath because kids have no skills or experience when it comes to empathy. They develop empathy after the age of 8-10 years old. This means that they are incredibly unreasonable in most mundane life situations. Needless to say, raising a child and taking care of them every day is an award-winning job that needs more recognition.


The choices that they are incapable of making because of the lack of a rationale, fall onto you. You decide their routine, what they will eat, what they will do, who they will interact with, what kind of media they will be consuming, what they will be wearing, and everything in between. That is a huge responsibility - being responsible for a human's life and doing it well enough so that their life is not ruined. It is hectic and stressful, so of course, you are bound to get decision fatigue. This decision fatigue can lead to a lot of repetitive, but easy choices.

Maybe you are feeding your kids the same soup every day. Maybe you are singing the same rhyme to them every night. Maybe you are shopping for and dressing them in the same colors and patterns. All of these things are on the checklist for things parents have done at one point or the other. And it is totally okay to be doing them once or twice, but if you keep repeating the pattern, then it is blatantly child neglect.

The easiest way to break the cycle is by starting small and making little changes to your habits with respect to your kids. Since vision is the sense we use the most, start with the decisions you have been making regarding their appearance.

Try dressing them in better clothes - more colors, a changeup in the clothing items you have been dressing up in, pick up funky patterns that make both your kid and you feel good. The age-old belief that girls wear pink and boys wear blue is outdated and illogical.


Explore a variety of colors and be open to everything that could be possibly added to their wardrobe. It is an excellent way to not only switch up your old lazy habits but also show your kids how to express themselves through their outfits. The process is less experimental and more of something that you just do and enjoy instantly.

How exactly do you achieve this though? The answer is explained in a few simple steps below:

Add color to the basics

The basic clothing items usually get sidled up with the most basic of colors. For example, t-shirts get assigned black, white, and blue as solid colors that will be the general tones of the t-shirt collection your kid owns. This is definitely an area where you can expand your horizons.

Adding color to your child's wardrobe with this one simple step is both easy to do and easy to achieve with the choices that are available online on Iconic India. Like Solid Pink shirt or Mint Green Hoodie.

Power Bottoms

The bottoms play a huge role in terms of the weightage visually when it comes to kids. Since kids are tiny and they tend to move around a lot, the bottoms that they go around wearing should be comfortable and roomy. The best choice for this purpose is joggers. They have a reputation for being the athleisure item that is excellent for everyday activities while providing the most comfortable, which makes them ideal for kids who are in constant motion.

However, these particular pants make people think that they need to be either in the typical grey or black and white. That certainly is not true, especially for kids who like and embody bright colors. That is the reason that while picking out joggers for their kids, parents should lean towards something like blue color-blocked. They would be really good for kids that run around frequently and they are comfortable as well as bright and radiant to alleviate both your and your kid's mood.

Dresses are for everyone

When we hear dresses are for everyone irrespective of age, size, skin color, build, etc., it means that they are meant for kids too. Dresses teach kids from an early age that they do not have to worry about anything besides what they feel like when picking clothes. Functionally, they are a single piece of clothing that you need to put on your child and God knows that dressing a kid is like riding a bicycle through hell so that means it's one less thing that you have to worry about. When in a hurry you can just put on a dress for your kid instead of looking for multiple pieces to shove them into. Especially in the summer, dresses work great for working parents and fussy kids.


The best part is that they look great too so you don't have to risk looking lazy. The best picks for a dress for kids would be something in a light, breathy material like cotton. A cute printed dress with red pinstripes and tiny motifs is a healthy example of this phenomenon. You will not have to argue for this dress. It is so pretty and dainty that your kids will be excited to put it on by themselves.

Speaking of dresses, there is nothing quite like the marvel that is called shirt dresses. They are flattering on everyone and look super chic and put together. This is quite a feat to achieve with kids because they tend to not care about the state of their clothing while they are going about their business - which is usually really messy. That creates a need for something that can at least create an illusion that the kids are well taken care of and that they get attention constantly.

Shirt dresses, especially ones that are button-down create this exact illusion and also are easy to put on and take off. You can probably teach your kids to put it on by themselves. For this purpose, you must pick a brand that makes the best quality clothes because low-quality clothing is irritative and can be harmful to your child's delicate skin. A dress like yellow button-down checkered dress is a good place to start with shirt dresses for your kid and you will not have to think about the quality twice.

Multiple colors at once

When diving into colors, why dive into just one at a time. Multiple colors might sound overwhelming visually but they are a good visual tool to create an interesting focal point along with a mood-lifting piece of clothing that is exciting to wear. Besides, less is more is not something that kids understand or care about. So when adding colors to their wardrobe, you should go more than just all-in. That could mean a couple of colors, 3-4 colors, or a bunch of colors.

The colors do not have to be the same color family either, in fact, the further apart they are on the color wheel, the better. Contrasting colors bring each other out that complementary colors could never. You could pair up items of contrasting colors, or better yet, go for a single piece of clothing that has a bright multicolored print like multi-color printed shirt that brings two totally different color temperatures to create this fun print. This is something your kid will ask for again after wearing it once.


Kids are bright souls and have bright personalities and as something that is reflective of our personalities, their clothing should show this too.

Adding colorful elements to their attire is a great place to start if you want your kid to grow up to be expressive and apprehensive of what they want and who they are. Colors are also known to create a better mood through an increase in serotonin production.

You can easily get the correct wardrobe to make your kid's life more colorful at Iconic India with their kid's collection featuring luxury brands. They provide the largest range for you to grow comfortable with and experiment with when it comes to your kid's clothing.